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Iftikhar Ali KHAN MD
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Iftikhar Ali KHAN MD
Neurology - Michigan Saginaw

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(City : Saginaw)
(ZIP : 48604)
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Iftikhar Ali KHAN MD's Special Expertises :
Clinical Neurophysiology Pediatrics

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Nicole (Patient) 10-21-2015
This phsytion did a fabulous job by stopping 99.9% of epileptic seizures also called potenchle on set seizures also called pedymall seizures. November is Epolepsy awearness month and Alzheimer's disease awareness month.Just because some body has a seizure does not mean they have epolepsy. September is hydrocephalus awareness month. October Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis awarness month
The a abbreviationfor Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is also called Lou Gehrigs Disease. Lou Gehrigs Disease has to do with the nervous system. There is no way to get rid of
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also called Lou Gehrig's disease it can only be treated with medicine until evancholly the person dies from the disease. There is a way to get rid of epolepsy a neurological surgeon can remove that part of the brain by doing surgery. When a person or a dog has a seizure it is a electoral problem going on in the brain. Hydrocephalus is 2 Greek words put together hydro means water and cephalus means head. Every body I recommend you to go to neurologist Iftikhar Khan do not go to stupid neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin he is idiot. Do not go to stupid Jeffrey Rubin Levin he will put you on zograne and Dilantin and revert all for epolepay. Every body do not go to neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin he went to Jupiter to get more stupider. Every body go to neurologist Iftikhar Khan in Saginaw Michigan. Neurologist Iftikhar Khan went to get more knollage. 💚💚😋😃😀😋😉😀 📗📂📁📙📒📘📗📕📗📒

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Nicole (Patient) 12-29-2014
I recommend this neurologist to every body. Every one don't go to neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin. I always had to Waite 3 hours in the waiting room at neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin's office before getting called back to the examen room then wait one hour before neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin came in the examen room neurologist Jeffrey Rubin Levin would not take the time to talk about any health problems. He would just ask are the medications working and zoom out the door he went.
I am cereus every body your best to go to neurologist Iftikhar Khan he is a lot more nolagable and always spends enough time with people. Neurologist Iftikhar Khan is the smartest neurologist with the most knoligable and the most intelogint neurologist in the state of Michigan.

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Nicole (Patient) 12-08-2012
I recommend this doctor because he stopped my siezers
No one do not go to neuroligist Jon Boday in Essexville Michigan
No one don't you dare go to Jeff levin in Saginaw Michigan
He put me on some bad drugs and I always wated 2.5 hours in the wating room then 1.5 hours in the back room before he would come to see me I could not even talk about the medications I was on and how many pedymall siezers I was having a week
Jeff levin would only spend 5 minutes in the room with me
Everyone take neuroligist Iftikhar Ali Khan in a New York second

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Nicole M (Patient) 09-23-2012
I will recommend this doctor because he will spend at least 20 minutes or longer. The longest time I have ever had to wate in the waiting room is 20 minutes. As soon as he became my Neuroligust he stopped me from having so pedymal siezers. I would never tell a person to go see Jeff levin. When he ust to be my Neuroligust I always had to wate 2.5 hours in the waiting room and then wate 1 hour in the back room. Jeff would only spend 5 minutes with me. I could not even tell him how many pedymall siezers I was having a month. Iftikhar Ali Khan is a lot younger then neurosurgeon Gerald Russell Schell. Neurosurgeon Gerald Russell Schell is 58 years old

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Office 4705 Towne Centre Rd Ste 302 Saginaw Saginaw MI 48604
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Office Phone # :
(989) 2498001
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(989) 2498009

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Medical School
Nishtar Med Coll, Bahuddin Zakaria Univ, Multan, Pakistan
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(29 years of experience)

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