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Aram BONNI MD's Special Expertises :
Fellowship trained in female urology, reconstructive pelvic surgery
Fellowship trained in cosmetic surgery
Expert in minimally invasive surgeries, laparoscopic and robotic surgery, all b...

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Geraldine (Patient) 11-09-2012
Dr. Bonni performed a partial hysterectomy on me and just 4 days later I feel really great. Dr. Bonni has done such a great job, the surgery was really good!

Thank you Dr. Bonni & team for such a great job!


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CCuadra (Patient) 09-19-2012
In May of 2012 after a few years of noticing my menstrual cycle changing, I had a regular check up, found out through a vaginal ultrasound, I had fibroids on my uterus. Dr. Bonni in lengthy detail, not rushing me to see his next patient, went over the findings with me and suggested a partial hysterectomy. He was very compassionate, wanted to make sure I understood what was happening to my body and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. He performed a partial hysterectomy and removed the fibroid tumors. After the pathology report came back, he explained to my husband and I one of the fibroids had malignant Cancer cells. Dr. Bonni was very concerned and referred me to an incredible oncology surgeon. After my second surgery and biopsies, I am happy to say, I am healed and cancer free!! If I would not have seen Dr. Bonni when I did and trusted him with his observation and followed his guidance, I don't even want to think about where I would have been in a year from now. I believe Dr. Bonni saved my life!!! I also have to praise his staff especially Miss. Christine! She superly rocks! ! ! ! Thank you Dr. Bonni for all you and your staff for all you have done for me. I am eternally grateful. CCuadra

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Tamara D (Patient) 07-13-2012
I had a partial laparoscopic hysterectomy.He is a very compassionate,friendly,trustworthy doctor. He went beyond what any other doctor would of. Made me feel safe,and made sure I understood everything.I would strongly recommend Dr. Bonni! His specialty is Urogynecology.

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Maria P (Patient) 06-29-2012
I recently had a hysterectomy and bladder sling performed by Dr Bonni. He is the type of doctor that explains what the problem is and offers suggestions to how to resolve the issue. He Made me feel very comfortable about both procedures and their results. He's a sweetheart, very kind and very professional. My personal gynecologist of many years Never gave me the confidence as Dr Bonni did. His team and staff are very friendly, caring and helpful. I am 110% satisfied with results. No more heavy bleeding, no more pain, no more anemia caused by the bleeding. I can actually laugh or sneeze without having to worry about having bladder accidents. He changed my life and I'm very happy. Thank you Dr Bonni.

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Eileen C (Patient) 06-29-2012
The first day I met Dr. Bonni (Jan. 2012), he spoke to me about my symptons and how I was feeling. He sat there with me one on one & explained to me what options I may have. As we proceeded with my follow up after doing some testing & research of what my options were. He assured me what he felt was best for me. I'm a breast cancer survivor so all surgeries scare me just because of what I had been through already. He understood me and made me feel very comfortable and safe as they prepared me for my hysterectomy. When I woke up from my surgery, I had minimal pain..... & I only had one injection of pain medicine after my surgery. I felt fine 4 hours after my surgery. I didn't need anymore pain medicine, nor did I take any pain medicine when I got home. The new technology that is used during a major surgery is amazing!!!! I was up walking around (not much) the next day. Of course this was a laparoscopic surgery which made healing 99% easier than having your bikini line cut 4 to 6 ins long for this kind of surgery. Now, would I recommend Dr. Bonni? Yes... Yes... Yes... I will forever recommend him to anyone who needs a excellent Urogynecologist. Thanks to Dr. Bonni and his staff who have been very kind and helpful during my whole ordeal. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 yrs ago and my previous ob/gyn did not want to help me. He wanted me to just deal with it and if he felt like it was getting worse he would just do a D & C. I feel 110% better and I owe Dr. Bonni a big Thank You for helping live again without any pain.

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Elisa (Patient) 06-28-2012
I had a hysterectomy in 2010.

Dr Bonni was great and did a great job. The whole team were very welcoming and caring.

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Dakisha R (Patient) 06-10-2012
I had been from doctor to doctor try to get someone to help me. I had been bleeding for over a year and know one would help me until Dr Bonni. He talk to me and help me and walk me thur all of it. This man ade my life better

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Cheryl (Patient) 06-03-2012
I met Dr Bonnie this year and I can truely say from the bottom of my heart he was a blessing for me, when you get older your body isn't as young as it used to be and I was having alot of female problems. I chose to have two surgery and to this day I am feeling 100 percent better, no more pain. When I first met Dr Bonnie I was scared and he reassured me that everything would be fine and I would feel better. Dr Bonnie is the kind of Doctor that listens to the patient and the concerns plus he made me feel confortable and showed he cared. He is a very professional. Than you.

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Dawn F (Patient) 05-29-2012
Dr. Bonni changed my life for the better. I suffered for 6 long years of pain and pain meds that did not work. I live in a small town and there arn't many doctors here in his field and the few that are here put me through useless procedure after procedure. Dr. Bonni is kind and sweet and actually listened to my problems and didn't treat me like I was some kind of nut case. I had my surgery at the end of March and 3 months later in June I feel pain free. I would recommend Dr. Bonni to everyone. I truly own him all the thanks in the world.

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Blanca (Patient) 05-25-2012
Dr Bonni did my bladder surgery and it has helped improve my life

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