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Stephanie MOLDEN MD
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Stephanie MOLDEN MD
Urogynecology - Pennsylvania

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June (Patient) 12-30-2009
I had surgery performed by Dr. Molden. Dr. Molden thoroughly explained my problem, what needed to be done to correct it and what to expect after surgery. She worked closely with me to achieve a successful outcome. After spending years of inactivity, she was able to restore my lifestyle to being active again. She is gentle, considerate and competent. I have 100% trust and confidence under her care.
She is also very prompt with her appointments.
I would highly recommend this physician.

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Stacy (Patient) 08-16-2009
Had a family member who was surgically treated by Dr. Molden. Dr. Molden is patient, kind, dedicated and approachable.
Her knowledgeable and unique surgical skills, along with her personable communication skills are 2 qualities she possesses. Would highly recommend this physician.

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theresa (Friend) 06-07-2009
She is a personable and professional physician who ensure confidence in her patients.

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