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sharon k (Patient) 05-03-2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Yacoub for over 25 years. I was in my early 20's and was having major problems and was so scared. I had just changed insurance and had not picked a GYN yet. I called the ins and they gave me 4 numbers. Everyone would not fit me in, but Dr. Yacoub. He is the kindest most compassionate GYN that I have ever know. I have had over 4 surgeries with him. While your in the Operation room he rubs your forehead, holds your hand and talks so comforting to you until your out. The confidence that he has puts you at ease. He is all about making women feel comfortable. His knowledge and teachings have made him the best. He has been warned by me that he must never retire. We are so lucky to have him for us women. The best bedside manor and knowledge, you will find. He is genuine and cares about his patients. I can go on and on. I have refered him to almost 9 people and all love him and have made him their live DR.

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nicole (Patient) 11-04-2010
I highly recommend DR YACOUB he really great. i went to him because someone recommend him to me now im returning the favor. He really took care of me and got my needs met. after having different discussion on treatments and having different procudures i really feel he made the best treatment for me.

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Jen (Patient) 04-29-2010
Dr. Yacoub is the most gentle and caring doctor I have ever been to. I am a HUGE baby when it comes to anything medical but Dr. Yacoub made me feel comfortable and calm. I had a bad pregnancy with Gestational diabetes and Toxemia and had to have many visits at his office and the hospital. I also had to have an amnio which terrified me! Dr. Yacoub made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I got thru it just fine. He is like having a friend and doctor rolled into one. I have a beautiful and healthy two year old son now and hope to have more. He also offers his own "Diet Plan' to women and has helped me loose 60 lbs. I feel great and look forward to my visits with him I would recommend him to everyone!

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Dawn E (Patient) 02-21-2010
I have been Dr. Yacoub's patient for 20 plus years! He has been with me through 7 years of trying to have a baby. After 7 laproscopic surgeries in 6 years and the loss of 2 pregnancies I am proud to say he gave me my most precious gifts! I have a daughter who is now 9 and a son, whom I got pregnant with exactly 7 years to the day later (7 happens to be my lucky number and now for more than 1 reason), who is going to be 2. He is the most gentle, kind and empathetic doctor I have ever been blessed to know and I'm glad I have him in my life. He makes time and is truly concerned about whatever your ache or pain is. He is the most amazing man and I can never thank him enough for all he has done for me. I just had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago, and as usual, he was his caring, wonderful self. He is a personal friend to me and I consider him my family. Love you Dr. Yacoub!!!!


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Jennifer (Patient) 09-25-2009
I very highly recommend Dr. Yacoub. I have been his patient for 15 years and about 10 years ago he saved my life when I was living in London. I had cervical cancer and required the Leep procedure. He was incredibly kind, patient and encouraged me to leave London temporarily to have the procedure done in Baltimore with him. Had he not done this, who knows what could have happened to me. I was not receiving the same attentiveness in London, and the doctors were ill informed. Now 10 years later, I am very healthy and expecting my first child. I still keep in touch with Dr. Yacoub and wish I lived closer to Baltimore so that he could deliver our baby.

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Stacy (Patient) 04-13-2009
Dr Yacoub is great, he always take awesome care of all his patients. I have two kids both by c section, he held my hand both times while I got a spinal. After I had my last child he came to check on me, before Ravens game, then came back the next day discharged me 1 day early I felt great. I also had procedure done is his office he is a great Dr I will stay with him till he retires. I trust his Dr with my life.

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JenniferB (Patient) 01-29-2009
I truly believe that without Dr. Yacoub's patient determination that my husband and I would not have the beautiful children we have today. We had numerous miscarriages, and when I wanted to give up he wouldn't let me. He was there through every moment, even at 2 am. When we finally had a successful pregnancy, I went into labor unexpectadly and he left a Ravens game to deliver my premature son. We in turn gave our son, the middle name of John, to honor all that he had done to bring him into our arms. Our son, now 5 says he wants to be a baby doctor like "Dr. Coub"
Two years later he performed an emergency c-section in only 3 mintues after our daughter had the cord around her neck. He saved her and we will be forever grateful.

He is a gifted surgeon and staff respond to and respect him. But most importantly, he is determined to provide the best care possible and in the process he makes you feel like you are the only patient he has. He listens and he understands and I am grateful to have met him. He is the one who deserves a thumbs up!!

I have also used Dr. Yacoub's diet plan and in the process lost over 100 pounds!!

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Christine B (Patient) 11-18-2008
I have been Dr Yacoub's patient for the last 18 years. He saved my life when other doctors could not detect an internal bleeding ovarian issue. He listens to his patients and does not shove you to aside. I have had many procedures over the years (laparoscopy, laparodomy, oopherectomy, uterine biopsies, D&Cs, hysterectomy). He is very experienced and has the best beside manor. I have recommended him to other friends over the years, one who was hemorrhaging which he came out the hospital in the middle of the night for emergency surgery. You can not find such a dedicated professional doctor then him. He is wonderful. I have since moved out of Maryland, but I will drive the distance to stay his patient. He is worth the drive. Thanks for my life and the life of my friend.

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Kathy S (Patient) 11-12-2008
I have been a patient of Dr. Yacoub's for 21 years and would not go to any other OB/GYN. I have actually paid out of pocket when my insurance changed, just so I could continue to see him. I have had lots of problems, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and finally had to have a hysterectomy. Dr. Y has always been very kind and caring, and took very good care of me. He delivered my 1st child by c-section. My twins had to be delivered by emergency csection at Un of MD by someone else, and he actually came down to U of MD to see me the next day to make sure I was ok. I've had many surgeries, and each one he holds my hand and makes me feel safe and at ease right before I go under. I can't imagine going to another doctor! his staff is very nice and always helpful.

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Kim M (Patient) 08-26-2008
Dr.Yacoub is awesome. He has delivered two of my three children. Great Bedside Manor. Gentle, fast, but not rushed.
Friendly and knowledgable. Great Staff. Love HIm

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Janet (Patient) 07-29-2008
He helped me with my infertility and after 3 laparoscopies for my endometriosis, I now have 3 healthy beautiful children that I conceived on my own without any reproductive assisted technologies. I also had a c-section with my second child because the sonograms were measuring her big. He made me have two more sonograms to verify her size so I could safely deliver her - and he was right - she was almost 10lbs!! I also miscarried twins at 3 months and he made sure I was healthy physically AND emotionally - I will never forget that because I was devastated. I have been his patient for almost 10 years and he is absolutley wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone. I feel he is a friend.

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Terri Handlir (Patient) 01-27-2007
Dr. Yacoub has been my OB/GYN for over 17 years. His knowledge in OB/GYN is outstanding and is always informed on the latest treatments and procedures. He empathizes with his patients and always takes the time to listen.

I had endometriosis and would be in pain just about every month. He has performed 3 Laparoscopic surgeries over the course my treatment, and 10/05, he performed my supracervical hysterectomy. Prior to going under anesthesia each time, he held my hand with both of his to comfort me. (Words cannot explain how safe he made me feel.) I can truly say "He is the BEST!".... If anyone ever asks me about my doctor, I always pass along his name and number. 9 out of 10 times, they have already heard of him along with praises from his other patients.

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