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Rich CASTELLANO Facial Plastic Surgery Earns Ýts Place On ‘most Popular’ Holiday Gift List
Trends show Tampa Bay is investing in the ‘gift of youth’ for close friends and family this holiday season Tampa, FL (December 07, 2011) – Let’s face it. Giving and receiving holiday gifts can be a daunting task. From fighting mall crowds to finding the perfect gift to faking enthusiasm for that less than appealing new sweater, we don’t always get (or give) a gift that’s truly wanted or needed. The good news is that giving our loved ones a gift that makes them look and feel better has become an increasingly popular choice in the Tampa Bay area. It’s facial cosmetic surgery. HolidayPraye... [more..]
Rich CASTELLANO Brotox A Phenomenon Popular Ýn Tampa Bay
More men refreshing their appearances with facial fillers than ever before Tampa, FL (January 23, 2011) – According to the Urban Dictionary, a “Bromance” describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. Now, there’s a new term, “Brotox”– and it’s become increasingly popular throughout Tampa Bay. Brotox describes the phenomenon of “men’s men” refreshing their facial appearances with Botox and other popular facial fillers like Dysport, Radiesse, Sculptra, Xeomin, Perlane and and other nips and tucks – something this demographic might have historically shied away from... [more..]
Rich CASTELLANO Proof Positive, Facial Lifting Procedures Work
Face lifts remove about 9 years from faces, new study reveals Tampa, FL (February 22, 2012) – A new study released Monday, February 20th, 2012, in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery found that face lifting procedures really do make men and women look younger – almost 9 years younger to be exact. When shown photos of 60 participants that have had face lifting procedures, medical student evaluators rated that on average, these patients looked 8.9 years younger than their chronological age, post-surgery. Tampa-based double board certified facial cosmetic surgeon Richard Castellano, M... [more..]
Liposuction Is A Treatment For Obesity
[by Thomas LOCKE MD]
In the context of consultation for a body contouring procedure I am frequently asked: “How many pounds will I lose?” Conventional wisdom suggests that this is a bad prognostic sign. Traditional teaching and custom holds that liposuction is NOT a treatment for obesity. Patients focused on pounds and not appearance are not supposed to be good candidates for cosmetic surgery. In some plastic surgery practices the surgeon will not do a procedure on a patient with a BMI greater than 30. Lipo suction has traditionally been viewed as a treatment for the skinny ladies. Traditionally the “ideal pa... [more..]
Weight Loss After Pregnancy
[by Michele CAVENEE MD]
Postpartum Weight Loss Many women are faced with the task of shedding excess weight after childbearing, and they often seek medical guidance for weight loss. Some were overweight prior to pregnancy, while others gained excessive weight while “eating for two.” Regardless of the specific nature of the weight gain, the weeks and months following delivery involve attempts at weight loss for most women. Questions often arise as to how to safely accomplish weight loss after pregnancy, and whether or not special considerations are indicated when a new mother is breast-feeding. It is widely ... [more..]
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Family Medicine
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Joshua CZERWINSKI recommended by Juanita :

He is the first Dr. I have ever seen, that actually listens to me and is very emphatic. He always goes over and beyond to make sure I receive the care I deserve. When I went to see him for menstrual issues, he did the customary Pap, ordered a sonogram, and blood work. As soon as the results came in, he made sure to schedule me ASAP for a gynecology exam. The gynecologist was very impressed with the fact so much had already been checked a head of time. Me, I am used to that and his thoroughness. I could not imagine having any other family Dr. Both him and his staff are always on top of making sure I receive my test results, referrals. He always asks that I call in and leave a message whenever he changes/adds a med to see what I think/feel about the change. He once told me, that he strives to treat every patient he has as a family member. I really do believe it in the care and treatments I have received.

Is this Review about Joshua CZERWINSKI helpful to you?  
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Katafan ACHKAR recommended by W kaplan :

Honest, knowledgeable, professional approach

Is this Review about Katafan ACHKAR helpful to you?  
North Carolina
Registered Site MemberHas 1 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Julie A WOODWARD recommended by Cindy Lowe :

Great results. Horrible wait time at initial consultation and follow up appointments. Follow up appt almost 2 hours wait to see doctor. Surgical appointment time was reasonable tho.

Is this Review about Julie A WOODWARD helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Shayla NESBITT recommended by Onixe :

Dr. Nesbitt is an excellent doctor. She is straight forward and will look in to what is causing problems instead of pushing them aside. She also listens to the patient's concerns and addresses them. She is a gynecologist. I have been seeing her regularly since the beginning of 2018 in Beaumont, Texas. I started seeing her due to heavy monthly bleeding. She performed a hysteroscopy on me to see what is going on in the uterus, then she performed exploratory laparoscopic surgery on me at my request to see if scar tissue I had would allow me to have a hysterectomy. She also performed a hysterectomy about four weeks following the laparoscopic surgery. I requested a vaginal hysterectomy and explained my reasons why I was requesting it, she said she would try her best and she did it. I also requested that my Fallopian tubes be removed and explained why and she removed them. She explained she would like me to keep my ovaries and explained why, which I really appreciated. She is ... [More..]

