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James Douglas SMREKAR MD
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James Douglas SMREKAR MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Texas Plano

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(City : Plano)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for James Douglas SMREKAR MD
SONYA G (Patient) 10-25-2011
I highly recommend Dr Smrekar, best Doctor ever!

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Jill (Patient) 12-08-2009
This is by far the best OB/GYN in my book! I started going to see him in the 80's when I was pregnant for my daughter who is now 22 and also sees him now too. She was so nervous going her first time and Dr. Doug made her feel so at ease. Thank you!! He has seen me and my daughter grow up and always knows that perfect thing to say to lift you. I referred my mother, family and friends through the years and all feel the same way and thank me for it. I pray he is still practicing when my daugter has a child so I will know she has the best. He is truly a jewel in my book!

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MOSS (Patient) 10-24-2008
Smrekar, as all of these women have said, is an EXCELLENT doctor. My mother has been his patient since before I was born and he is the only GYN I have used, or will use for that matter. He treats every woman in my family as well as several friends and I feel confident in taking any problem to him. He has recommend specialist in areas totally unrelated to his own. He is well-respected among his associates as well as his patients. I have been his patient since I was 15 years old and just became sexually active. I was so nervous to discuss my conduct with anyone, much less someone who knows my ENTIRE family. But his discretion was unfaultering, even when I was still considered a child. That earned my trust immediately!! Today, I am an adult, newly married and about to start a family. I love the way he anticipates my future pregnancy and considers it his obligation to keep my body healthy for that special time. I never want him to retire!!!! I want him to deliver my children and my childrens' children. He is the only one I trust in that department and it's because he EARNED that respect. One time he even sat my boyfriend down privately in his office and gave him a little "fatherly" talk about treating me right and how special I am. That kind of concern exceeds anything I have ever seen. Thank you, Doc!

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Kelley (Patient) 10-21-2008
The only thing I can say is that I ABSOLUTELY agree with the comments on this website about Dr. Smrekar. He is the most kind, loving and caring physician I have ever gone to.

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Tracy (Patient) 09-10-2008
Dr. Doug is the BEST! He's honest, sometimes to the point of being blunt, but he doesn't sugarcoat it for you. I was going to have a hysterectomy, ended up needing a paniculectomy and a hernia repair. He sent me (the day of my pre-op visit) across the street to one of his pals who confirmed a monster hernia. He also sent me to a fantastic plastic surgeon. They got me in the OR and found out that I was a rather large mess, but I was more than well taken care of. And he came to see me after the surgery, not a big thing to some people, but a lot of doctor's send their PA for hospital rounds. When I went in for a recheck, I had to have my 17 year old son drive me. I drug him into the treatment room with me and Doc talked to him like he was a person instead of an ignorant teenager. Walked out of the office and Brett said, "that has got to be one of the coolest doctors I've ever met, too bad he only does girls!"

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Danielle (Patient) 07-22-2008
Usually going to the gynecologist is scary and embarrassing, but Dr. Smrekar is so nice and makes you feel really comfortable. My mom was his patient and he actually delivered me.

He is very concerned with his patients overall well-being and happiness. He is very easy to talk to regarding ANY sort of problem and gives his patients as much time as they need, which is a hard find.

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Betsy (Patient) 06-05-2008
I have had PCOS for many many years and never had it fully under control until I meet Dr. Smrekar. When my daughter begain to show the same symptoms I immediatly took her to see him. She absolutly loves him and comes back from college to see him and only him. I think that says it all - two generations loving the same doctor.

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Lynn (Patient) 03-13-2008
Between the smarts that are so very evident, the East Texas accent and charm, his relaxed attitude, and his palpable compassion and caring when it comes to my personal health and life issues, this man is the only man in the world I allow to call me "Lynn-ie." I feel safe being cared for by him. Need I say more?

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sheila (Patient) 02-16-2008
He is the BEST GYN in the TX! He is very much a professional AND a best friend. He makes sure you get the best advice in any subject, especially when it comes to "our body, mind, and spirit". Again, he is simply the best Doctor in his specialty in TEXAS!

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Angie (Patient) 01-04-2008
Dr. Smrekar is #1. I have been a patient for over 20 years. I respect his medical talent. He is genuine, kind and truly cares about his patients. You can see and feel this in his counteance. It is hard to find a Dr. today that has these attributes. I always recommend him to people that ask for a good OB/GYN. He is not good he is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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kristi (Patient) 10-20-2007
Keep dreaming girls...Dr. Smrekar is MINE!!!!!!! =)
And here I thought I was the only one he treated like that! yes Dr. Smrekar is an amazing doctor and person and I recommend him to everyone!

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kelsey (Patient) 10-13-2007
Yes Dr. Smrekar is awesome. He saved my Moms life a couple times and i LOVE him for that. i am his patient and i searched his name on google looking for his email address so he can fax my prescription over to the pharmacy at my college. does anyone know his email???

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Faye (Patient) 04-29-2007
Dr. Smrekar is not only my Doctor, but my friend! I've been seeing him for many years (if I give a number you will know how old he and I both are :-). After a short period in another state I moved back to TX. When I visited him for the first time, it was like I never left. He remembered things about me I didn't remember. He has always treated me like a friend and has never made me feel like a patient. He talks to me realistically, he explains things so that I can understand them and has always taken care of my whole person. He recognized when I needed help emotionally and has counseled me through many events. He's like my best friend. He always makes me smile and feel good about myself. He has taken care of two of my daughters who in the beginning were reluctant to see 'Mom's GYN'. I can't tell you how many times I've recommended Dr. Smrekar to friends only to find out they already go to him!! I have never in my life met a Dr as caring, patient, trustworthy, concerned and experienced as Dr. Smrekar. He truly takes an interest in each and every patient and treats everyone with compassion. I thank God for him and recommend him as the best Doctor ever!

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Ireta A (Patient) 04-03-2007
I will have a very difficult time describing just how much Dr. Smrekar means to me. I believe it was his years of experience and knowledge that played a large part in saving my life when I had uterine cancer. He is very upbeat and usually makes me laugh at least once a visit. He always makes me feel as if I'm the most important person in the world and that making sure I'm healthy is his priority. To my friends, I've compared him to "Marcus Welby".

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Juli (Patient) 01-11-2007
I cannot begin to explain how wonderful this Dr. is. He takes time to make you comfortable and has solutions to your female issues, he doesn't just treat a symptom. He doesn't ignore your thoughts and needs. He doesn't just throw a pill at you. He treated me like no other Dr. has, he made me feel like it was my body and listened to what I said it was telling me. In all of this, he treated me like I mattered. He is gentle, knowledgable and reachable! He is the best!

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