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Theresa Cisero (Patient) 01-10-2007
Dr.Casselman is very personable. Whenever I need to see her, the longest I have to wait is a few hours (in unexpected circumstances). With an appointment, the wait in her office is under a half an hour. She remembers our conversations and applies information from all of my previous visits to help diagnose my illness/problem on this visit. I like that she doesnt just deal with an appointment by appointment basis, but will actually remember if I was having other symptoms 3 months ago, and try to see if they are connected.
She is thourough and professional, the first doctor I feel who really listened. She was the one who sent me for ultra sounds and eventually referred my to my surgeon for the hyster. This after I had been seeing several different gynos for YEARS who did nothing.
She treats my like an actual person, not just a case. I would reccomend her to anyone here in Vegas, ESPECIALLY here in Vegas where this kind of care is so rare.

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