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Christopher CHANG MD
Virginia, Warrenton
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Nosebleed Control Using Cauterization


This HD video illustrates how a nosebleed is treated using silver nitrate cauterization.

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Vocal Cord Surgery

This video demonstrates how vocal cord surgery is performed. Examples shown include removal of a polyp, cyst, nodule as well as ablation of a hemorrhagic polyp using a pulsed dye laser.
Septoplasty (Deviated Septum Surgery)

This video illustrates how a septoplasty is performed in order to correct a septal deviation causing nasal obstruction.

This video shows how a tracheostomy procedure is performed.
Normal Swallow Tutorial with Modified Barium Swallow

This video shows what happens when a person swallows from an X-ray as well as endoscopic view. To best illustrate what is going on, a modified barium swallow study is shown. NO REAL PATIENTS IN THIS V...
Fiberoptic Endoscopy

This HD video demonstrates how fiberoptic endoscopy is performed in order to evaluate the nasal cavity down to the voicebox.
How a Tonsillectomy is Performed

This HD video shows how a tonsillectomy is performed using coblation technology.
Dr. Chang TV Interview on Stuffy Nose

HD video of a TV interview with Dr. Chang that was aired on 6/5/10 on a CBS affiliate.
Turbinate Reduction Using Coblation

This HD video shows what happens when turbinate reduction is performed on an awake patient using local anesthesia.
Vocal Cord Stroboscopy

HD video of a stroboscopic exam of the vocal cords using fiberoptic endoscopy.
Botox Injection for Spasmodic Dysphonia

HD video of a patient with spasmodic dysphonia undergoing botox injection of her vocal cords.
Pediatric Video Nasal Endoscopy

HD video of a child undergoing endoscopy without any sedation.
Base of Tongue Reduction for Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea

HD video of a procedure called base of tongue reduction using coblation technology to treat severe obstructive sleep apnea.
Upper Airway Anatomy During Trans-Nasal Endoscopy

HD video of the various anatomy one encounters during a trans-nasal endoscopic exam.
Intra-Tympanic Steroid Injection for Sudden Hearing Loss

This HD video demonstrates how steroid injection is performed into the ear for patients suffering from sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
Ear Tubes (Placement, Removal, Replacement)

This HD video contains FIVE different video clips of ear tubes. The 5 clips are #1: Simple Collar Button Tube Placement; #2: Collar Button Tube Placement in Ear with Mucoid Effusion; #3: Collar Button...
Earwax Removal Under the Microscope

HD video of earwax being removed under the microscope.