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Suggestions & Reviews for Arthur ASTORINO MD
Vincent H (Patient) 04-29-2017
I have been a patient of Dr. Astorino for many years. I trust his knowledge and professionalism. He followed my cataracts for a while until he advised me it was the right time to have cataract surgery. Dr Astorino and the staff are caring and efficient, and will answer all of your questions.My vision is wonderful! I am very happy with the choice of lens and amazed at how well I can see. I am looking forward to doing my second eye.

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Rich G (Patient) 04-21-2017
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my entire experience a 10. The doctors and staff are excellent. Cataract surgery went smoothly and my vision is vastly improved. Dr. Astorino is an amazing surgeon.

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Gregory L (Patient) 04-19-2017
Dr. Astorino performed cataract surgery for my left eye. Now, I have the Crystalens and Istent in both of my eyes. Both surgeries were performed by Dr. Astorino at Hoag Surgicare Newport Beach. The doctor's surgical coordinator provided guidance for both surgeries. This made preop and postop follow-ups a breeze. I can now drive without glasses. My vision is 20/20. Overall, the cataract surgeries were good experiences. I highly recommend Dr. Astorino for a good eye care.

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Frances W (Patient) 11-23-2016
The surgery was everything I hoped for. The surgery was smooth, pain free and comfortable. My vision is greatly improved and I could not be happier.

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Dylan T (Patient) 11-08-2016
The staff and Dr. Astorino were thorough in the preparation of the cataract surgery. They were also helpful regarding my questions. My vision has significantly improved after the surgery.

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Robbie C (Patient) 10-23-2016
I chose Astorino and Associates because of their high level of professionalism. The care that I received was complete and the staff were all professionals. I was informed of all details to expect from cataract surgery. My vision has improved beyond my expectations!

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Madison E (Patient) 10-07-2016
I have been with Dr. Astorino for over 30 years. One time I lost vision in one eye, I called him at home through his exchange and he came right away to the office on a Sunday. He told me I developed a detached retina in one of my eyes. On Monday I was operated on and my eye was saved. Dr. Astorino has also performed two cataract surgeries on me with much success.

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Bailey R (Patient) 03-04-2015
I was referred to Dr. Astorino by a friend. I am completely comfortable with my care and was well treated by the staff. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery.

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D C (Patient) 03-02-2015
Astorino and Associates is a highly professional office. I have nothing but the highest confidence in their judgement and skill.

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Nancy W (Patient) 02-28-2015
I have always been treated with courtesy, friendliness and professionalism. While I was hesitant in regards to having cataract surgery, I have had excellent follow up care and all my questions have been answered. All of the staff have been encouraging and I always feel well taken care of.

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S P (Patient) 02-27-2015
I trust Dr. Astorino implicitly with my sight. My cataract surgery not only resolved my medical condition it restored my sight as well. No more glasses!

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J Z (Patient) 02-26-2015
I have been seeing Dr. Astorino for several years and I have always been impressed with his careful concern and kindness. The staff is friendly and helpful as well as caring.

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B C (Patient) 10-10-2014
I am extremely happy and satisfied. I like the team approach that the office has. My husband recommended the office to me after he had cataract surgery with the doctor five years ago. The staff is very caring. I just had surgery yesterday but my vision is already improved.

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C S (Patient) 10-03-2014
Dr. Astorino has been our doctor for over thirty years. I trust him and his associates with my eye health. This was my second cataract surgery and my vision has improved 100 percent. The office staff always makes our family comfortable and never fails to remember our names. Our children and grandchildren are now patients of the office as well.

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J R (Patient) 10-02-2014
A friend recommended Dr. Astorino to me. I think the staff is very efficient and caring. The pre op training was clear and concise and my vision is much improved!

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S.R.L. (Patient) 03-23-2014
Everyone was more than helpful and I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new eye doctor. The office is very efficient and goes above and beyond for their patients.

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J. Gardner (Patient) 03-21-2014
Dr. Astorino was referred to me by Dr. Maggiano. I absolutely love the staff! All of my questions were answered prior to having cataract surgery and my vision is great post surgery. I am very pleased with having Dr. Astorino as my doctor.

