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connie (Patient) 07-21-2011
I don't think I have been to a doctor who can explain things so well, is so thorough and caring! I have had a problem for at least 1 1/2 years, and she is the first doctor who really listened, took it seriously, and was able to not only do her part in the treatment but recommend a doctor who could take the treatment further. She's great!

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Toni W (Patient) 05-30-2007
I have known Dr. Peters-Gee for many years and have found her to be absolutely wonderful. I was referred to her by Dr. Deborah Metzger and was pretty nervous when I went to see her. Even though it turned out not to be something serious, she was the only urologist who actually listened to what I had and was going through and this has not changed. I can go years without seeing her and yet when I do it is like she has seen me regularly. I honestly think we need more doctors who care so much for their patients and also have the knowledge to do whatever is necessary to treat them as well. I would have to say to anyone, if you need an excellent urologist, go see Dr. Peters-Gee. I travel quite a distance to see her and always will, she is worth it.

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Daphne Jacques (Patient) 02-08-2007
Dr. Peters is one of the few doctors in Connecticut that special's in IC. She is very compassionate and keeps on trying even when it seems nothing works. IC is very hard to treat and is emotionally and physically draining. It is so nice to finally find someome after 6 years of trying to get help who finally really gets what you are saying. She treats IC as a real medical problem and me as a real human with feelings and emotions. She takes my concerns into consideration and she also uses alterative treatments. I believe she really has my best interests at heart and cares about my pain. She is great!! She is even willing to teach me how to self cath myself and do the in instills at home if they work. This way I don't have to miss work.

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