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Orthopedics - Maine Lincolnville

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(City : Lincolnville)
(ZIP : 04849)
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William Mark STRASSBERG MD's Special Expertises :
Orthopedic Surgery

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Dino j D (Patient) 09-10-2011
My expierience with Dr. Strassberg has been so professional and painless. I had quite a bit of anxiety leading up to this surgery as 2 other doctors previously had misdiagnosed my severe left ankle pain as a severe sprain.When I had met with DR. Strassberg the very first time I could tell he was already on the right track with his observation and comments concerning my left ankle. No other Dr had used this type of approach before concerning my ankle. In all actuality Dr Strassberg got right down to the old school basics of bone diagnostics and we went from there, elimiminating all these small possibilities of what it could be as I had previously been told from other doctors.Dr strassberg was also very kind and soft spoken, as he also shows an immense bank of bone knowledge.

When surgery day came it all went as though him and his team didnt miss a beat. Everything from admission into St Marys until it was time for me to go home was very comfortable as Dr Srassberg and his team worked very well together to make this as easy as they could under the circumstances. If you are looking for a real doctor that does not play games and is on your side 100 percent Dr Stassberg is your man. This Dr is no joke and he is very professional. Dr Strassberg has taken 5 wks total to diagnose, Treat for pain, operate,( currently recooperating with minimal pain) Thank you for everything William Mark Strassberg

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Office PO Box 251 Waldo Lincolnville ME 04849
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Office Phone # :
(207) 3383845
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(207) 3383853

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Boston Univ Sch Of Med, Boston Ma 02118
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(36 years of experience)

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