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Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.

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Laura M (Patient) 06-20-2012
I saw Dr. Albee twice and he performed two of my surgeries FREE. He is the most compassionate man alive. His staff and him are wonderful and kind. They actually talk, and take care of their pts. They understand. I am a complicated pt. but Dr. Albee does not fear even high risk pts. He helps people. I am going back to see him again to get my other ovary, and adhesions removed after almost 20 years. No other surgeon will take me on but Dr. Albee's office called and he will do my surgery. I have, and have been suffering for over 15 years with surgeons and Drs. pushing my pain aside and making excuses when I know what is wrong. I was treated special by the staff and am elated I may be free of some of the problems I am having due to adhesons, and a stuck ovary since there are still compassionate and caring Drs. and office staff out there. If you have pelvic problems, or endo, please see Dr. Albee or one of this associates. They will take care of you.

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Maria P (Patient) 02-05-2012
Dr. Albee is an endometriosis specialist that I visited for treatment of my endo- and adenomyosis related pelvic pain. He performed a laparoscopic hysterectomy for me and I've been feeling so much better. He was very personable and took time to answer all of the questions that my family had, and he made me feel very at ease in the OR as I was getting my anesthesia. His practice also provided me with a copy of my surgery report and surgical photographs so that I have a record in my hand of what happened. The report was well-done, and I wasn't left wondering about any detail of my surgery as has been my experience with reports from other doctors. I could have had my procedure done closer to home, but I think it was more than worth it to travel the couple of hours to have Dr. Albee do it.

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Left210 (Patient) 02-14-2011
Dr. Albee and Dr. Sinervo with CEC are excellent doctors. I am a patient with stage 4 endo and they performed surgery that was an absolute success. They truly understand how to treat endo. I had many doctors before going to them tell me to have a hysterectomy as the answer to endo. Do not listen to that and go to CEC for proper treatment. They treat you like family and the whole staff is wonderful. I have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old now as a result of going there vs. listening to other doctors. I also like that they doctors will call you personally and the nurses are always on hand to answer questions.

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Indygirl (Patient) 02-13-2011
Dr. Albee is an endometriosis specialist. I have had laparascopic excision of endometriosis surgery and a laparascopic supracervical hysterectomy with him. He is not only an exceptionally skilled surgeon, he is the most compassionate doctor I've ever encountered. The office staff are each as kind and helpful as Dr. Albee. I traveled over 8 hrs to see him and would do it again if ever needed. I can't say enough about the Center for Endometrosis Care!

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Sashana G (Patient) 12-09-2009
Dr. Albee performed my LAPEX surgery on December 23, 2008. I must say as a registered nurse and patient first I was very impressed with his work overall. From the front office to his bedside manner. One thing I will never forget is the day before surgery while sitting in Dr. Albee's office he offered to pray with me which meant more than he knows. I again would recommend Dr. Albee and anyone working in his practice. Absolutely wonderful!!!

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Tammy V (Patient) 11-15-2009
Dr. Albee, at the Endometriosis Care Center, is a very caring and understanding doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their endometriosis.

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AnonEndo (Patient) 12-19-2008
If you have, or think you have Endometriosis, you simply must make it a priority to get to Dr. Albee and the staff at the Center for Endometriosis Care. He and Dr. Sinervo are world class experts on the disease and have been successfully excising Endometriosis for over 20 yrs. and have helped - really helped! - thousands of patients. Excision in the hands of an expert is the way to go. The staff is warm and wonderful and goes out of their way to help you. HIGHLY RECOMMEND all around. CenterForEndo.com

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Robin (Patient) 08-25-2007
Dr. Albee is amazing in every way. He is a genius with his work. He has helped me so much over the years. Dr. Albee is one of the few Endometriosis Specialists in the country. He took the time with me during my first appointment 9 years ago and spent 2 hours talking and listening. He did operate on me and found Endometriosis. He excised it all. I did have an additional surgery two years later for adhesions, however, there was no endo whatsoever.

You will not go wrong with Dr. Albee.

To learn more abouthim, please go to http://www.centerforendo.com.

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Robin K (Patient) 03-01-2007
I started seeing Dr. Albee in 1998, one month after a somewhat unsuccessful surgery to remove Endometriosis. The pain started coming back, so after speaking with my then current GYN, it was decided I would go to Dr. Albee as he is the expert in treating the disease. I went in to Dr. Albee and he spent two hours with me. He spent much time talking prior to an exam. Dr. Albee was actually able to feel the endo implants. He told me he could help me, but wanted me to go home and think about the surgery. I had already made up my mind. I knew prior to going in if Dr. Albee could help, I would do whatever he suggested. I had surgery in 1998 and have done very well. I did go back in 2000, but Endo was not found. I had extensive adhesions.

Dr. Albee is very kind, caring and compassionate. Each time I go in for my appts (he is now my GYN as well), he spends as much time as necessary. He is always accessible by phone. I've never felt more at ease then I do with Dr. Albee. I can not recommend him highly enough!

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Valorie Cooper (Patient) 02-08-2007
Dr. Albee is the best! He is very knowledgable, kind and caring. He is concerned about all his patients and treats us with the utmost respect and courtesy. He will take the time to explain anything you don't understand and answer all your questions. He is very comforting when dealing with illnesses that can cause much distress, both physical and emotional.

He performed my surgery for endometriosis removal in 2001, which was very successful. However, I also had adenomyosis and he performed a hysterectomey in 2006, which solved that problem. No complications with either sugery. His staff is also kind and caring.

I couldn't give him a higher recommendation.

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angela means (Patient) 01-28-2007
Doctor Albee specializes in endometriosis. He is one of two doctors in the United States (the other is Dr. Redwine in Oregon) who treat the disease in it's entirety. Endometriosis is a very difficult disease and requires special knowledge and a special doctor. I had suffered with the rollar coaster ride of doctors who didn't care for several years before I found him. I had my first surgery to remove endo in 2002. i went back in 2006 for a hysterectomy because I developed fibroid tumors. When Dr. Albee went in to do the surgery, I had NO REGROWTH OF ENDO ANYWHERE IN MY BODY!!!! Endometriosis is the "uncurable" disease. This is what I heard for years but after having found a real doctor, I found that this is treatable with someone who knows what they are doing. i owe my life to him and I love and pray for his family all the time. There is no doctor in this country that I would gladly support more than him. He helps so many women from all over the country and i can tell you, it is because he cares. I would be a reference to any woman with any questions and will remain open to help women until the day I take my last breath. Thanks for allowing this forum and may God bless you.

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