Is this Review about Shayla NESBITT helpful to you?  
New Jersey
Registered Site MemberHas 31 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Eric BEIGHTS recommended by Joe Fry :

Friendly answers all questions simply and made me feel at ease with everything.

Is this Review about Eric BEIGHTS helpful to you?  
New Jersey
Registered Site MemberHas 31 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Eric BEIGHTS recommended by Jordin Dennis :

He takes his time with his patients and is very precise with treatment.

Is this Review about Eric BEIGHTS helpful to you?  
Veerayyagari ANNAPURNA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Veerayyagari ANNAPURNA recommended by Marda :

Dr. Anna is my ob/gyn. She is new to the area and My first appointment with her was the first week of February (2018). I like the way she listens and responds to my concerns and the interest she shows in me as a person. She is easy to talk to and has a comforting but confident presence. Dr. Anna did my anterior and posterior repair and vaginal hysterectomy part of my surgery and her colleague, Dr. Jodi Hendrickson, did my bladder sling part of my surgery. I am only 1 week post-op but everything has gone well. When I did call with questions she returned my call personally and was sure that all my questions were answered. I have no hesitation recommending her!

Is this Review about Veerayyagari ANNAPURNA helpful to you?  
North Carolina
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Joel YANCEY recommended by Tori Carpenter :

Dr Yancey is kind and considerate, he is very conscious of his patients well being and extremely informative about all procedures he does. I have never felt nervous or anxious under his care even through some current difficulties. I see him for gyno issues, but I can imagine he is kind and warm with his on patients as well. He is comforting, doesn’t patronize, and is very clear that the woman’s body is hers and her choices will be honored.

Is this Review about Joel YANCEY helpful to you?  
New Jersey
Registered Site MemberHas 16 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsPersonal Photo AvailableHas special expertise in certain sicknessHas TagsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Kelly KRUEGER recommended by Corey Mills :

She is amazing! She is very knowledgeable, caring, and truly knows me inside and out. It was a wonderful experience.

Is this Review about Kelly KRUEGER helpful to you?  
Monique Modest- MCKOY MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Monique Modest- MCKOY recommended by Kara Copes :

Dr. Modest-McKoy is very professional and thorough. She works with a group of OBGYNs and often takes the harder cases. She performed a Hysterectomy with 3 repairs and a bladder suspension on me. I choose her because I am a nurse and have been in 2 of her surgerys and was very impressed. I recently learned that she scored in the top 10% in the nation on her national board exam.

Is this Review about Monique Modest- MCKOY helpful to you?  
Scott Allen BOONE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Scott Allen BOONE recommended by Krisann43018 :

My PCP recommended me to Loch Haven OBGYN. Dr. Boone was the doctor at my first appointment and was able to diagnose my symptoms immediately. After 5 years of discomfort during intercourse and seeing different doctors and having different tests done, BOOM! I see Dr. Boone and he can give me a diagnosis in 1 appointment. Yes, there were more visits for treatment in my future, but at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm recovering from a hysterectomy Dr. Boone performed and hoping for great results in the end. I'd highly recommend Dr. Boone! He's professional, has good bedside manners, and speaks to you in a way you can understand. The answer to my prayers!

Is this Review about Scott Allen BOONE helpful to you?  
New Jersey
Has 6 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Velimir PETKOV recommended by Anna Watts :

Dr. Petkov is amazing, very sincere and friendly. The amount of time he spends with his patients shows that he really cares about us and what he does. I came in with numerous problems on my right foot. I have visited his office 4 times and am now at a point where I can almost walk pain-free again. I am in physical therapy as well. I can get appointment times that are convenient for me and the doctor never rushes me.I have been very happy with his services.

1 (100%) people found this suggestion helpful
Is this Review about Velimir PETKOV helpful to you?  
Parveen S. VAHORA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 2 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Parveen S. VAHORA recommended by ROBERTA MARDIS :

I went to Dr. Vahora for a 2nd opinion due to post menopausal bleeding. Dr. Vahora had reviewed my previous ob/gyn's notes and was familiar with my problems prior to my appointment. We reviewed my options, one of which was a hysterectomy. Dr. Vahora explained everything in detail to me and made sure all of my questions were answered before I left her office; she said she would rather answer face to face than over the phone, she is extremely personable!!. She was detail oriented regarding my family history and did genetic testing to see if I had cancer genes. She took her time with me, when I became emotional, she told me she was there to help me. She told me to take a deep breath and slow down. She made me feel as if I was her only patient that day. I never felt rushed. I had one more appointment with her prior to my surgery, at that time my husband was with me and she answered any and all questions we had. She was also fast and efficient at filling out paperwork I needed fo... [More..]

