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Jeffrey David JENKINS MD
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Jeffrey David JENKINS MD
Neurological Surgery - North Carolina Greensboro

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North Carolina

(City : Greensboro)
(ZIP : 27401)
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Jeffrey David JENKINS MD's Special Expertises :
Neurological Surgery

Suggestions & Reviews for Jeffrey David JENKINS MD
Billy Allen (Patient) 10-30-2017
Awesome physician, great care, excellent post surgical result. Very high recommendation.

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Hank C (Patient) 10-15-2017
Very accurately diagnosed my condition and the two surgical procedures I believe have corrected my condition. I appreciate the time he took to explain what was wrong and what procedure would correct it.

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Patti R (Patient) 10-12-2017
I had a great experience. My surgery went great and I feel great. I am 4 weeks out and I can actually walk without my feet going totally numb. If I every needed any additional surgery in the back area or general area I would definitely come by to Dr. Jefferies.

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Gale A (Patient) 09-30-2017
Measuring up to expectations.

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Kristy P (Patient) 09-29-2017
Very pleased!

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Jordan M (Patient) 09-21-2017
Back surgery went well . Doing excellent!

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Marion W (Patient) 09-16-2017
I would like to see more detailed post operation instructions. I felt they were vague.

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D.A.H. (Patient) 01-17-2014
Excellent bedside manner, professional. We appreciate Dr. Jenkins call to my mother before surgery.

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Scott A. (Patient) 01-10-2014
Very satisfied !

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C.P.F. (Patient) 11-26-2013
Great appreciate the good work. Thanks so much.qw...CPF

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W.E.P. (Patient) 11-15-2013
My experience with my doctor is excellent. He explains my condition to where I can understand, . -- WEP

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P.N.R. (Patient) 10-26-2013
Very helpful and kind, was very clear on what I should and should not do. -- PNR

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Ernesto k (Patient) 09-29-2013
Excellent service

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W.M.J. (Patient) 05-30-2013
Very very good.

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Xavier Tatum (Patient) 05-24-2013
Dr. Jenkins is a great doctor!

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Dennis A. (Patient) 04-12-2013
Dr. Jenkins was terrific. Very good experience. //Dennis A.

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Office 1130 N Church St # 200 NC 27401
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Office Phone # :
(336) 2724578
Fax # :
(336) 2725931

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Temple University School of Medicine
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(27 years of experience)

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