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Traci B (Patient) 06-20-2013
Dr. Jackson was the surgeon for my hysterectomy in May 2011...he always kept me informed about what was going to happen, and what might happen. He made my husband and I feel so at ease. I see him this week for issues with my bladder, and I am confident in his opinion, whatever it might be. He is an outstanding, honest and great Doctor. As long as I live in Arizona, I will continue to see Dr. Jackson!

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Traci (Patient) 04-29-2011
Dr. Jackson has been my Doctor for the past 3 1/2 years, I love the practice and feel at ease with him. I feel very confident that I am in good hands with an experienced Doctor. He performed my Essure and will be performing my hysterectomy next month. He keeps me informed on my issues and everyone in the practice is kind and truly caring. He answers all my questions and doesn't rush me during appointments. I also had my 3rd child through this practice, although Dr. Jackson did not deliver her I did see him during prenatel visits. I am extremely pleased with this practice and would never change, even if I had to drive further to see them.

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