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Rachel Ariel BENNETT MD
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Rachel Ariel BENNETT MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - New York Mount Kisco

Rachel Ariel BENNETT
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Rachel Ariel BENNETT MD


New York

(City : Mount Kisco)
(ZIP : 10549)
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Rachel Ariel BENNETT MD's Special Expertises :
Infertility, Reproductive endocrinology, Obstetrics And Gynecology

Suggestions & Reviews for Rachel Ariel BENNETT MD
DJ (Patient) 08-16-2016
Dr. Bennett was a godsend to us. We came to her with male factor infertility after trying to conceive on our own unsuccessfully for over one year. She answered all of our questions and took time with us, never making us feel rushed. She seemed to genuinely care about achieving a healthy pregnancy, not just about a pay check at the end. Her staff was always punctual and courteous. I'm happy to say that I'm now in my 15th week of pregnancy thanks to God, first and foremost and thanks to Dr. Bennett. Her experience and expertise is unsurpassed and she is always up to date with the latest studies, technological advances and procedures. I highly recommend her and will be returning to her in the near future.

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Heather (Patient) 04-16-2015
Dr. Bennett and her team at WRM are caring, supportive and professional in regards to treating infertility. Due to her dedication and professional skills, she helped my husband and I conceive after two pregnancy losses. We now have a healthy 6 month old son, thanks to Dr. Bennett and her team. In addition to the fertility challenges, she helped to diagnose and treat my endometriosis, even willing to offer recommendations for a specialist due to the complexity of my required surgery. A few times I had to wait for my appointment due to a busy schedule day, but she is willing to spend all the time I needed answering my questions so I understood the wait because she was delivering quality care to all her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Bennett for your infertility challenges.

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D.G Kelly (Patient) 09-18-2014
Dr. B is the best in the business. She is the perfect example of what a doctor should be. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have our beautiful baby girl. I wouldn't go anywhere else if you are looking for a fertility specialist...

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ck (Patient) 06-28-2014
With the amount of personal attention and care that I received from Dr Bennett, it amazed me that she had any other patients at all. Dr Bennett quickly gained my complete trust and confidence...she was genuinely looking out for my well being. It was such a pleasure working with Dr Bennett and her office staff, Stephanie and Melissa. I highly recommend Dr Bennett to anyone seeking the best fertility care available.

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Melissa S. (Patient) 01-02-2014
Dr. Bennett is caring, respectful, patient, and thorough. Her staff are polite, warm, and professional. I always left my visits feeling very well taken care of. Most importantly, Dr. Bennett has helped us achieve our dream of starting a family. We will be forever grateful.

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Annie C (Patient) 11-08-2013
Dr Bennett runs a wonderful practice. . .the highest quality, up to date medical care with a personal touch. I am a repeat customer, and have 3 beautiful girls to show for it.

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mrsg511 (Patient) 09-23-2013
Dr. Bennett is wonderful. She is knowledgeable and compassionate. She is patient, thorough and confident. I felt she was truly invested in helping me achieve my dream of having another child. And, I am proud to say that I am pregnant with a set of twins. I couldn't be happier. Her staff is wonderful as well. They are helpful and always so very kind.

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Charlotte (Patient) 03-04-2013
Dr. Bennett is a fertility doctor.
She is very supportive and respectful.
She listens to you and makes you feel calm, as if she took your "problem" in her hands. She gives you a lot of time and I never waited more than a couple of minutes in her waiting room. Her team is at the same time very professional and very caring.
My husband and I are part of the unexplained infertilities. With her help, I became pregnant simply by taking ovulation induction one month! Dr. Bennett simply has a way of making you know that you will get pregnant, so you feel more relaxed. She is so available for her patients, it is truly amazing.

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Liz B (Patient) 07-16-2012
If you need discrete , and a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Bennett's office is perfect. She is very knowledgable and efficient.

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Peter (Patient) 04-16-2012
We are expecting our first baby in July! Couldnt have done it without Dr. Bennett's knowledge, support and guidance. She and her staff went well above and beyond for us and achieved something our prior specialists could not. We can't thank her enough. Highly recommended.

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anon... (Patient) 08-11-2011
We went to see Dr. Bennett after 2 years of trying on our own. Our first appointment she spent over 2 years with is taking a detailed history, an ultrasound and exam and lab work. She was very thorough. I really felt comfortable with her and thought.... wow, she really knows what she's doing! During my treatment there Dr. Bennett was very comforting and supportive and truely shared in the joy when finding out we were pregnant! Never will you find a doctor who is as passionate about her work and supportive as she is. Her staff is also supportive. you really feel like they are cheering you on!

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