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New Jersey

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S.L. (Patient) 12-07-2013
Staff was pleasant on initial contact. Dr. Joseph is always friendly, and most important a great clinician.

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Ann W. (Patient) 11-29-2013
Very informative Pleasant to deal with Instills confidence indecision making

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Patti G. (Patient) 11-23-2013
Dr. Joseph is a very knowledgeable doctor. He knows exactly what he is talking about and therefore I feel very comfortable with him. He makes the entire experience very enjoyable and keeps me laughing the entire time. Overall, a very positive experience.

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Rosemary (Patient) 10-31-2013
I have known Dr Joseph for years. I would not go to another ENT Dr. He is very clinical and does not stop trying to find out what is wrong with you until he can provide a good reason for why your symptoms are occurring. I highly recommend dr joseph to anyone searching for a good ENT..

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Michelle N (Patient) 09-24-2013
Dr. Joseph and staff are always friendly, empathetic, and professional. Michelle N

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Holly M. (Patient) 08-21-2013
Dr. Joseph is the perfect combination of a down-to-earth person and a skilled doctor. This is so important in my opinion when looking for a cosmetic surgeon. I had botox done in two areas, with very little to no pain. and NO bruising! (which I have had before with other doctors before). The best part is that I went back two weeks later for a 'check' and showed the doctor where I thought I needed 'an adjustment'. He agreed, did a touch up, it was so easy. I recommend Dr. Joseph highly for this injectable. Holly M.

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Mary H. (Patient) 07-30-2013
I visited Dr. Joseph to address concerns I had with fat loss and aging in my face. Dr. Joseph painlessly filled in my face,cheek and chin area with amazing results. I also had Botox to treat the wrinkles in my forehead. Dr. Joseph is a phenomenal Doctor who gives beautiful natural results at a fantastic price. I will continue to visit Dr. Joseph in the future to address all my aging concerns. Dr. Joseph is awesome!

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Lizzy K. (Patient) 07-05-2013
When I started researching rhinoplasty surgeons I stumbled upon Dr. Joseph's website and something about what I found made me want to know more. I met him and knew that he was the doctor that I wanted to operate on me. He was the only doctor I met and I could not be happier with my choice. His staff is always so friendly and I have enjoyed every experience I have had at my follow up appointments. I felt comfortable on the day of surgery because I knew I was in great hands. After my surgery he called me personally to make sure everything was alright. I was so surprised how easy the recovery was and I attribute that to Dr. J's precision, knowledge and passion for what he does. Getting a rhinoplasty will always be the best money I have ever spent and I owe it all to Dr. Joseph. -Lizzy K.

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Catherine (Patient) 06-18-2013
very, very pleased with the results. The staff personal was exceptionally warm, friendly and hospitable. Dr. Joseph is brilliant at what he does. I highly recommend his services.

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Taylor G. (Patient) 05-21-2013
Dr. Joseph is super nice and funny. I felt very comfortable. -Taylor G.

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G.A. (Patient) 05-02-2013
engaging and sweet. GA

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Leslie W. (Patient) 04-20-2013
Short waiting room time.

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Y.H. (Patient) 04-18-2013
excellent service from Dr and front desk. Would highly recommend.

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Cheryl R (Patient) 04-17-2013
The best bedside manner.

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jeffrey tobin (Patient) 03-28-2013
very friendly and thorough.

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Emil G G (Patient) 03-08-2013
I was having a difficult time breathing before I met with Dr. Joseph. After my second visit, I was able to breath through my nose and able to sleep through the night. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

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M.S.L. (Patient) 03-06-2013
Everything was satisfactory. -MSL

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Blair R. (Patient) 03-02-2013
great visit! Dr Joseph was very nice and informative. The office staff was very pleasant and professional.

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robert l (Patient) 09-04-2012
when i had no insurance dr. joseph was extremely reasonable with fees and would often give samples of medications i was prescribed for. - robert lewin

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Deb W. (Patient) 05-31-2012
Dr. Joseph is friendly and made me feel comfortable. My only complaint is that once I was in the exam room I waited for about 15 minutes for him to come in, but aside from that my visit was excellent. He was knowledgeable and explained my diagnosis to me, while asking what medications I have taken that are most effective. Deb W., Livingston, NJ

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NATALIA N (Patient) 05-09-2012
i went to Dr. Joseph after my primary rhinoplasty with another doctor in NJ because i hated the results...i was considering either a secondary surgery or non-surgical rhino...was very skeptical and nervous ..but during the consultation the doctor made me feel very positive and comfortable..i went for non-surgical rhinoplasty...and i absolutely LOVED the results !!i love how my nose looks now ..the doctor understood perfectly all my concerns and asked me questions about what exactly i dislike about the appearance of my nose. highly recommended! Natalia N, Millburn, NJ

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Teagan B. (Patient) 05-08-2012
My experience has always been positive. Dr. Joseph makes you feel very comfortable and has your best interest in mind. Teagan B., West Orange, NJ

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Danielle A. (Patient) 04-17-2012
Dr. Joseph has terrific bedside manner, patience in helping you understand options and treatments and answering questions, and, most importantly, the medical training, experience, and artistic ability to give fabulous natural looking results without over treating. His staff is always very pleasant, professional and cordial. I had my lip volume increased slightly with Silikon, and they feel natural, look natural, and I couldn`t imagine better results. I am so happy with my lips--once something a was a bit self-conscious about. - Danielle A., Tenafly, NJ

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Jody A. (Patient) 02-18-2012
very professional, honest and not pushy. Jody A., West Orange, NJ

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Logan J. (Patient) 02-05-2012
Excellent service and patient care. I wouldn,t change anything. - Logan J.

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Denise B. (Patient) 02-03-2012
I have never been to a Dr's office where I was treated so professionaly and kindly as I was in Dr. Joseph's office. I found Dr. Joseph on line and was impressed with his reviews. I was concerned about my nose and thought I needed surgery for a nose revision, but Dr. Joseph stated he could do a non-surgical revision and am I glad he did. The results are amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for any type of cosmetic surgery. I hope to be back for more cosmetic procedures in the future. Denise B., Robbinsville, NJ

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