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Internal Medicine

Suggestions & Reviews for Pavan ANAND MD
Jerry S (Patient) 04-03-2015
Dr. P.K. Anand has a great reputation in town. I met him and found the experience calming. He clarified all my medical issues.

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D Hill (Patient) 03-26-2015
Dr. Anand helped my wife so much. She was suffering so much. Dr. Anand set up with hospice to relief her discomfort. They worked with him so well.

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Mary (Patient) 03-12-2015
Dr. Anand explains clearly and carefully a answer to a patient,s question. I appreciate his through ness as to why certain test arenecessary.

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Emery C (Patient) 03-11-2015
Dr. Anand took care of my parents with compassion and caring that we have not seen with any of our prior physicians. It was a true blessing in how they took care of mom and dad.

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Harald S (Patient) 03-10-2015
I feel very comfortable with Dr. Anand and feel confident that he is doing the best possible for me.

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M M (Patient) 03-04-2015
Extremely efficient office. Always seen on time. Dr. professional but friendly. Very helpful and thorough.

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H L (Patient) 02-08-2015
I appreciate how Dr. Anand reviews my records from up north, rather than repeat tests. His office is great about sharing records. I always get referred to good specialists and always find his office willing to see me.

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C Atkins (Patient) 02-07-2015
I want my physician current with good follow throu. This entire office ranks as excellent.

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Elizabeth G (Patient) 02-06-2015
Dr. Anand is always available to me. Whenever I am sick, his office gets me in right away.

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K S (Patient) 02-04-2015
Always here when I need emergency treatment. Discusses my tests with me.

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M W (Patient) 02-01-2015
Dr. Anand refers me to specialists that are good when I needed. His diagnosis skills are great. He has a way of making any complicated case appear straightforward.

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Beverly Carocci (Patient) 01-13-2015
wonderful could not have better care! I tell everyone about care here.

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J Greene (Patient) 01-11-2015
Easy to talk to...listens to all concerns ...gives suggestions...good feedback...never feel rushed.

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Robert I (Patient) 12-04-2014
staff always pleasant. Doctor ready to answer any and all questions,with easy to understand words.

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F S (Patient) 12-02-2014
always good.

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B K (Patient) 12-01-2014
Dr. Anand has been my doctor for many years. I feel I can ask and receive answers to all my questions as well as being informed by him about my health. He is an excellant doctor !!! I always feel I can call on him if I have a need to have him check my health problems.

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Linda D (Patient) 11-28-2014
Dr. Anand always takes time to answer all questions. He is friendly and makes me feel at ease.

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G F (Patient) 11-22-2014
Saved my life and indirectly save my son's life.

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Joe S (Patient) 11-21-2014
Dr, Anand is the best physician I have had. He has a very unique combination of knowledge, which he keeps current, and personality, I feel totally comfortable discussing any topic with him and feel that he is actually listening. Wonderful doctor and caring person,.

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Lois M (Patient) 11-19-2014
the dr is attentive and answers all questions without haste. The manner presented is too make sure you understand your treatment.

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Connie G (Patient) 11-13-2014
Very satisfied with the care and concern of this office.

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James F (Patient) 11-11-2014
excellent service...superb clinical judgement on complicated issues.

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Mark M (Patient) 11-05-2014
Dr. Anand is excellent in every regard. The most import thing is that he is excellent at diagnosing problems. My wife (age 82) has suffered numerous health problems and Dr, Anand has been flawless in his diagnosis and advise. He has been exceptional at diagnosing the complex issues faced by my wife. The doctors/specialists to whom he has referred us have always been top notch. I completely trust him with my life and that of my wife.

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Cynthia R (Patient) 10-17-2014
I have been going to Dr. Anand for 14 yrs. and I just love him. Not only does he keep me in good health, I feel so confident in his decisions about my healthcare. I could not be happier.

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Bobby F (Patient) 10-15-2014
The doctor and I have a great relationship and everything is going great.

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D F (Patient) 10-15-2014
Very professional and friendly. Takes time to talk to you and listens to your concerns.

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Grace L (Patient) 10-09-2014
explains all my questions so I understand him without getting upset. .

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Tom R (Patient) 10-05-2014
I have known Dr. Anand for 22 years and love his office. He has saved me from going into the hospital multiple times. I do not think I would still be alive without him.

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Carol (Patient) 10-03-2014
Dr Anand and his staff are efficient and caring.

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Charlie F (Patient) 10-03-2014
Dr Anand is great. His bedside manner and attention to details are wonderful. The staff is wonderful.

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A C (Patient) 10-03-2014
My care is outstanding.

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Loren B (Patient) 10-03-2014
Very good ,very patient ,very conscious of medicines,and patients need. Very sensitive towards patient and family. We love Dr. Anand. we feel that he has our best interest and health at heart. He is the best.

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Elaine J. Williams RN (Patient) 09-16-2014
Physician and staff are very efficient and thorough. I never feel rushed and am usually taken to an exam room within 5-10 min. of my scheduled appointment. Thank you for respecting my time.

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Sheila H (Patient) 09-10-2014
all office personnel are friendly, efficient and professional. I have never had a long wait time in office. Dr. Anand is very thorough and friendly, and very knowledgeable.. He explains things thoroughly...

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Eileen S (Patient) 09-09-2014
dr. anand and staff pay special attentive to what you say. The staff as well as the doctor are always very attentive to my mom. She is very comfortable with the entire staff as the as the front end office staff.

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Lee Vargas (Patient) 09-05-2014

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Jon C (Patient) 09-03-2014
the doctor is very accommodating and knowledgeable.

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Russell B (Patient) 08-27-2014
Always excellent .

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Patricia L (Patient) 08-27-2014
I have been a pt. of Dr. Anand for over 12 yrs. I find he and his staff to be very professional in treating me.

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kathy s (Patient) 08-10-2014
time spent with patients, wait time , friendliness of staff and currant up to date info on meds.

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Rebecca L. (Patient) 08-06-2014

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Clel D (Patient) 08-03-2014
Dr. Anand is wonderful! He cares about his patients and always makes time to see them. He is an excellent doctor!!!

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carmen G (Patient) 08-02-2014
Dr. Anand is extremely pleasant, he is precise in his instructions, answers all my questions and is very patient. He is also very good at taking action without rushing into things. I feel very lucky I have a doctor I can trust and talk to. All his staff is very helpful and attentive. Is a joy to deal with them.

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Richard T. D (Patient) 07-30-2014
Very busy office because they are good - Always friendly and attentive to my needs.

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A.M.G. (Patient) 07-28-2014
Dr. Anand and his staff are very knowledgeable. The doctor is an excellent diagnostician. He explains everything to me.

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rita p (Patient) 07-27-2014
the doctor and his great staff prolonged my wife life and kept me alive. god bless the whole staff.

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Bob S (Patient) 12-24-2008
Great balance of compassion and intelligence. Great staff also.

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