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Jason Scott BAILEY MD
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Jason Scott BAILEY MD
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Jason Scott BAILEY MD



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Jill A (Patient) 07-28-2011
All of these glowing reviews of Dr. Bailey are 100% accurate! I almost don't want want the news about him and his staff to get out-the patient list would get so big, he could never manage to see everyone!

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Cristina (Patient) 07-08-2011
I am so happy that I found Dr. Bailey!! He is an incredible doctor. I recently switched OBGYNs after 9 months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and having no luck getting answers or treatment or a real sense of compassion from my doctor. Infertility is stressful enough without your doctor adding to the stress. Then I switched to Dr. Bailey! He is a breath of fresh air in the medical world. The first visit he spent over an hour and 1/2 with me, really listening and understanding where I was coming from. He drew graphs and charts and took the explanation way past a basic level, which I needed. Too many doctors treat you like you are not intelligent enough to understand, but not Dr. Bailey at all. 1 1/2 hours! I'm still in shock! Not once did he make me feel rushed or like I was bothering him at all. He is compassionate, funny and you can really tell he loves what he does and he really genuinely cares about his patients. For the first time in almost a year I am back to enjoying the process of trying to get pregnant and no longer feel stressed at all. I know I have a doctor on my team- finally. I feel so blessed to have such a great doctor now! Thanks!!!

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Christy P (Patient) 12-09-2009
I would highly recommend Dr. Bailey. His bed side manner is the best. That has been especially important to me given the emotions and complications that can happen with pregnancy and miscarriage. I have never felt rushed to make a decision about health and always felt as though I had every piece of information available to me. His nursing staff is the best.

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Felicia C (Patient) 12-30-2008
Dr. Bailey is absolutely AMAZING! He has been my OB/GYN for 4 years now, and I could not imagine going to another doctor. He takes his time with every appointment you have, and treats you like you are the only patient he has for the day. No matter how many questions you have he answers them all no matter how long it takes. He delivered my baby girl 3 years ago, and I cannot say enough good things about the delivery! I will continue to be his patient as long as he is in practice, and will recommend him to anyone!

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Allison (Patient) 11-07-2008
I have been struggling,since I became pregnant, to find a doctor who had knowledge and a genuinely good hearted 'I care" attitude. Well, I finally found him! Dr. Bailey is awesome! He is so kind, caring and doesn't rush any appointment. He takes his time to answer your questions and explains things so that you understand! I can't stand to feel rushed or feel like i'm an inconvience. Dr. Bailey goes above and beyond to make you feel at ease. He is the only obgyn I will be seeing from now on while he is still in practice. I will be telling EVERYONE about him! He has created a raving FAN for life!!

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Sarah (Patient) 03-05-2008
I am a patient of Dr.Bailey. I was going to another OB/GYN and was not satisfied with the care i was receiving. I met Dr.Bailey while working at a hospital. I am a nurse and worked along side Dr.Bailey frequently. I was always impressed with the way he seemed to genuinely care about his patients and the way he communicated with them. His bedside manner was very impressive as well. I am so glad he is my OB/GYN. Shortly after becoming a patient I became pregnant and had some complications. The way he put my mind at ease and was a patient advocate was amazing to me. He was very professional and honest with me, but was also not afraid to comfort me when I was scared. As a nurse I know how important it is to treat the entire person, not just their illness, and Dr. Bailey does that better than any doctor I've ever met. I would recommend him to any woman in any stage of her life. He is wonderful with all ages and stages of women.

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Stephanie (Patient) 02-04-2008
There is no doctor I would ever recommend but Dr. Bailey. I met Dr. Bailey when I was hospitalized for an overnight stay for fluid removal. He came in, sat down and ask me some questions-see my baby had a lethal dysplasia and we knew that he would not make it. Dr. Bailey was by my side the whole time and thru 2 more fluid removals and he delivered my baby. I can't tell you what a knowledgeable, patient, and kind doctor he is. I mean he came back to my room and stayed to hear the whole story of what I had been thru and how I came to the group as to where he could have said well it is late and there is nothing I can do for her or her baby so I am going home. He stayed with me for an hour. I will never see another doctor as long as I am alive and he is practing. He is the greatest doctor ever!

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Jessica (Patient) 01-07-2008
Dr. Bailey is the only Doctor I will see from now on. I started seeing Dr. Bailey exclusively after I was hospitalized for Pre-Term Labor. I was actually supposed to be in his office that Monday morning but was in a hospital bed instead. I was so shocked when I saw him come in the room. He noticed that I had missed my appointment that morning and got worried but then found out I was in the hospital. He came there to check on me. He was not the on Call Doctor that day but took time out of his schedule after work to make sure I was okay. After that I didnt want to see anyone else. He makes me feel so comforatable and answers all my questions no matter how trivial they may be. He did everything he could to help me go to full term which I did and he was there for the delivery. My baby ended up staying in the NICU for a week but he explained everything would be okay. Dr. Bailey used to be a NICU nurse which made me that much more greatful I found him. Dr. Bailey and his nurse came to the hospital a few times to check on myself and the baby in the NICU. I dont know many doctors that would have taken time out of their personal schedule on the day before Thanksgiving to go to the hospital to check on a patient. Still to this day a few years later he is the only Doctor I will see.

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Debi Shiflett (Patient) 01-24-2007
Dr. Jason Bailey's specialty is OB/GYN. He is the greatest! He is the most patient physician that I know. He takes time to answer your questions and doesn't rush you through the visit. He helped me recuperate from a groin injury that my PCP and Physiomedicine doc had given up on. He tried several treatments and finally found something that worked. He did not give up! He is amazing. He is so friendly and just a genuine wonderful physician..

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