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Johnnie HAM MD
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Johnnie HAM MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - California

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Bob (Patient) 10-28-2011
Dr Ham spends more time with his patients that any other doctor we have ever seen. He is amazing because his knowledge is so broad. He can give you in depth answers to any question that is asked. He explains how bioidentical hormones affect the whole body, which vitamins are important and what function they have in the body. I know he is the smartest Doctor we have ever seen. Everyone in his staff is very friendly and courteous. The office is low-key and comfortable.

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Janet (Patient) 04-13-2011
When I read some of the reviews on this site about this doc, I thought it could not possibly be true, but if it was, I did not want to miss out. So, I made an appointment to see him, and I can report he is everything fabulous shown here and so much more. Wow! He spend almost 2 hours with me going over complex issues, educating and providing info, all related on bio-identical hormones and nutrition. I never, ever had a Medical Doctor even begin to compare. Amazing! And, his staff is warm and friendly, and attentive, and his office is gorgeous, comfortable, and the view is breath-taking. You gotta try it!

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Elizabeth (Friend) 02-23-2011
Dr. Ham in an amazing man who truly cares about each and every one of his patients. His practice is a luxury practice, meaning he will never take over 400 patients v. the usually 3,000 and never double books appointments. He spends at the least 30mins to 1 hour or more if needed with each patient. He gets to know them personally, which is a great attribute. Imagine a doctor who really cared about YOU where you come from, what your life is currently like, he cares about the person not as a patient but as a friend. He makes you feel extremely comfortable and will do as much as humanly possible to make sure whatever medical issue you have is resolved. He's made me a better person just by knowing him. If you're searching for a new doctor I highly suggest him, he's worth it.

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