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Sheetal KALE MD
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Sheetal KALE MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Arizona

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Lisa (Patient) 10-23-2009
My Dr. performed a total vaginal hysterctomy on me on 10/14/09... She did a wonderful job!

Not only is she an excellent MD... but she is caring, takes time with her patients, and really listens to her patient's questions, concerns, etc...


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Charli P (Patient) 12-22-2008

My name is Charli and I recommend using Dr. Sheetal Kale for OB/GYN services in Gilbert, Arizona, with Drs. Goodman & Partridge Group.

Dr. Kale, (pronounced, Cal-a), is warm, patient, considerate, and gentle. I went to her a year ago for pain I had been having that turned out to be from a weird growing fibroid. As I had already had a tubal ligation years prior, I was set on hysterectomy. Each time I saw Dr. Kale, however, she was caring enough to let me know of all other options I had available to me, as hysterectomy is very serious and permanent. She allowed me to vioce my concerns, let me know she heard them, and we moved forward. At one point, I visited her office and she asked how I had been doing. I said, "Do you want the long version or the short version?" She immediately said with a smile, "The long version." Doctors are usually in such a rush or make me feel like they don't have time to really give me their attention because they are so busy. Not Dr. Kale. In the end, I had my TAH, on 11/21/2008, and I am in my 4th week of recovery. I believe I am healing on schedule thanks to Dr. Kale's experience even as my surgeon. I appreciate seeing her and she makes my nervous visits pleasant.

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