Is this Review about Parveen S. VAHORA helpful to you?  
Chasheryl LESLIE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Chasheryl LESLIE recommended by Summerbreezenow :

Dr Leslie is a good listener who is trustworthy, a good diagnostictician with a great bedside manner. She was able to diagnose my condition when others continued to missed diagnos me. She made me feel at ease through each procedure that eventually led to surgery that changed my life for the better. Thank you Dr Leslie.

Is this Review about Chasheryl LESLIE helpful to you?  
Rosemarie LAJARA MD
Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism
Has 8 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Rosemarie LAJARA recommended by SA :

Love this doctor!! Very real, caring, knows her stuff & tries to work with you.

Is this Review about Rosemarie LAJARA helpful to you?  
Francis J CLARK MD
Has 76 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas special expertise in certain sicknessPersonal Info Available
Francis J CLARK recommended by Kathy :

I recently had cataract surgical treatment of each eye with Dr. Clark and I can't say enough about how awesome my experience was. First of all, his staff is incredible. They are very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable . Dr. Clark is a perfectionist at what he does and ensures that everything is exact to the finest detail. You continually feel as though you are in the best of hands. I highly recommend Dr. Clark and his staff to anyone.

Is this Review about Francis J CLARK helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Registered Site MemberHas 28 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableCan be contacted by site visitorsHas 1 ArticlesPersonal Photo AvailableHas special expertise in certain sicknessHas published Books & ArticlesHas TagsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Tara Ann SOLOMON recommended by Darleen Magrini :

Dr. Solomon and her staff are absolutely amazing. I have been with Dr. Solomon for 17 years, had surgery and other issues and always felt confident being in her hands. Her office and bedside manner is just amazing, you feel like you're with your best friend. Her staff welcomes you with open arms, makes you feel important and loved. I can go on forever about all of them, but if you need an AMAZING Dr..... Dr. Solomon is the one to choose. Love her!

Is this Review about Tara Ann SOLOMON helpful to you?  
Registered Site MemberHas 13 suggestionsAddress AvailablePhone Numbers AvailableHas Professional VideosPersonal Photo AvailableHas special expertise in certain sicknessHas TagsPersonal Info AvailableHas Personal Website
Brian GOLDEN recommended by Scott Williamson :

Dr. Brian Golden is one of the very best Doctors I have ever seen. He has changed my life for the better in many ways. I was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. My internal medicine doctor referred me to Dr. Golden. First I was given my first appointment date for 10 days out. I told Dr. Golden that if I do have cancer I really don’t want to wait 10 days to find out. His office called me back within 15 minutes and told me to show up tomorrow morning. After my cystoscopy he confirmed that I have a very large aggressive tumor and explained in detail how he was going to remove it. During the seven day wait for surgery I emailed the Doctor several times with questions and he returned the emails back within hours with the answers to my questions along with links to different medical journals where he arrived that the answers. When you have a life-threatening situation it is so important to these answers and get them timely. Removing tumors from the bladder wall is a delicate o... [More..]

Is this Review about Brian GOLDEN helpful to you?  
Has 3 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Muriel BOREHAM recommended by AS :

Dr. Muriel Boreham is a find! I have had several major surgeries over the years and when I was informed that another surgery was necessary, I was not overjoyed. My initial visit to Dr. Boreham put my mind at ease. The entire office staff is amazing. They make you completely at ease and everyone is smiling! Dr. Boreham explained EVERYTHING TO ME and LISTENED to what I had to say. My surgery, although major, was painless and I always felt that I was important to everyone I encountered. Awesome!!!! Very professional and would trust her for anything. Six weeks out and I am up and going strong. Would recommend Dr. Boreham to anyone. She is great!

Is this Review about Muriel BOREHAM helpful to you?  
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Has 1 suggestionsCan be contacted by site visitors
Tyler BRADFORD recommended by Mikal Moore :

Dr. Bradford is very knowledgeable with hormone replacement therapy and hormone treatments. He also has a great understanding of endometriosis and the symptoms associated with it. He was very patient with and my treatment plan. He explained anything that I wasn't sure about and made sure that I fully understood it. He is also a great surgeon. I had minimal pain, post-hysterectomy, and my recovery was quick and easy.

Is this Review about Tyler BRADFORD helpful to you?  

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