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Scott Michael EISENKOP MD
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Scott Michael EISENKOP MD
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Gynecological Oncology

Suggestions & Reviews for Scott Michael EISENKOP MD
Linda T. (Patient) 02-06-2016
Dr. Eisenkop is a genius. He is a caring, gifted, skilled, and talented doctor. Dr. Eisenkop understood my terror and reluctance to have surgery and he patiently, methodically, and clearly defined my diagnosis and necessary treatment for eradication of a large cervical mass. Initially, I was deaf to his advice. Dr. Eisenkop turned to my husband and respectfully addressed all necessary aspects of my care with him so he could help me understand and make the right decision. Dr. Eisenkop treated us both with dignity and compassion. Dr. Eisenkop is an amazing person of integrity who gives of himself, his wisdom and surgical powers with elegance and diligence. He is brilliant and meticulous. I will forever be in his debt for giving me my life back. Waiting for him was never an issue...he waited for me to comprehend and comply and he waited again for me to heal completely (he actually pushed me across the finish line). Dr. Eisenkop returned me to my purpose in life. I was lucky and blessed to fall into Dr. Eisenkop's hands.

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elizabeth k (Patient) 01-12-2015
I am also a patient of Dr. Eisenkop's, and he also saved my life.
I came to Dr. Eisenkop for a second opinion when I was diagnosed with a second cancer (cervical) two years after my first (colon). I had been told that surgery was not an option, and that I should begin chemo and radiation right away before it spread. I was very discouraged, anemic, tired, and just fed up with drs, tests, scary news...The moment Dr. Eisenkop came in to the situation, everything changed. His staff was friendly, supportive, and helpful. He was obviously a brilliant doctor and as his patient, I felt that I had the complete focus of his brilliant mind on my case both in the immediate moment, and long term. He is his own man in the field of medicine, and instead of working within a big cancer center, he has relationships with the best people everywhere. He will hand pick the best options for your case. His reputation for excellence precedes him, and anyone other medical staff that work with him will give you the best care. As his patient, I felt like he was there for me in every aspect, every step of the way. He drew things on paper so that I could understand. He always had all the facts of my case clearly in his mind, and I know that he was (and is) working tirelessly every day. After my surgery, he helped to determine that my cervical cancer was actually a recurrance of colon cancer. Thank God I went to see him, and thank God that there are true visionary doctors out there amongst the regular practitioners. Personally, I am a huge fan of Dr. Eisenkop's personality. Excellence is his standard, and you can trust that. Whatever your situation, if he is your doctor, you are in the best hands possible.

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Barbara. l. Kimmel, Ph.D. (Patient) 09-01-2014
Outstanding surgeon, world renowned in his field. Kind, considerate and listens intently to his patients.
After three recurrences of ovarian cancer, I am up and about, working full time, camping and traveling around the world.
Mae no mistake Ovarian is a killer, however, De. Eisenkop has fought this killer and won, giving me eight great years!,

Dr. Eisenkop is available to his patients day and night, he even comes to the infusion center to check in when you are receiving chemo. No question goes unanswered. This man IPA a saint, the nurses respect him and he works well with them. His service and those of his office staff era excellant!

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C.S. (Patient) 09-17-2013
After learning I had a pelvic mass requiring surgical removal, whatever apprehension I was feeling melted into a sense of calm the moment I met Scott M. Eisenkop M.D. I was referred to this brilliant and gifted surgeon by my OB/GYN. In addition, Dr. Eisenkop was highly recommended by a close friend who happens to be a retired OB/GYN. When my husband and I arrived at the Womens Cancer Center of Southern California we were warmly greeted by the staff and I had a smooth check-in. After a consultation and examination by Dr. Eisenkop my husband and I were given a thorough explanation in a sensitive manner. Additional diagnostic tests were recommended by Dr. Eisenkop and subsequently performed at a radiology lab. Prior to scheduling the date for surgery I was sent home with written instructions to prepare me for the eventual procedure. Once my radiology reports were in the doctors hands, I was promptly informed of the results. In my case the news was favorable. On the day of surgery I was provided with the highest level of care I had dreamed of. All my needs pertaining to the surgery were met and exceeded. Detailed post-op instructions were provided to assist me with a smooth recovery and follow-up visits are in the works. Both my husband and I have enormous respect, deep appreciation and unending gratitude for Scott M. Eisenkop M.D. As a specialist in his field he is vastly skilled with abundant knowledge, tireless energy and a clear dedication to his patients. I consider it much more than a privilege that he performed my surgery. It was my good fortune.

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Kendal (Patient) 07-01-2013
Just an update...almost to 13 years with no recurrent cancer from my initial diagnosis date of 10/13/2000 stage 3c. I will keep updating every year as Dr E is the ONLY reason I was able to have a chance to make it this far!

