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David Elan SIMCKES MD's Special Expertises :
Fertility Medicine, Male Fertility, In-Vitro Fertilization, ICSI, PGD, In-Vitro maturation, Laparoscopic Surgery, Fibroid uterus, Endometriosis

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Malka (Patient) 05-29-2015
I have been Dr. Simckes' patient for 20 years and he cared for me and the births of 4 children and I HIGHLY recommend him. He not only is skilled, but he also cares about his patients. I trust him implicitly to do what is best for me and my babies. Use him if you are looking for skill, knowledge, and trustworthiness in a doctor.

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lisa c (Patient) 09-27-2011
he is the best doctor ever he all ways makes smile for every appt. i will all ways go back to him he is sweet guy i delveried my son on march 6 2006 it was the best day of my life i am going to him for my next child thank you dr. smickes

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amber h (Patient) 01-05-2011
He is the best doctor ever. I didn't really want a male doctor but my sister recommended me to him and now I am glad I went to him. I have and always will recommend him to anyone. He's an awesome doctor.he delivered my daughter and know I'm pregnant for the second time and I look forward to seeing him again. Thank You Dr. Simckes so much.

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Cora (Patient) 05-15-2010
Dr. Simckes, is an excellent doctor, very down to earth. He tackles infertilty issues with an aggressive, yet gentle approach. Most people who fear the diagnoses of infertility can rest assured that he will do all he can to help you. I was a patient who struggled for three years to get pregnant. I met with Dr. Simckes and found out the same day that I had a cyst on my Left ovary. He ran blood test the same day and found out I also had a low ovarian reserve in other words I didn't have a large number of eggs left to fertilize. He quickly went into other test to try and figure out what could be done to have a baby including testing my fiancee sperm. The first approach was IUI interuterine insemenation. After one treatment I was pregnant, and experiencing all the plesures of pregnancy. If you are worried about paying for the treatment, this is your best bet price wise with no sacrafice of service.

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Angela (Patient) 04-29-2010
My husband and I absolutely adore Dr. Simckes! We started with him at Fertility Partnership on the 15th and found him and his staff to be caring, accommodating, professional, and down to earth. He is proactive and takes time to explain and reassure us along this journey. We have been ttc for 7 years and I have a really good feeling about his ability to help us have our miracle baby. After 3 visits he has already begun to pinpoint things other doctors overlooked. If you're having difficulty conceiving, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Simckes, he has definitely been a blessing to us and he keeps me laughing so much I forget about being bashful.

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Audra (Patient) 03-15-2010
Dr. Simckes is the best! He delivered my daughter and my niece. He found my mothers breast cancer and mine.He recommended a team of doctors to help me through my cancer. He always takes time to talk with you and make sure you are comfortable. I was initially hesitant on having a male doctor, but he is simply the best!

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Brandy (Patient) 10-15-2009
Dr. Simckes made me feel comfortable when talking to him about my female issues. Where other doctors could not give me an answers he had plenty. And he is so FUNNY! Just when I thought there was no hope of me ever having children he came in and restored that hope.

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Britany (Patient) 02-10-2008
Dr. Simckes is the best obgyn that i have ever gone to i am 19 years old and i am expecting my first child in another month. Everytime i go to see him he greets me with a big hug and he makes sure that i am comfortable.He always makes sure that his check-ups are precise and even if there is something slightly out of the ordinary he makes sure to check it out and get it fixed.I trust him with my life and the life of my baby. I would recommend him to any and everyone he makes sure that i am taken care of and so far my baby is healthy and i havent had any problems. His warmness and kind funny heart has brought us close and we have a great doctor/patient relationship and i know that i can call him if i have a sudden problem and he is there to help out.

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Emily (Patient) 10-08-2007
Dr. Simckes is a wonderful doctor! I have been seeing him for 13 years and he delivered my first baby last summer. He made an easy pregnancy even easier (we got to see the baby on the ultrasound at almost every visit), and a scary delivery much more bearable. He was very calm and presented us with options (along with the pros and cons), which was wonderful in a situation where I felt out of control. The best part was that he wasn't even supposed to be there - his partner was actually on call the day that I delivered, but he volunteered to come in to "see it through." I would highly recommend Dr. Simckes to anyone!!

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Laurel (Patient) 09-09-2007
I have been a patient of Dr. Simckes for 7 years. He was recommended to me by a girlfriend after I underwent surgery for cervical cancer at age 19. Dr. Simckes calmed any fears that I had about infertility and I was later blessed with 2 healthy little girls. I recommended my mother to him after she had been "swept under the rug" by other doctors and Dr. Simckes diagnosed her with Fybroid tumors that he removed and he performed a hysterectomy on her and she has done wonderfully. Dr. Simckes has a very busy practice and sometimes there is a long wait to see him. He has a comedic and outspoken bedside manner that my not go over well with "old fashioned" women. He has a real zest for medicine and new technology. I highly recommend him.

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Jolee (Patient) 07-25-2007
I have been for about 6 years now when I started going to Dr. Simckes I was having alot of problems. The first time I went to Dr. Simckes I like him alot. Four years earlier we found out that I was expecting. We had A baby girland she was 7 months old we found out that I was expecting again and got A baby boy. We drove 70 miles to see Dr. Simckes. I would drove hours to see him. I cannot say Thanks enough to him. I have PCOS and had ovarian drilling 3 times.

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Connie (Patient) 07-19-2007
Dr. Simckes has been my doctor for approx. 15 years. He helped me to get pregnant and delivery a healthy baby. He helped me to get healthy and has taken very good care of me. I wish all doctors could be like him.

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Connie (Patient) 01-26-2007
I have been a patient of Dr. Simckes for approx. 12 years. Since right after he got out of college. I met him when he joined with another doctor I was seeing. My mother also now sees him. He has done surgery on both of us. He delivered my "miracle baby" thanks to him I got pregnant. He has made a lot of wonderful things happen in my life. He is a very good doctor. I would recommend him to ANYONE who is looking for a doctor.

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