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Luciano Jose BISPO MD
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Luciano Jose BISPO MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - New Jersey Vineland

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New Jersey

(City : Vineland)
(ZIP : 08361)
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Luciano Jose BISPO MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Michelle (Patient) 09-08-2010
This Doctor came highly recommended to me. After many years of suffering and several failed surgical procedures to correct my problems, Dr. Bispo was able to help me. He is an excellent surgeon and a compassionate doctor. He takes the time to explain everything and has a very good bedside manner. He also has a wonderful staff and his nurse practitioner is very good. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the surgery (hysterectomy) and my recovery.

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Anna (Patient) 02-12-2009
Dr. Bispo is the most open-minded, respectful ob/gyn imaginable. Whether you're an expecting mother or just looking for routine gynecological care, he is the best in the area. Not only do I see him, but I am a doula, and I've had the privilage of attending the births of several of his patients, and I cannot recommend him enough. He is very gifted in making women feel cared for and at ease.

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Terry (Patient) 09-30-2008
Very caring physician. Listens to you and tries to find the best solution for your situation. He's not just a doctor for young mothers. He works very well with all ages.

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Kay Benoit (Patient) 01-10-2007
I just love my Dr! He is very caring and listens to what I have to say.
I am very comfortable with him and I trust him. I always recieve the best care when I am in his office.

Not only is he cheerful but so is his staff.

He did my hysterectomy in March of 06 and I am very pleased with the outcome. I went in without any fear at all because of the trust I have in him.

I have been to several GYN's before and never took a liking to any of them because of the distance they kept from me and the matter of fact attitude. I didn't go to the GYN for many years because of treatment like this.

He has even called my house himself to find out how I was feeling!

Now that I have found Dr. Bispo I will keep up with my regular GYN checks and not be a nervous wreck before going.

I would recommend him to anyone and have to women needing a OBGYN.

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