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Thomas Mark SHULTZ MD
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Thomas Mark SHULTZ MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Springfield

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(City : Springfield)
(ZIP : 65807)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Audreylynn (Patient) 04-03-2013
I had been suffering with pain and discomfort for about 15 years, after having a tubal ligation when my fourth child was born. I visited my ob/gyn at the time in California after suffering for the first five years. I inquired about tubal reversal, due to my age. Due to the amount of Fallopian tube that had been removed, he said this was not an option. Once in Missouri, and learning to live with the pain, I was in search of a doctor that I would be comfortable with... it took me 6 different MD/OB/GYNs and almost 10 years to finally find someone that would listen to me! I was then referred to Dr. Shultz immediately! The first visit was fantastic! It almost felt like I had been seeing him for years. For our initial consultation we met in his personal office, which was extremely comforting. He explained that he preferred to talk in street clothes rather than the patient feeling uncomfortable/vulnerable sitting in a flimsy, paper exam cloth. I found this to be one of the best consultations I have ever had! Finally, Dr. Shultz confirmed everything that I was feeling and experiencing. My uterus was twice the size it should be and had a very large cyst in the muscle wall (fibroid, we are assuming at the moment!). My hysterectomy was scheduled within 30 days! Dr. Shultz was an ‘out of network’ physician with my insurance, but I opted to pay the additional deductible for his services. He was able to do the surgery at an ‘in-network’ hospital for me, which I didn’t think was possible. It just kept getting better! He administered a new concept in medication which has minimized the pain and recovery time associated with the DaVinci procedure, with little to no need for pain medication after the fact. On day 3 post-op, Dr. Shultz called me personally to see how I was doing. It's only day 5 and I already feel like I'm ready to run marathons again! And I am thrilled that the minimal incisions (only 3 half-inch incisions with no stitching) will allow me to still wear a bathing suit with no self-consciousness! Although, I will follow his aftercare regiment by the book, as I am fully aware that the healing process internally takes weeks. I am so thankful for the referral and for the complete life change that Dr. Shultz has brought to me and my family!! He's been a Godsend for sure!!

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Christy B (Patient) 01-21-2011
Dr. Shultz was very thorough in explaining everything involved in my DaVinci assisted hysterectomy. Other doctors I have seen in the past about the pain I was in just tried to put me on birth control or discarded my pain as just a bad cycle. Dr. Shultz was completely different. I have had ultrasounds in the past by other doctors and Dr. Shultz was the first to even mention the size of my uterus was too large and not normal. My husband and I have tried to conceive for many years to no avail. Another doctor even had performed 3 IUI's on me. Dr. Shultz was straight forward about my conditions and that with my uterus I would more than likely never be able to conceive a child. The other doctors just seemed like they were out for our money. If you suffer from endometriosis or fibroids I highly recommend Dr Shultz!

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murr (Patient) 01-24-2007
He is an excellent doctor. He delivered my last son, and got to the bottom of my bleeding a few months later in the matter of days. No waiting around for test results. He also preformed a full hysterectomy.

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