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Mary S (Patient) 04-15-2013
Doc C has the best bedside manner and great sense of humor. I had 2 surgeries with him/totally isolated. The first surgery in 2011 was a uretheral diverticulectomy. I had problems with incontinence and chronic UTI's. 4 to be exact in one year. This surgery was very successful and I haven't had one problem. The second surgery was in 2011/2012 sorry but I had 4 surgeries within 1/5 years the dates are confusing me. The second surgery was the extraction of a Gartners cyst. That was also a success. I was/am very happy with office staff(they are great). Very short waiting time. Doc C was extremely thorough and spent plenty of time with me regarding my issues that made me feel like a very important patient. Again I highly recommend Dr. Caraballo. The Best!

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Karen M (Patient) 01-25-2010
Dr. Caraballo runs fellowship program in Urogynecology at teaching hospital in Southern NJ. I was referred to him after a previous AP (repair failed after less than 2 years. Very reasonable time to get a first appointment, and further appointments for testing. All the staff has been kind and courtwitheous. I am a VERY anxious patient (work in health care of course!), and everyone in the office has been kind and compassionate. Dr. Caraballo spent a lot of time going over ALL options I could consider,making sure my husband and I were both there.He and one of the fellows did my surgery 1/6/10.I had an anterior repair with synthetic mesh and a perineorrophy performed. So far recovery is on course. Calls to the doctor from the hospital staff were answered promptly, as has every call I have place to him with questions I can never remember in the office. THere are other group member whom I don't know, but both fellows are great. His sense of humor is fantastic, and helps a lot during all the testing etc. I am only sorry I did not find him 2 years ago. The group is affiliated with several hospitals, which helped with scheduling surgery. Absolutely a 5 star doctor (out of 5 stars of course!)

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