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Plastic Surgery - North Carolina Greensboro

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North Carolina

(City : Greensboro)
(ZIP : 27405)
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Gerald Lynn TRUESDALE MD's Special Expertises :
Plastic Surgery Hand Surgery

Suggestions & Reviews for Gerald Lynn TRUESDALE MD
April (Patient) 05-20-2014
Great facility and friendly staff. Dr Truesdale is very knowledgeable and experienced about the procedures he performs. Very satisfied with the outcome of my procedures. I am a very happy patient!

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C.E. (Patient) 05-20-2014
Staff is very friendly. Dr. Provided me with state of the art information to prevent further skin damage and prevent cancer. I appreciate the time taken with me to go over procedures and recommendations. Plus, I look great. I highly recommend this practice.

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Sarah S (Patient) 05-10-2014
Very professional, takes time to answer all questions and very thorough in answering.

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Brianna (Patient) 05-07-2014
I love the personal experience and the great bedside manor that Dr. Trusdale has. He takes his time with his patients and he is very knowledgeable.

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J.S.D. (Patient) 05-02-2014
My experience here has been great. He does not make you feel rushed.

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K. Phelps (Patient) 04-17-2014
Great doctor.

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Anne Pena (Patient) 04-02-2014
I had surgery last week and so far I am very happy withbmy results and the care I received.

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H. Ashley (Patient) 03-28-2014
Today was my last treatment I am really happy.

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Alexis G. (Patient) 03-08-2014
Very good .

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Ryan C. (Patient) 03-05-2014
I love this office.

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Jaylen B. (Patient) 02-06-2014
In love dr. Truesdale

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Tami B. (Patient) 01-29-2014
I like the payment options.

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Kendall R. (Patient) 01-11-2014
I am a new patient I like how I was scheduled the same time I was at my initial visit. --Kendall R.

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Payton R. (Patient) 12-20-2013
i love the results of the ipl.-Payton R.

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Michele M. (Patient) 12-14-2013
i like the doctor and the how there are options to pay for teh procedur.

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Beth S. (Patient) 10-30-2013
Dr. Truesdale is truly a great doctor and very expriencced.

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Charlotte K. (Patient) 10-26-2013
im very happy with my results

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Rowan T. (Patient) 10-11-2013
Very Pleased with my consultation today.

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shawn b (Patient) 10-09-2013
I enjoy coming to Dr Truesdale .. he is the best. -shawn b

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J.R.L. (Patient) 09-26-2013
All staff very professional.

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Trish (Patient) 09-24-2013
Wonderful and very helpful!! Trish

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V.E.M. (Patient) 07-07-2013
Thoughtful, knowledgeable, caring and always helpful. VEM

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Jane (Patient) 06-21-2013
A very caring and talented doctor. The staff is very courteous. Super happy with my results. Jane

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Tammy D (Patient) 06-10-2013
I love the fast service that is provided here. The staff and Dr. Truesdale is so nice and they make you feel so comfortable. I would recommend him 100 percent.

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P.J. (Patient) 05-11-2013
Very good doctor.

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Pat B. (Patient) 05-02-2013
I have been to dr t for years and he is just as kind and gentle as ever. He does an excellent job and is very caring. Pat B.

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S.M. (Patient) 04-25-2013
Dr. Truesdale is the man.

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Bonnie ratliff (Patient) 04-20-2013
Dr Truesdale is always kind caring and concerned about his patients.He has a wonderful bedside manner. I trust him fully.

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