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Roxsana (Patient) 10-20-2017
I would like to recommend Dr. Lennox Hoyte. He performed my hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repair. He is extremely knowledgeable in urogynecology. Dr Hoyte has trained many Physicians on robotic surgery. But most important of all he is an exceptional surgeon who really cares about his patients. His staff is also very knowledgeable and very caring. All it takes is reading his reviews and his experience in repairing many kind of gynecological problems including mesh complications and you will know you're in the right hands.

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BTufts (Patient) 01-25-2016
Very complete pretesting. Explained everything patiently and completely. Answered questions. Mild mannered and respectful. I had Robotic surgery for a full hysterectomy, ovaries left. I went into surgery with no unanswered questions and almost no aprehension. I was a little worried about my autoimmune illnesses, but even that was covered as Dr. Hoyte forwarded a letter to my Rheumatologist for his input. Normally that is something I would do on my own. I received good instruction and information packets from his staff. It is a teaching facility, which adds some time onto appointments, but I believe that also serves to keep updated information and current on treatments available. For pre testing I started at his office across from Tampa General Hospital, then checked in at Memorial Hospital of Tampa, a few minutes drive away. After surgery, I recieved great nursing care during an overnight stay. At home I developed an allergic reaction to bandage adhesive, and I recieved a rapid response to my phone call, by an on call physician and office staff. Follow up appointments were made prior to surgery which was convienient. Overall a very positive expirience!

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Christine (Patient) 11-01-2009
Dr Hoyte specializes in urogynecology. He is very knowledgeable, proficient, patient, understanding and cares about his patients and what they are going through. He is an expert in his field. He treated me for a vesicovaginal fistula and pelvic organ prolapse. I highly recommend Dr Hoyte to anyone experiencing a urologic/gynecological issue. He has given me my life back.

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Tinker (Patient) 04-22-2009
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Hoyte. He is kind, knowledgeable, great bedside manner, very caring. Takes time with his patients and answers questions. I highly recommend Dr. Hoyte for women suffering from pelvic disorders.

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