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Kendal (Patient) 02-23-2012
I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in 2000...thanks to the surgical skills of Dr Eisenkop I have been cancer free for 11 (almost 12) years!!! No recurrence at all during this whole time...

I owe my life to the skills of this man.

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Carole (Patient) 10-21-2011
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian in August 2010...it was all in the Peritoneum. Dr. Eisenkop saved my life, my GYN saved my life by suspecting I had it and sent me to see Dr. Eisenkop! I personally find him charming and adorable and think his personality is perfect for a man so brilliant as this one. If he has a bit of an ego, he deserves it!!! After one faux pas after another with other Doctors, my friend (also Dr. E's patient) and I agree....there is no other Doctor I trust more than this one, and I'll follow him anywhere, because he is devoted to keeping me alive! I am grateful to him for his intense devotion to beating this disease......I know I am!
His staff are like family. Just a really good experience in a really crummy situation! And, oh, you'll wait for him, sometimes for hours, .....just sit there and know, "He's worth it," and so are you!

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Elyse C (Patient) 09-25-2011
I went to emergency in 7-2001 for what I thought might be appendix. Dr. Eisenkop was on call at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks. After tests I was told they needed to do an exploratory. 10 hours later I was told by Dr. Eisenskop that I have Ovarian Cancer- Stage 3C and they might have to do an illiostomy bag with no guarantees on it being reversed.
I was in my early 40's and went into instant menapause.
Look story short. I did have my bag reversed. I did have a relapse in 2004 and 2006. I am now in remission over 5 years. . I know he has had a bad rap for being abrasive, but there is no other Doctor in this world that I would want to touch me or work on me than him. He is brilliant and I trust him and I believe in him. He is very aggressive and when he feels something is not right he moves on it immediately. I am only alive today because of him and his aggressive personality. I had insurance problems and they would call his office and want to delay my chemo and he would get on the phone and scream at them!! That's okay with me. He's the one you want on your side. I don't mind waiting 2 hours for him for an appointment. I'm honored to have the opportunity to get to wait. I had two little boys when this started and now they are young men and Dr. Eisenkop has given me my life to watch my boys grow up. My only fear is the day he won't be around. He was born with a gift.
His staff has been incredible. Some have left over the years. Every 4 months for my check-up Dr. Eisenkop looks at my results and gives me a high-5. I'm like a poster-girl.
All of us Stage 3C are- because of him.
What would I rather have;a Dr. who is cheerful or trustworthy?
I think Dr. Eisenkop is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.

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Linda l (Patient) 06-27-2011
I was operated on November 17, 1998 by a general surgeon and my gyn. When I was opened they found ovarian cancer through-out my body. Dr. Eisenkop was called in, came in and did a 6-7 hour surgery. He debulked my tumor and removed every visible cancer. I was staged IIIC. He is a very aggressive surgeon and brilliant. More importantly he treats me with respect and kindness. I have seen his passion to save women's lives. I have never had a recurrence. I have had problems with obstructions and adhesions and Dr. E has operated on me 6 of the eight surgeries I have had. I made the mistake of going to a gyn/onc surgeon out of state where I live and I almost died due to a perforated colon. I had to be re-operated on two weeks later and the wound had to remain open with a wound vac. If I have to have surgery again you can bet I will fly to California and see Dr. Eisenkop again. Thank you Dr. E, you are the best!

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jana (Patient) 05-18-2010
I am a patient of Dr. Eisenkop, he was highly recommended to me when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer by my GYN.I was scared and told I needed surgery right away. My tumor was the size of a cantalope, Thank G-D I knew my body and
was gaining weight unexpectantly. He came to the rescue with calm and understanding. Not knowing what stage of cancer I had and if it spread to other organs, he remained positive and calm for me. He is passionate about what he does and I knew I was in the best hands. I am almost 2 years cancer free from this incredible Dr. and still see him for check-ups every 4 months. He's the BEST!!!

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Stephanie H (Patient) 10-13-2009
The best surgeon for ovarian cancer is Dr. Scott Eisenkop. Among highest success rates for cure, he does numerous surgeries per week and takes on high-risk cases.

Ridiculously blessed to be his patient, I was a 3C ovca Feb 2009, and tested cancer-free in a 2nd look op he did for me Aug 2009. I fly cross-country to see him.

I've been among his patients several times and it is touching how beloved he is. Even his stage IV patients are optimistic! I've been in a cancer center where the attitude is, "well at least we tried," with "Do you need a chaplain?" written on the walls. and this is not the case at all with Dr. Eisenkop. He is a cancer survivor himself and is so dedicated to this cause. He is your best hope. He is THE BEST!!!

