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Linda (Patient) 10-23-2008
I saw Dr. Tackitt after having an unecessary elective surgery by another doctor in Ga. Dr. Tackitt put me at ease on the first visit. He went through the "Informed Consent" form very thoroughly on his recommendation of his plan of action in attempting to correct what the other doctor did to me. He performed two separate surgeries. His office staff is very organized and caring.

Thank You Dr. Tackitt!!!!!

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Susan D (Patient) 09-22-2007
Before Dr. Tackitt moved to GA. I was a patient of his during my teenage years. I and many other women in town would love nothing more then to have him back in this town for women's health. As I mentioned he was my Doc. during my teenage years, this being the time in a young women's life that she doesn't feel comfortable with women's issues: he made me feel at ease and handled my health concerns with the greatest concern for me and my future health especially considering my diabetes.

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Marsha (Patient) 08-03-2007
Uro-gyn are very hard to find in this area and even harder to get an appointment with in a short period of time. Dr. Tackitt is a very knowledgeable doctor in this field and you can usually get an appointment with him in a resonable length of time. He did my surgery for prolapse and so far it's been great. Very friendly and easy to talk to about problems etc.

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Sherry Frazier (Patient) 02-20-2007
Dr. Tackitt has truly proven to be a very professsional, skilled, friendly, encouraging, and trustworthy OB! He gained our trust from the very beginning. Upon finding out we were pregnant, our general physician (a woman) highly recommended Dr. Tackitt. He has been extremely personable and remembers our oldest daughter's name at each visit, making sure to include her during this exciting time in our lives. He is very thorough as well, having repeatedly reviewed my past operational report from a previous c-section, as I had some complications from it. He assured me continually that he would do everything possible to provide me with the best care possible during and after my surgery. And the quality of his work is excellent! I didn't have to have staples after my surgery since Dr. Tackitt gave me hand sutures.

Dr. Tackitt's demeanor during surgery had me relaxed and laughing. My husband and I felt very comfortable during what could be, for some, an emotionally difficult event. I would recommend Dr. Tackitt to all expectant mothers.

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Marsha (Patient) 01-23-2007
In this area it is very difficult to find a doctor who is a gynocologist-urologist. Many women have problems with prolapse or other conditions following a hysterectomy (or even before one). Dr. Tackitt is very knowledgeable in this area of women's health. It is also easy to get an appointment with him at one of his offices. Many in this field in the Atlanta area are booked for months and don't accept insurance..he does. He is easy to talk to and takes time to explain procedures.

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