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Thad David RITCH MD
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Thad David RITCH MD
Internal Medicine - New Mexico

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Soldier (Patient) 09-24-2010
I met Dr. Ritch de Herrera first when he saw me as a favor to my regular doctor at the V.A. For years, I've tried to get ahold of my problems with itching skin, eyes, and cough. I had been told I had COPD. Dr. Ritch was the first to treat everything together. He was kind, understanding, and listened to me like no one else had. He told me my past smoking did probably mean some emphysema, but that it was worse because of allergies. I'm now taking less medication and don't even need to be on oxygen anymore. I'll probably need it again, but for the time being, I'm glad for the relief. As far as I know, he only works at the V.A., but I'd recommend him to anyone!!

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