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Maureen (Patient) 11-12-2009
This physician is the kindest and most empathetic doctor I've
encountered. I am dealing with effects of a botched surgery and he was straight forward, honest and knowledgeable. He took much time to check through my records and was very thorough. I would recommend him to any woman having these
types of problems.He was very gentle as well.

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Wendy O (Patient) 05-11-2009
I would recommend Dr. James Raders to any woman dealing with pelvic floor problems. Dr. Raders is outstanding in all aspects. The care I've received from him and his team has been topnotch. He is definitely pioneering new techniques that are giving women the ability to lead "normal" lives. He also has mastered good bed-side manner, is very caring, and has a good sense of humor, to boot, which doesn't hurt! He certainly isn't the type to make light of the situation, but is easy to joke around with.
He gets an A+.

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