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Arturo Santiago MANAS MD
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Arturo Santiago MANAS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Illinois Rockford

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(City : Rockford)
(ZIP : 61104)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Holly (Patient) 10-27-2009
I am a patient of Dr. Manas and recieved care for both of my children. He was very compassionate. He is up to date on absolutely the latest and best forms of care. As a patient I felt like I was genuinely cared about, as were my children and felt completely confident I was being treated with the best quality. I recall there was a time during my first pregnancy that there was a slight concern on an ultrasound. Dr. Manas happened to be on vacation at the time and they told me not worry and just wait till he came back. Well, as an expectant mother I was very nervous and worried and without me even trying to contact him, literally 12 hours later on a Saturday he called me from his vacation and went over everything thoroughly and put me at ease. He is an amazing doctor!

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Jennifer (Patient) 07-11-2009
I first met with Dr. Manas at my 8 week ultrasound with my 1st baby. He is kind, a great listener, and a brilliant physician. He "held my hand" during the entire pregnancy and gave me a perfect birth experience. He has also given 110% through my following 3 miscarriages. He has been sympathetic and has followed up.
If you have a question or a concern, you will talk to HIM. AND HE WILL LISTEN.
He KNOWS me as a patient and advocates for what I want and what is in my best interest.
He is truly one of a kind.

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Julie (Patient) 09-18-2008
I have never met a doctor with such a wonderful bedside manner.

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Stephanie .G. (Patient) 06-21-2008
Dr. Manas is wonderful, I would highly recommend his practice. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with him, and I always leave the office with a smile. Putting your life in the hands of any Doctor can be overwhelming, let Dr. Manas give you the comfort and security that you deserve as a patient, I promise you will not be dissapointed.

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Laura (Patient) 10-23-2007
Dr. Manas took me on as one of his OB patients. I had numerous complictions throughout my pregnancy. Whenever I had a problem or even a question, I always talked to him. Not his nurse. HIM. I have worked with doctors for years and I've never seen that kind of dedication for patients. He is honest, warm and compassionate. I recommend him 100% for obstetrics. He is amazing and if I hadn't moved to Arizona, I'd still be going to him. Thank you so much Dr. Manas.

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Christine (Patient) 01-26-2007
Because our insurance changed, I had to switch doctors just after finding out that surgery was my best option to get rid of fibroid tumors and endometriosis. I needed a new doctor to perform a complete hysterectomy. Dr. Manas welcomed me into his practice and made me feel like I had always been seeing him for my gynecological needs.

Dr. Manas truly cares for his patients. He is gentle and has a very calm demeanor. He is professional and thorough. He saw me through my pre-op, surgery, post-op and recovery. I highly recommend him for his "bedside manner" as much as his ability to doctor.

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