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Chelsea (Patient) 08-03-2012
I really adore "Dr. Bob." I wish I could go to him for ALL of my healthcare needs. I began to see him over 10 years ago on the recommendation of a friend, and have since recommended friends of mine to him! Dr. Sansonetti really listens and he takes the time to talk about what's going on in your life and considers how that might impact your health.

When I began training for a marathon, he immediately noticed my blue toenail and realized I'd been running a lot! He ended up giving me the best training advice of anyone I talked to (delivered during an annual exam--hah!) And that is just a bonus on top of the great OBGYN treatment I've always had with him.

In addition, I appreciate that his office is decorated with his own oil paintings. I don't know how he does ultramarathons and paints prolifically while delivering babies in his spare time, but it certainly all adds up to a well-rounded, compassionate individual. And it's not just him! His staff is wonderful too! I don't believe I've ever even sat in the waiting room, because they're so punctual. I just love Dr. Sansonetti's attitude and get the sense that he's a great guy to work for--a good feeling pervades the whole office. I'm so grateful that I no longer have to dread this kind of appointment!

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Christie M (Patient) 03-15-2012
Dr. Sansonetti is one of the most gentle, amazing doctors I have ever seen. We went to him when we got pregnant with our first child. He was honest and informative while still maintaining a pleasant and friendly disposition. I am overweight and he was concerned that my c-section incision might have trouble healing, so instead of staples he actually stitched me up. Other hospital docs that came in to do their periodic checks were amazed to see that. Now we're seeing him for fertility aspects as we try to get pregnant again. Plus he's a painter with original art on the walls!!

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Lisa J (Patient) 03-12-2012
Dr Sansonetti,
Has delivered all three of my children and I have been 100 percent satisfied after all these years children grown I still rely on him. Very professional and compassionate.

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Abbie (Patient) 12-21-2011
Dr. Sansonetti is kind, understanding, and patient. As a young Mom, he made me feel comfortable and confident in every decision I made along the way. I have recommended many friends to him due to his gentle nature. He's a rare breed!

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Pam (Patient) 06-14-2011
I have worked in the medical field for many years and therefore have met many physicians in my time. Dr. Sansonetti is by far the most skilled, in all aspects. His knowledge is seemingly endless and his bed side manner cannot be beat. Dr. Sansonetti untied my tubes in 2002 and performed my two c-sections, 2004 & 2006. While pregnant with my second son he diagnosed me with another condition that had been missed by my primary care phsyicians office. Not enough good to say about him.

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Ash (Patient) 04-05-2011
After having a horrible experience with the Dr who delivered my daughter, when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I knew it was time to find a good OBGYN. I spoke to my cousin about a bad experience I had and she recommended Dr. Bob. I was very nervous as I had always refused to have a Male Dr, but as soon as I met him I knew everything would be fine. I have never met such a great Dr. I was a high risk pregnancy and very scared at first that things were going wrong. I called a few times in the first few months with things such as spotting and would instantly think I was losing the baby. He always knew what to say to help me realize nothing was going wrong and I would calm down. He is seriously the best Dr. I have ever met. Very caring and even when you have to get a pap he makes it less uncomfortable. I know many people that go to him and everyone has nothing but amazing things to say about him. I honestly dont think there is anything he could do to improve hes pretty perfect. I plan on having another baby just because I had such an awsome experience that I want to do it one more time. I recommend him to everyone!

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Vonnie (Patient) 12-28-2010
Dr. "BOB" has been my doctor for more years than I can remember...it was after my first partial hystorectamy, forgive my spelling, he replaced my doctor that was retiring right at that time. Have never had anyone with such wonderful bed-side manner...he is very caring and thoughtful, always asks about my family, who also goes to him. He was very caring during a traggic time in my life as well....

