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brandy (Patient) 07-04-2018
I chose Dr Miklos for his experience and at the recommendation of a family friend who is also a urogynecologist who said "Dr Miklos is considered one of the best surgeons in the world". He is smart, knowledgable and confident. Thanks Dr M.

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leona (Patient) 10-06-2012
Dr Miklos operated on my mother and I was impressed from the moment I met him. He is very knowledgable and direct. He doesnt sugar coat the situation. He told us what he was going to do and he did it. He reviewed the risks of the surgery in detail and spent an extraordinary amount of time. The moment i left the office i knew my mother was in the right hands. He exudes confidence and thats just how I want my surgeon to be. He did a complete reconstruction on my mom and she couldnt be happier. I could have taken her to any doctor in the USA but I chose Dr Miklos because of his reputation and a personal referral. My mother and I thank you.

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saljane (Patient) 10-01-2012
I received a vesicovaginal fistula as a result of my total hysterectomy back in 2011. My gynecologist, whom I have trusted for years, said that she was not the doctor to perform a vesicovaginal fistula repair, that she had not done many in her career. She recommended me to Dr. John Miklos in Atlanta, as she attended a seminar where he gave a lecture on fistula repairs and his success rates. I went to his website and was amazed at how much information was available to me regarding the procedure. I then called his office and the lady that answered was so knowledgeable and caring. She was able to set me up with a phone consultation with Dr. Miklos where he spent 30 minutes on the phone with me, answering my questions and calming my nerves regarding this procedure. Just a few weeks later, I was in Atlanta meeting Dr. Miklos for the first time. He was wonderful. Very concerned for my well-being and took his time with me during the consultation. The next day I was in surgery for a laparoscopic vesicovaginal fistula repair. Dr. Miklos came and visited me during my extended recovery at the hospital and was very positive about the procedure. Just a few weeks after the surgery I was able to go to the bathroom on my own and all my anatomy "down there" was working again...as it should work. At my 12 week post op visit, I was declared CURED by Dr. Miklos and life was good again. Dr. Miklos and his staff were amazing!

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Mariana G (Patient) 05-28-2012
Dr John Miklos just give me my life back.he removed last Tuesday, May 22 2012 the sling mesh implanted on me here inflorida on January 3 2012 and it was erosion,intrusion and killing me on pain. My life since January 3 2012 was miserable,taking pain killers every 4hours and the pain was still there. He give me my life back thanks Dr Miklos(Atalanta ,georgia) Atlanta center of laparoscopic urogynecology
Him and Dr Moore are the only ones in USAwith the experience to fix and remove mesh inplant with complications
He took it laparoscopic and transvaginal
Before I couldn't be one hour without pelvic and vaginal pain,,4months without sex, the mesh went through vaginal wall and not only made the pain intolerable plus it hurt my husband during the first 7 weeks approval and only oneintercourse

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