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jippi s (Patient) 09-30-2009
I was experiencing some abnormal vaginal post menopausal bleeding and my primary care doctor recommended both an ultrasound and a biopsy. Results were "well differentiated" endometrial cancer and a total hysterectomy was recommended. My doc HIGHLY referred me to Dr. Eisenkop and he performed the procedure laproscopically four weeks ago at TOSH in Thousand Oaks. Believe he is an extremely caring, brilliant, surgeon and my procedure was tricky due to scare tissue adhering my colon to my uterus. On can only imagine the horrors of waking up from surgery and finding tha removed as well!!!!! He was able take out only what was planned with a series of small abdominal cuts. I cannot rave enough! Just be prepared to wait regardless of your appointment time. Bring a lap top or book. My first appt was scheduled at 1:30 and I saw hime at 5:45. He had an emergency in surgery. Could've been me. Just be patient...he's worth it.

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Kendal (Patient) 06-30-2009
I was treated by Dr. Eisenkop october, 2000 when I was dx with stage 3c ovarian cancer. Dr. Eisenkop is a brilliant surgeon and more aggressive than most...I do believe that my response to chemotherapy was optimal due to the surgical skills of Dr. Eisenkop.
I am now almost 9 years from my original dx and have not had any recurrences of ovarian cancer...

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JE (Patient) 07-02-2008
Dr. Eisenkop, is most definitely the 'best' Oncologist Surgeon you could ever be evaluated and 'treated' by!! He is a godsend in his profession. I'm still alive. "Patience!!" Is the key word, for both the patient and Dr. Eisenkop in order to have a successful, doctor/patient relationship!! God Bless Dr. Eisenkop, and all people 'in need' of seeing him, and receiving his services....

NOTE: Only, one 'crucial' improvement could be made - and that is his with his staff! They should be more 'hospitable & considerate' to his patients (new & old!) Many patients of his (and his partner, Dr. Lin) constantly comment (while waiting in the reception area; & elsewhere,) on how they hope he will 'reevaluate' his (younger) staff and 'make changes' for a more 'mature, efficient, and compassionate' staff - soon!
If, you are not satisfied with ANY of Dr. Eisenkop's staff members, PLEASE tell DR. EISENKOP - personally!! He needs to be informed, as he is extremely busy with consults & all of his surgeries, to be aware of the actions (or lack of) of his staff.

Thank you, for all your brilliant, efforts Dr. Eisenkop, and Dr. Lin!!
Please just have 'PATIENCE,' with us scared, nervous, and ill patients......

Thank you for your assistance.

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Gail (Patient) 01-12-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Scott Eisenkop! My GYN found a large pelvic mass as well as large fibroid tumors and recommended Dr. Eisenkop for a follow-up exam/ possible surgery...she told me that he was the best in his field and "genius"... I completely agree! Dr. Eisenkop's office is always jam packed with patients which may be frustrating to some to wait for quite awhile (a few hours possibly) to see him, but there is a reason for that... My first encounter with Dr. Eisenkop as a new patient was that I was waiting in his office (as a new patient) when he was held up in surgery...when he called the office to tell the receptionist of his delay, she informed him of a "new patient" in the waiting room...he personally came over to the office (which was across the parking lot from the hospital he was performing surgery) to ask me to come back in an hour because of his surgery delay! I could not believe that a busy surgeon would take time out of his schedule to come to his office (in his scrubs mind you!) to care that much about a "new patient"...I was impressed from that moment on and ever since! Dr. Eisenkop performed my hysterectomy. He not only is a brilliant surgeon, but cares about each patient. He was very thorough in his explanation to me of all the possible surgical scenarios that may happen once he is in... my surgery went well and my recovery has been great... I have spoken to several people who know Dr. Eisenkop (either by working with him or having surgery by him) and every single person highly recommends this brilliant man. I have been added to those who admire his brilliance in surgery! Do Not be turned off by the waiting room wait...I'd much rather have a surgeon that everyone wants to go to than one who has an empty office! HE IS WONDERFUL!

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Dr.Barbara Kimmel (Patient) 08-26-2007
Dr. Eisenkop was highly recommended by my OB/GYN physician. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo oophrectomy, tumor debulking,etc. in December 2006. Second look laparotomy in May 2007 after chemotherapy for Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Throughout this entire period of time I was treated extremely well by all the physicians Dr. Eisenkop recommended. It sounds odd to say this has been a positive experience with little or no pain and few side effects. I believe this physician is exceptionally gifted as a surgeon and is kind beyond words to the patient, family and friends. He is an extraordinarily talented doctor, I was fortunate to have him. I am now cancer free. He is the BEST!

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Renee Bodie (Patient) 02-08-2007
Dr. Eisenkop is world renowned for one of the highest cure rates for ovarian cancer due to his aggressive surgical resection of the tumors. He is an incredible surgeon. I was fortunate and did not end up having ovarian cancer, but his total hysterectomy was the best experience it could possibly be. I healed very quickly, with no complications. He is simply the best.

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