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William Donald LEIGHTON MD
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William Donald LEIGHTON MD
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William Donald LEIGHTON MD



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Plastic Surgery

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Gail F (Patient) 02-07-2014
I am a patient of Dr Leighton and am in the process of breast reconstruction after a dx of malignant ductal carcinoma.
I was devastated because I had lung cancer in 2003, and really could not believe that this was happening again.

Dr Leighton is confident,highly skilled and has a wonderful personality--he is efficient and has made me feel like there is "light at the end of the tunnel".
I had a bilateral mastectomy on Dec 11,2013 and actually look forward to my weekly visits to see him, and am so confident in his skill level.
He really uplifts my spirit everytime I see him and his caring and responsive staff. Kudos to this amazing doctor !
Dr Evani (my surgeon) recommended him but I had heard wonderful things about this man for years.

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Greg (Patient) 07-04-2012
I am a burn patient and have been with Dr. Leighton for 22 years now, having 54 surgeries to date. Dr. Leighton is an amazing person and surgeon. His talents are far above any other surgeon that I have seen. He likes a challenge, which I definately was. He reconstructed my whole face since the majority of it was burned off.
Dr. Leighton is such a positive person and very uplifting to be around. When you go into his office you are greeted by the best staff around. You don't get the, I'm the doctor and I'm better than you feeling.
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leighton for any type of surgery that you are thinking about. You will not be dissapointed!
Thank you doc! You are the best.

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Red Messenger (Friend) 11-02-2011
My husband says, "If you can do it, you aren't bragging." Dr. Leighton NEVER brags. He can do all he says he can do. My husband had oral cancer and multiple surgeries. I emailed and called several plastic surgeons about repairs to his mouth and nose which had been greatly disfigured by the surgeries and radiation. Either they weren't interested or they said nothing much could be done. Then, when reading about Jason Schecterle, I saw Dr. Leighton's name. I called. Even though my husband still has stitches in his nose, he looks and feels so much better. Until Dr. Leighton, my husband had given up on having a mouth that would open wide or having a nose that looked "human". DONT GIVE UP. Call Dr. Leighton. (Gosh, this sounds like a commercial, but it isn't.) I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man. His superior surgical skill is matched by his compassion.

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Becky M (Patient) 05-17-2011
I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. Surgery and radiation left my breast disfigured. I interviewed 5 plastic surgeons before choosing Dr. Leighton. While most doctors won't attempt to do surgery after radiation, Dr. Leighton didn't hesitate. One doc told me I was lucky to be alive and to quit crying over this disfigurement. Leighton did a fantastic job at repairing my breast.
Three years later, when my cancer returned, I immediately called on Dr. Leighton for reconstructive surgery following my bilateral mastectomy. Once again, he performed wonderfully and I can honestly say that I love the way my breasts look!
I have seen some botched up reconstructive surgeries by other doctors, but Dr. Leighton is an artist and a great man!
He always made me feel comfortable and confident that everything would be okay! Thanks Dr. Leighton!

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Debra (Patient) 01-13-2011
This doctor is the most caring and proficient cosmetic surgeon you can find! Please visit his website to see the miraculous work he has done on people who are far more needing! I am a past satisfied patient of his, and was recommended to him by a very high profile 'other' doctor, R.V. Stevens. I loved Dr. Leighton's work and personal demeanor so much, I used him twice and I would 'only' use 'his' skillful hands, if I needed another surgery!

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Debra S (Patient) 09-06-2010
Dr William Leighton is without a doubt the most caring and competant doctor you will ever find anywhere. He is simply amazing and has such a truely wonderful spirit.
I will always speak of him very highly. I am so very happy he is out of retirement and back to doing his great works, for the people who need him.

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Donna H (Patient) 02-08-2008
In 1998, when I was 35, Dr. Leighton was my doctor following a bilateral (double) mastectomy due to breast cancer. Being so young, losing my breasts was devastating in a way I cannot describe.

Dr. Leighton did my reconstructive surgery. Not only did he do wonderful job, but he was kind, positive, funny, and sensitive to my feelings of grief and loss. His bedside manner, and his staff's extrodinary kindness got me through what I can only describe as the hardest time of my life.

I was referred to Dr. Leighton by a fellow attorney who had been his patient herself. I am so grateful for that recommedation.

I strongly recommend Dr. Leighton should you find yourself in a similar situation. In a word, he ROCKS.

Donna Hamilton Wood

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Anna Morehead (Patient) 01-31-2007
Dr. William D. Leighton in my opinion is the best plastic surgeon ever. At the age of, thirty-four I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to save my life I would need a mastectomy. My breast surgeon Dr. Merz (another fine surgeon) referred me to Dr. Leighton to talk about the different types of breast reconstruction options. From the moment I met him I knew he would be able to make me feel complete again. He is an excellent surgeon with a superb personality. A year after losing my breast Dr. Leighton reconstructed my breast using my own tissue (Tram Flap,) and that was eight years ago. Thank you Dr. Leighton for making me feel like a woman again. I highly recommend Dr. Leighton to anyone needing plastic surgery of any type.

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