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Family Medicine

Suggestions & Reviews for Sanjeev SHARMA MD
M M (Patient) 12-24-2015
My experience with Dr. Sharma has been great throughout my procedure he is an amazing Doctor.

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S H (Patient) 11-07-2015
Love Kathryn. She is the BEST injector ever!

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B A (Patient) 11-06-2015
Awesome!! Kathryn is the Best.

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Kacey (Patient) 10-30-2015
Very happy with the service and results. Would come back again.

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Silvana S (Patient) 10-12-2015
Great results, excellent surgery I recovered very fast.

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J N (Patient) 10-10-2015
After going through the surgery I was beginning to regret it, but after 2 weeks I felt a lot better and love the results. It came out just the way I wanted and the size is perfect. Thank You.

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K M (Patient) 06-11-2015
I had a very nice experience, the team made me very comfortable. I am very happy with my results, so far I am happy with everything. Dr. Sharma did a great job, I am very thankful to have found this clinic.

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C G (Patient) 02-05-2015

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C.A. (Patient) 09-09-2014

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Adrienne (Patient) 09-05-2014
I love the results after surgery. It was better than I expected.

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S.M. (Patient) 08-15-2014
I am very happy with everything, surgery, results and staff.

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C.S. (Patient) 08-09-2014
I am very happy with my results and I recommend Dr. Sharma to all my friends. I only have good things to say about him and his staff.

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H.M. (Patient) 07-18-2014
I am very glad that I made an appointment with Muriel. I lost 14 pounds in 45 days. I was also able to bring my BMI and fat percent down to my target level with help of Muriel. I will recommend her to all my friends and family. She is very flexible in appointments and very involved in every visit. She is very motivating in all my visits.

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Lisandra C. (Patient) 06-26-2014
I am so happy with the work that Dr. Sharma did. I will do it again if I have to. Thank you so much :-).

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G.F. (Patient) 06-11-2014
I had a breast augmentation on February 14, 2014. I really loved my results, Dr. Sharma did an amazing job. I recommend him.

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S.M. (Patient) 06-01-2014

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C.S. (Patient) 05-02-2014
I am so happy with my body feel great, Dr. Sharma is the best his associates are awesome. My body looks beautiful, I did my breast and my stomach and do not know how I did not do this before every woman who is not happy with her body should see Dr. Sharma, He is the Best Surgeon. I Love him Forever :).

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F.S. (Patient) 04-24-2014
I absolutely love coming here. its always been a very pleasant experience for me with Dr.Sharma and the nurse. The girls from the front desk on second floor are so professional and pleasant to speak to. Excellent!

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F.S. (Patient) 04-23-2014
My experience at dbmedspa spa was great. Nancy the nurse is a lovely woman who helped me a lot and Dr Sharma is very professional. The girls Ana and Juliana did a good job with the consultations . Juliana answered all my questions that I had about my breast implant and I was very pleased My experience was wonderful I felt very safe.

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D.L. (Patient) 04-19-2014
I had both Tummy tuck and Breast Augmentation done, a 'mommy make over'. When I approached the idea of using local anesthesia for this surgery I was quite fearful. What if I felt it. I am not a big fan of general anesthesia so I decided to go for it. It was such a good idea! It went beautifully and I felt nothing. I followed Dr. Sharma's and Nancy's directions and everything went great. Nancy and Dr. Sharma were AMAZING! I was able to send a text to Nancy whenever I had a question and she would get right back to me. The ladies upstairs at the MedSpa were very warm and caring. It could not have gone better. I am so happy with the level of care and concern as well as my results! Thank you Dr. Sharma!!

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A.H.B. (Patient) 09-26-2013
Everyone was very nice and professional. I was given all of the information and directions that I needed. I felt very welcome and supported by the staff. The doctor was very caring, kind and profesional. I felt very cared about. AHB

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J.L.P. (Patient) 09-08-2013
I had an idea what it would be the results on my breast implant after seeing the pictures before and after of the breast implants that Dr Sharma have on display but definitely surprise how great even better that my expectation my breast augmentation looks like. Amazing team stuff, great results. EXCELLENT!!! LOVE IT!! AND RECOMMEND!! //JLP

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Dylan M. (Patient) 08-23-2013
great procedure. Dylan M.

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TAmmy f (Patient) 07-28-2013
Love and trust Dr. Sharma.

