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Stephen Edward THORN MD
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Stephen Edward THORN MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Minnesota Albert Lea

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(City : Albert Lea)
(ZIP : 56007)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Shirley (Patient) 06-15-2011
Dr. Thorn came to Albert Lea right before my husband and I started trying to get pregnant. I had many issues such as PCOS and did get pregnant but then miscarried. He cried along side of me after the miscarriage, and said next time we'll know what to watch for, and he was right. I have 2 beautiful girls now who are 18 and 22 years old. I have never had such a caring physician who made you feel like you were his only patient. I had eclampsia with both my pregnancies, but delivered 2 healthy babies, he watched over the pregnancies and did everything right. I now here he isn't part of Mayo, and that is Mayo being political. Dr. Thorn if you read this, more power to you, to not be Mayonized after all these years!!!!! You know the way medicine should be, and kudos for holding your ground. You are one of the best doctors ever!!! And I still ask God to Bless you for giving me the 2 biggest blessings in my life!

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Jen (Patient) 05-22-2011
My story is a lot like Jen's that I read on tis page already. In 2002 I had had no luck or encouragement w/ other Dr.s and was referred to Dr. Thorn by a friend who adored him. Right away. He got me in for surgery & diagnosed me w/ endometriosis and PCOS. We didn't get pregnant very easy, but finally after 4 years of trying and finally doing In-vitro my husband and I conceived twins. Dr. Thorn always went above and beyond. My boys are 5 now. Since beginning w/ Dr. Thorn I have had 3 surgeries and many many other visits to see Dr. Thorn. He came in on Saturdays, Called me personally to check on me, and had no problem giving me his cell phone # when I wasn't doing well. I am very saddened by the news that Dr. Thorn will not be practicing in Albert Lea anymore, but wherever he ends up next, I have no doubt his patients will be in good hands!

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Kelly (Patient) 03-21-2011
My husband and I adore Dr. Thorn; he's direct, has a wonderful personality, and he doesn't seem to be tired or worn from the job like so many other OB/GYN's appear; he enjoys his patients, and his job. He listens, rather than rushing in and rushing out. I have PCOS and was told by another doctor that pregnancy was unlikely. I went to Dr. Thorn, and the first thing we noticed was he had a "Let's get it done," attitude rather than "why bother trying?" attitude I'd experienced previously.

He's got a ton of experience, lots of patience, and he's willing to go the extra mile; he performed an insem once for us on a Saturday, and he's also seen me as an emergency at the end of the day; he was there until well after 6:00 when all the other doctors had left for the day.

He's seen me through different infertility meds, a lap. surgery, two high risk pregnancies, including cerclages, an emergency C-section, and a repeat C-section.

We hope to try for another child later this year, but we've heard that he's taken a leave of absence. All I can say is that I hope he hurries back; he's one of the best doctors around for women, especially those with infertility issues.

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cindy (Patient) 12-23-2009
I was a paitient of Dr. Thorn when he was in Sacramento, CA. He was wonderful. My youngest will be 30 in Sept of 2010, and it seems like yesterday we werre in the delivery room. If the travel time was not so far I would see him to this day. I often share the wonderful stories of how great him and his staff was. He was so personable, and cared about me as a person.

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Gail (Patient) 06-11-2008
I became a patient of Dr. Thorn's after trying to become pregnant unsuccessfully on our own for two years. I became pregnant after a year of infertility. Dr. Thorn was a godsent. No one knows what it is like to go through infertilty treatment unless you have gone through it yourself. Dr. Thorn and his staff is the most supportive team that you could ever have on your side. Without him and his encouragement I probably would have given up long before becoming pregnant. But when he says it will work, he means it. I am now under treatment again after finding out last year that I had PSOS. After surgery this February and am now going through infertilty for the second time. I would, and do, refer everyone I know to Dr. Thorn.

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Jen (Patient) 01-29-2007
A friend of mine referred me to this doctor and I was able to make an appointment and see him within a couple of months. I had suspicions that I have endometriosis and I was not getting pregnant when I had never had difficulty before. I went to my appt arrmed wiht all kinds of research ready to do battle to get him to listen. I had been reading so many horror stories of women getting the run-around with all kinds of unnecessary procedures and medications. Dr. Thorn came in the room and asked me what was the matter. I gave him a brief rundown speech that I had memorized and he said "Well, we both know the only way to know whats going on is to get inside and take a look so we better schedule you for surgery." I was stunned! No run-around, nothing. I was having laproscopic surgery within a few weeks and got my diagnosis of endo and Polycystic ovary syndrome. He excise the endo he could see, drilled and drained my ovaries, flushed my tubes out, did a D&C and as a result within 3 months I was pregnant. With no medication !!! Dr. THorn was wonderful during my pregnancy and delivery. After having my last child I decided on a hysterectomy and when I called to talk to him he was unavailable and i left a message. He, himself called me at home that evening to talk. He was going to be gone for a fews days and didnt' want to leave without everything and everyone taken care of. I can't tell you how that made me feel.

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Office 210 N Saint Mary Ave Albert Lea 56007
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(507) 3732384
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(507) 3776383

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Univ Auto De Guadalajara, Fac De Med, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
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(42 years of experience)

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