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Kim (Patient) 10-31-2010
I started seeing Dr. Sansonetti after becoming pregnant with my first child. I really didn't want to go to a male ob, and was hesitant, but my doctor recommended him because of my high risk status. I had my first daughter with Dr. Sansonetti, unfortunately he was out of town during the delivery, and he joked about it when he came back. My second child was another story. I had my son in the care of Dr. Sansonetti, something was wrong with my pregnancy and Dr. Bob came across the st. to see me at Maine Medical. Unfortunately he had to tell me my son wasn't going to live. It was heartbreaking and confusing all at once. Even though the outcome was horrible, I couldn't ask for a better Dr. He gave me the choice on what to do about delivery, I couldn't make that choice so he did it for me. Because he is so caring and considerate I was able to see my son, and hold him until he passed away. After this experience I had one more child and continued to see Dr. Bob. I live in Bangor now, and continue to drive to Scarborough just to be seen by him. There is no chance I could find a more caring and compassionate Dr.

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Rita S (Patient) 06-21-2010
I was referred to Dr. Sansonetti by my PCP. He was amazingly unbelievable. He actually talked with me and listened. I didn't feel rushed like I normally do when I am at the Dr. He took my issue seriously and felt nothing but confidence in him.

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Linda (Patient) 02-20-2009
I had seen another gynocologist that could not diagnose my problem. After a year of suffering, I contacted Dr. Sansonetti. After a very thorough consultation and quick medical procedure, he was able to diagnose my problem. I thought he was extremely thorough, kind, sympathetic. His staff is also excellent you will make you feel like you are with family.

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Julie (Patient) 01-06-2009
Dr. Sansonetti is the best.
All of my friends see him.....and all of my friends...friends see him.
EVERYBODY loves him!
I have been his patient for 12 years.
He delivered my son.
He sat with me when I was in labor.
He made me laugh in surgery.
He is a great doctor.

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Jamie (Patient) 07-02-2008
Dr. Sansonetti is a very kind, compassionate, caring doctor. It is obvious from the first time that you meet him that he his passionate about what he does, and has a true love for caring for women, and ensuring the delivery of safe, healthy newborns. I chose Dr. Sansonetti after meeting him while my mother was in the hospital for her hysterectomy. His bedside manner, coupled with his knowledge and skill instantly told me that he would be the one I would want to deliver my future children. Sure enough when I found out I was pregnant, I went straight to him and I never thought twice about it. He delivered my baby girl, and talked me through the whole process. I ended up having an emergency ceasarian, and he made sure that my newborn could stay by my side during the process of being stitched up after surgery, that meant the world. He also came in later in the evenings while I was in the hospital after all family had gone for the day and sat with me, chatting and answering any questions that I might have had.

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Janelle K (Patient) 04-01-2008
The biggest thing I have to say about Dr. Sannsonetti is he is so caring and is always there when you need him. I have been with him since he started in Portland with Dr. Alexander. He has the best bedside manner and the greatest sense of humor which is wonderful for someone like me. If you are looking for a doctor who will take the best care of you and treat you like a person that he genuinely cares about this is the doctor for you. He delivered my daughter 14 years ago and stood by my bed through it even though he had the day off. I have also had to go through many surgeries and I could not ask for more support than I got from Dr. Sannsonetti.

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carmella & Gary (Patient) 02-04-2007
my husband and i are a military family currently living in maine. It is very hard to find a doctor when moving from place to place who has as much compassion for his work and patients as we have found in him. We have been here for 4 1/2 years and have had 3 children while in his care. All pregnancies were such a wonderful experience and it made it so much more wonderful having a caring doctor to experience it with. His knowledge for his work is of highest standards as he explains procedures and options so that you feel like your not making a decision on your own and have the comfort of choosing what is right for you. My husband and i are very greatful and think of him and his practice around special holidays and birthdays when we look into our beautiful childrens faces and think of how he helped bring them into this world. I hope anyone who is looking for a doctor of high quality will look him up.

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Maureen (Patient) 01-30-2007
Dr. Sansonetti performed my total hysterectomy more than one year ago, and delivered my first son over 10 years ago! He explains the procedures to you in a way that you can understand, and is open to options for hormone replacement. Dr. Sansonetti is very knowledgeable, and has a friendly, calming demeanor. He provides you with reading materials to assist in your decisions, and is always willing to help his patients in any way. He is one of the best doctors I have dealt with over the years.

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