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SS (Patient) 06-20-2013
He is the best

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AA (Patient) 06-10-2013
I love the results I got after my surgery. It was so safe and no issues...A A

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JR (Patient) 05-31-2013
Is very good. I love everything. --J R

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Gilda (Patient) 05-28-2013
Dr Sharma does outstanding work and provides excellent services. I found his office staff to be friendly, kind and professional. All my appointments were handled timely and with a high comfort level. Dr Sharma's work as a cosmetic surgeon was most impressive. I underwent a breast augmentation and results are perfect, the incisions are perfectly placed under my breast. Dr Sharma made me feel comfortable and walked me through the process of recovery. Everything went the way he explained me. Excellent staff. Gilda Cole

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JK (Patient) 05-27-2013
I have practiced general and cosmetic dentistry for 35 years. I happen to have cosmetic surgery done by Dr Sharma as he came highly recommended by my staff. I had the best experience with Dr Sharma. I view Dr Sharma as a highly skilled surgeon who far exceed in safety and quality. J K

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E.B. (Patient) 05-17-2013
Amei o atendimento e o Dr. Sharma e muito bom, fiquei muito feliz com o resultado dos meus seios e indiquei para varias amigas.--E.B.

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PD (Patient) 04-26-2013
My experience at Destination Beauty Medspa was beyond my expectation. For a long time getting my breast done was a dream. I went to 6 different places for the consultations, I could not feel comfortable with any of them. Since I first met Dr Sharma he made me feel really comfortable with his confidence and knowledge. He is a great doctor and very caring. I am very happy with my final results. It has been more than a year since my surgery and if I had to do any surgery again I would do it with doctor Sharma. From consultation to all follow ups I received the attention needed. I am very thankful. P D

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Marlene P. (Patient) 04-25-2013
Eu Marlene P. fiz lipo e coloquei silicone, faco limpeza facial sempre e estou muito feliz com todos os resultados. Eu touxe quatro amigas que tambem estao muito felizes. Obrigada. --Marlene P.

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Wanessa M (Patient) 04-24-2013
I love the way I look after surgery. I am really happy with the results and everyone in the office is so nice. Dr Sharma is really good and gave me my SELF ESTEEM back. Brazilians should be glad to have such a great staff of his who can speak their language. I am definitely coming back in future for any cosmetic surgeries.-Wanessa M

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Kelli C (Patient) 04-23-2013
I am a very satisfied customer with the Destination Beauty Medspa services. Dr Sharma is an excellent doctor and very compassionate towards my requests and concerns, the staff is very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend destination beauty medspa.

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Raquel (Patient) 02-07-2013
my experience at dr sharma's is great. so far all my concerns were clarify and I'm always happy with my results. Raquel

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E.C. (Patient) 02-02-2013
i love my results.

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Devin F. (Patient) 02-01-2013
wonderful doctor.

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Tamara B (Patient) 12-12-2012
Dr. Sharma did a EXCELLENT job and all he told me about the procedure it was exactly how it was. I'm very happy with the results.

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Meg W. (Patient) 11-15-2012
Outside of making me laugh and being funny...his technique was phenomenal and it will be my pleasure to reccommend him to my clients. Meg W.

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Viviane r (Patient) 11-09-2012
I love the results of my surgery, Dr Sharma is an excellent doctor and surgeon I trust. He is the best surgeon. He made my dreams come true. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.

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L.W. (Patient) 10-29-2012
Dr Sharma is wonderful. Great bedside manner and always informative - this is in addition to making me look and feel beautiful.

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Matt G. (Patient) 10-09-2012
Overall the experience was great, Dr. Sharma was very thorough with explaining everything and what to expect. The surgery went great and the results although I am still swollen at the current time look great. Looking forward to seeing the final results. Also, the staff was wonderful with everything as well. -- Matt G., Framingham, MA

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S.D. (Patient) 10-07-2012
Dr. Sharma has a very nice office. SD, Framingham, MA

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K.S. (Patient) 10-07-2012
Dr. Sharma is always very friendly and accomodating. Happy with results. -- KS, Framingham, MA

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Jody L. (Patient) 10-05-2012
Dr. Sharma is a very experienced and kind doctor and it shows by the way he treats his patients and the results. -- Jody L.

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mcs (Patient) 10-01-2012
I think Dr. Sharma is a good doctor. - MCS, Framingham, MA

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LCS (Patient) 09-25-2012
I love the way Dr Sharma did my cosmetic surgery Very professional staff and doctor. I felt very safe With the surgery and technique . LCS, Burlington, MA

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Krystiano (Patient) 09-19-2012
Excellent !!!

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PK (Patient) 08-30-2012
I was losing my hair on my head, felt so depressed and low. It almost seemed like i was going to go bald. I saw Dr Sharma, his treatment helped me so much, I now have almost all my hair back, my self esteem is high. He is so intelligent, uses very safe techniques, spends enough time to explain me everything. His staff is very helpful, always very professional. I appreciate Destination Beauty Medspa and Dr Sharma. P K, Framingham, MA

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M.S.M. (Patient) 08-28-2012
My overall experience with Dr. Sharma was great, but it made me a little concerned that I met w/ muriel first. Having a surgical procedure is a big step for most and meeting w/ the actual person performing the procedure would alleviate some or most of one's anxiety before firming up w/ a non refundable deposit, which for me (and probably most) is not taken lightly. MSM, Framingham, MA

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