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E.R. (Patient) 03-15-2014
Both my husband and I are patients of Dr. Astorino's office. We receive very thorough examinations and are well informed regarding any procedures we need to have done. All of the office staff is very friendly and accommodating.

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Stacey P. (Patient) 03-13-2014
As a long time patient I have always felt comfortable with the care provided by the office. My vision has be carefully nurtured throughout the years. The staff is courteous and competent. My thanks to all who have helped me over the years.

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M.S. (Patient) 03-13-2014
I started coming to Dr. Astorino because he was highly recommended by my Retinal surgeon. I have had a decade of major eye problems and five major eye surgeries so I did not want to take any chances. Dr. Astorino is the absolute best in the country for cataract surgery. This man is just such a genius and his staff is wonderful, from the receptionists all the way to the technicians. I would recommend Dr. Astorino to anybody is looking for top notch quality care. If I ever endup needing cataract surgery for my other eye I will definitely be calling Dr. Astorino.

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B.J.B. (Patient) 03-11-2014
It has been a very pleasant experience to be a patient of Dr. Astorino. I have received excellent care and am very pleased after having surgery. My distance vision is outstanding now which makes me very happy. The staff is top notch.

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E.R. (Patient) 03-11-2014
I selected Dr. Astorino on basedon the recommendation from Dr. Burgoin and Dr. Lerner. The staff has been helpful and my experience has been pleasant. I had surgery on my right eye and I felt very informed and very well prepared.

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E.K. (Patient) 03-09-2014
I chose Dr. Astorino because of his education in the field. Engineering to me was extremely important because I needed cataract surgery and exact measurements were vital. As it turned out my decision was correct because Dr. Astorino hit the bulls eye with my lens. I have great vision, no halos, and no problems driving at night. The staff is excellent, well mannered, pleasant and friendly. I was thoroughly educated on the procedure and had no pain with the procedure.

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K.M. (Patient) 03-07-2014
I was referred to Dr. Astorino by another doctor. He diagnosed a problem that no other doctor had been able to find. He sent me to a specialist to confirm and treat my condition. Without his initial diagnosis I could have had serious eye problems in the future. I cannot thank the office enough for their diligence and thoroughness. The office staff is wonderful and attentive. They helped me through a procedure that i was very nervous about and made me feel at ease.

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D.B. (Patient) 03-05-2014
I have been very pleased with the attitude and professionalism of the doctors and staff. I had cataract surgery with Dr. Astorino and am very happy with the results. The doctor personally called me at home the night he had performed surgery to check on me and see how I was feeling.

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S.C. (Patient) 03-05-2014
The office is a warm and nurturing place. The doctor is professional and caring about each patient. I have been coming here for years and at the age of 78 my vision is still great.

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Karen R. (Patient) 03-03-2014
I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Astorino and his staff. I feel very lucky to have him as my eye doctor. My vision has improved due to the cataract surgery that he preformed.

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E.A. (Patient) 03-02-2014
It is so nice to always feel the sincerity and the confidence of a professional office. Dr. Astorino and his staff are all so kind and helpful. We have been coming to this office for a long time and have had cataract surgery with Dr. Astorino. He is the best in his field and is very considerate to patients. We also enjoy the comfort and quality of the glasses made by the office as well.

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D.S. (Patient) 02-26-2014
My vision has greatly improved with cataract surgery.

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Walter (Patient) 02-15-2014
I was very well educated as to the procedure that Dr. Astorino recommended that I have. After my cataract surgery my vision has improved remarkably.

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M.J.M. (Patient) 02-14-2014
Excellent in all phases.

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M.E.R. (Patient) 08-15-2013
I always feel like I am in good hands when I visit this office. They take great care of my vision, I couldnt be more pleased. --M.E.R.

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V.M. (Patient) 04-07-2013

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Charles Me (Patient) 04-06-2013

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Rikki (Patient) 04-05-2013
Staff here is always kind, informative, professional and friendly!!

