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Thomas Scott JENNINGS MD
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Thomas Scott JENNINGS MD
Oncology (Cancer) - South Carolina Charleston

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South Carolina

(City : Charleston)
(ZIP : 29407)
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Gynecological Oncology

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Chappy (Patient) 12-03-2012
Dr. Jennings and Lisa are literally god-sends. I cannot express in words how important he and his staff are to my husband, my family, and I. I was diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer at age 27. I have been married for 2.5 years and desperately want children.

The most important thing beyond his compassionate bedside manner is that this doctor LISTENS. He actually listens to his patients! He wants to treat you with what is best for you and your cancer, personally, while considering your hopes and dreams for the future. You are not just a cancer patient, but also still a person.

He performed my surgery on what we initially thought was endometriosis, but turned out to be cancer. I recovered pretty quickly from my unilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (sp?). I am in remission from surgery although I was initially diagnosed Stage IIC.

He clearly explains risks and statistics for successful treatment. He has on numerous occasions called me on a Saturday to discuss my pathology or a second opinion from another doctor. He has spoken with me for over 45 minutes on numerous occasions, compassionately answering my questions in a way that my husband and I can understand.

I feel so lucky to be able to call him and his nurses my healthcare providers.

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Cheryl K (Patient) 11-28-2010
Dr. Scott Jennings and his staff are awesome. Not only is he the best doctor I could have found but he and Lisa have been like family. He saw me right away when I was referred. I had surgery within a few days and started on chemo within a few weeks. I had ovarian cancer stage 3B and I am doing great. I am from Delaware and wouldn't consider going to anyone else even if it means travelling to Charleston SC every 3 months for follow up. I had to finish my chemo in Delaware due to personal reasons but returned to Dr. Jennings for the first follow up post chemo and hopefully will return to him for follow up many years to come. My entire Charleston family love him and the staff. I know they are the reason I have remained optimistic and healthy.

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keira (Patient) 06-08-2010
My mom was diagnose with stage 4 ovarian cancer @ 4 years ago. Because of the advancement, she was given a poor outcome. A close friend of the family refer us to him and the very next day in his busy schedule he saw her on a friday and that monday did surgery. He has been a part of our family ever since. Him and LIsa has been resourceful, compassionate, friendly, honest, trustworthy and God sent in all the care they provided during chemo , our first visit and up to this day. They are their and available at all times. They work around my family schedule and my sister who flew in for every chemo treatment from Houston, Tx. We both are nurses and Dr. Jennings have THE BEST bedside manners I have ever witness. He talks to his patients on their level, he is honest and gives us the best advice that he will give his own mom or family members. Lisa has cry with and for us. Now, we all attend his practice. We have refer everyone we think of to him, far and near. I have the UTMOST RESPECT for Both of them and their staff. If you never knew my mom or my family, you would have never known the things we face and I thank thank them everyday for the way they took us in under their wings and care for ALL of us.

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Lori W. (Friend) 11-12-2009
He operated on and cared for my sister for Uterine Cancer, and I can not speak highly enough of he and of his staff. They were wonderful in all aspects of my sister's treatment and follow-up care.

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scared (Patient) 04-21-2009
He is God sent!!!!!

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CeCe D (Patient) 11-25-2008
There are not enough words to thank Dr. Jennings and his staff for the amazing care they have provided me over the last 3.5 years. I am 27, and have a complicated medical history outside of my GYN difficulties. Dr. Jennings and his staff are thorough and kind at every visit. Even if the waiting room is full they take the time to answer your questions, and discuss the most difficult decisions. Dr. Jennings is both comforting and diligent in the care of his patients. Prior to my Da Vinci hysterectomy this year he spent 45 minutes during an office visit discussing my options, possibilities to extend my fertility, and risks of the procedure. I would recommend this practice to my closest friends.

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Cathy Ramsey (Patient) 01-25-2007
Dr. Jennings and his wonderful staff have been a blessing! I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer May 20005 at the age of 48. He (and his staff) are very direct and to the point with any diagnosis, but stay very positive throughout the process. This office is involved in a number of clinical trails and they are very current to a number of the treatment options available.

Dr. Jennings takes his time with you during your appts -- and will always ask if your spouse is with you, so he can explain things to him and answer any of his concerns. His wonderful nursing staff, Lisa and Kathy, make appts. and chemo treatment a breeze!

He is very thourough with his pelvic and breast exams -- and explains things as he does them. I have never felt embarrasses by asking a "dumb" question, which I have had many! For any woman needing a gynie with a focus on oncology I would highly recommend this doctor! I really think he has saved my life!

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