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Stephanie (Patient) 07-22-2012
I would highly recommend Dr. Morris. I am 42 years old and had to switch OBGYN's. I found Dr. Morris through a friend of mine. She is very professional. She takes the time to explain and listen to you. She is knowledgable, comforting, and you feel from the moment you meet her trustworthy. I had to have a hysterectomy and can not be happier with the whole process. I would highly recommend her.

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Holly S (Patient) 10-25-2011
I saw Dr Morris for my last pregnancy. She was AMAZING! She really took the time to get to know me, answered all my questions and put all my fears at ease. She is a very friendly and trustworthy DR. She took the time during my labor and made me feel so at ease during the whole thing. I am so happy with her I will not go to anyone else for my OB/GYN needs. If you want a Dr who really cares and will take time with you and make you feel important then Dr Morris is the Dr for you.

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Katie S (Patient) 09-07-2011
I love Dr. Morris!!! Dr. Morris has taken excellent care of me during my last 2 pregnancies and c-sections. I have always been able to see her when I needed to, and have had all of my phone calls returned promptly. I feel as though she cares for her patients as if they are her family. She gives you options and never pushes you into anything you are not comfortable with...even prenatal vitamins! I cannot speak highly enough about her :)

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Tonjha Monaco (Patient) 01-29-2007
Dr. Morris is a sweet and caring Dr. I was scared to death to have the surgery she reccomended, but in the week before the surgery she had put my heart at ease, and I actually was looking forward to it. She is simply the best, I wish I had a Dr. like her when i had my children. You will find her easy to talk to and she understands the pain women go through. Dr. Morris did my tvh, I had fibroids, endo and ando, and the whole process went smooth. She explained the process in detail and I understood every step of the way what was going to happen. I highly reccomend her to any female that is afraid of Dr.'s. She is just awsome.

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