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Michele B. (Patient) 01-29-2012
Dr. Goldstein-Charbonneau, DO (not MD) is located in Bullhead City, Arizona--All Women's Medical Center. She was my primary doctor/surgeon for my total abdominal hyst. From my first visit to my post-op appointments, she has been very there very step of the way providing only the highest quality of care. I put my total trust in her word, her skills, and her work. She takes the time to find out who you are and starts from the very beginning with you as a new patient to make sure that she knows exactly what is going on with you and you're never treated like "just another case." She takes her job very seriously (which means you get only the best care available) and it is measured in like kind with her compassion. In my field of work, we might say she is a very centered, balanced person. The office staff are great, too. I was very appreciative that Dr. Teresa Borchers, DO (Dr. Charbonneu's business partner at All Women's Medical Center) was also a part of the surgery and has been active in my after-care. I'll be writing a recommendation on her as well. :-)

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Susan (Patient) 02-09-2007
Dr. Charbonneau and Dr. Borcher's are absolutly amazing at the work and care that they provide. The care I received before and after my surgery have been incredible, I can not recommend them to enough people. The time and care that was put into not just me but providing information and knowledge to my husband showed how much they really care. They have been there all the way prior to surgeyr and following iwht complications I had to now where I know that I will never see anyone else. I have never meet any Physician that takes the time needed to ensure that all parties involved understand what is happening and explain what will be happening, my husband even now feels that he has his own set of Gynocologists :)

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