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Clancy D (Patient) 03-31-2013

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Mary P (Patient) 03-29-2013
The staff and in particular Dr. Astorino all work well together and the result is professional and caring.

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D.J. (Patient) 03-28-2013
Very pleasant staff. Seemed very exact in terms of evaluation prior to surgery. Surgery went perfectly!! I can't wait until the 2nd eye is done so both eyes will be improved. Even with one eye done I am not needing to wear my glasses, first time since I was in first grade!! Sabina and Enrique VERY helpful!!

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C.M. (Patient) 03-27-2013
My whole family has been seeing Dr. Astorino for years. We always get great care and the optical department is the best.

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C.S. (Patient) 03-26-2013
Staff is busy, efficient, helpful and knowledgeable.

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M.C.L. (Patient) 03-22-2013
I am so greatful to Dr. Astorino for his professional manner, kindness, patient andoutstanding medical knowledge. It has truly been a blessing to me. All of his office staff are also very kind and friendly. It goes without saying that Dr. Astorino is the greatest! The optician has also been very accurate and kind to myself and my husband pertaining to our glasses.

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Q.E.G. (Patient) 03-21-2013
Throughout the 25 years I've entrusted my vision care to Dr. Astorino, my admiration and appreciation have continued to grow. In addition to his first rate opthamalogical skills, his kind caring demeanor instills trust and confidence in his patients (and staff). In my opinion, based on personal experience, he is truly a 'top of the heap' professional.

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C.H. (Patient) 03-20-2013
It's a very relaxing environment, there are no bad vibes between employees and no one seems tense. The employees are all very friendly. I have been a patient with the office for about 10 years.

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J.K. (Patient) 03-19-2013
The office staff and professionals are always courteous and receptive to my patient inquires, whether related to insurance, change in prescription, eye symptoms, etc. Plus I always know I'll be taken care of which makes my eyes happy.

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J.M. (Patient) 03-17-2013
Doctors and staff are fantastic!

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EFKovach (Patient) 02-28-2012
Following successful cataract surgery performed by Dr. Astorino and the Crystalens implant in my right eye last year, I returned this year and have just completed cataract surgery in my left eye. My delay in having surgery in my left eye for several months was because of the unbelievable vision Dr. Astorino achieved in my right eye. I thought there was no way my vision could improve further. Since the cataract in my left eye was not going away, I had second thoughts and had surgery in my left eye. As before, there was no discomfort, no pain and my vision is even better. I highly recommend Dr. Astorino for this type of surgery. He is a caring, patient & talented eye doctor.

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Phyllis S (Patient) 02-09-2012
Dr. Astorino treated me as my Glaucoma and Cataracts became a health concern.
I decided to have Crystalens replacements in both eyes. My left eye was done October 2011 and the right eye was done early December 2011. The success of the procedure Dr. Astorino performed has been amazingly wonderful! I now read everything, drive (day and night) without any visual aids.
Over 40 years before Crystalens, I wore soft contacts every day plus magnifying glasses to read.
I am 81 years young and I now see better then I ever remember seeing in my life.
Dr. Astorino as well as his office staff is experienced, well educated in ophthalmology, very professional and pleasant in every way.

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J Scarr (Patient) 02-05-2012
Very caring; spends time listening; good follow-thru w/diagnosis.

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Sharon H (Patient) 02-01-2012
Great doctor. Has handled our vision problems and kept our eyes in good shape. We give Dr Astorino high marks!

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Eugene K (Patient) 11-15-2011
I recently had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Arthur Astorino of the Astorino & Associate Eye Center and the results are fantastic. I am in my 70s and have always been sensitive about having any surgery performed. At the initial consultation, Dr. Astorino was very thorough and patient in his explanation of the procedure that would be followed. His professional staff provided me with all pre and post instructions. The operation was painless, recovery rapid and I have great vision with my Crystalens replacement lens. As a more than satisfied patient, I strongly recommend Dr. Astorino for anyone contemplating eye surgery.

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