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Thomas William HILGERS MD
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Thomas William HILGERS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Nebraska Omaha

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(City : Omaha)
(ZIP : 68106)
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Thomas William HILGERS MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Delia (Patient) 05-15-2008
I first saw Dr. Hilgers in 2002 after having seen 2 previous doctors in 2001. I just happened to come across his name on an online search and was happy to discover he was only an hour away from me in Omaha. My only wish is that he would have been the first doctor I ever saw b/c the first two did such lousy jobs on my first 3 surgeries. If I had seen him from the get-go of my diagnosis of Endometriosis, I would have been in much better shape. He is the kindest and most caring doctor I have EVER met. I have always felt that he truly cared about my reproductive health and my life in general. When we made the decision to finally do a total abdominal hysterectomy, I truly felt he shared in the disappointment and sadness that I did. He's not just an OBGYN, he's a researcher and is always trying to learn new techniques and methods and stays ahead of the times. He is dedicated to improving the reproductive health of women and provides miracles for many who have been told they will never have children by other doctors. He is by far, hands down, the BEST doctor I have ever met...and I'm sure ever will. I have already made personal recommendations for him to friends and family and am thrilled to be able to make this suggestion to all of the online world.

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Sharon W (Patient) 03-28-2008
Unfortunately, I didn't find this doctor (in Nebraska) until I was 8 years post-op. On my first visit, I could tell that beneath his breath he was very disappointed in the approach my doctor (in Ohio) took in performing my hysterectomy, but he was still very understanding. He placed me on individualized, compounded hormones for several years. Later, when I was hospitalized (for a non-gynecological reason) he stopped in my hospital room, pulled up a chair, sit and chatted with me for over a half hour, and never billed me a cent. I have since heard that he has patients who come to him from (literally) all over the world - particularly women who are at high risk for gynecologic surgery or who have trouble getting pregnant. I highly recommend him...but he has a long, long waiting list.

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6901 Mercy Rd Douglas Omaha NE 68106
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Hospital Phone # :
(402) 3906600
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(402) 3909851

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Univ Of Mn Med Sch-Minneapolis, Minneapolis Mn 55455
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(51 years of experience)

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