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melly (Patient) 07-01-2012
Dr. Woodman is a highly trained Urogynecologist who specializes in pelvic floor support and dysfunction. His practice, Urogynecology Associates, also has one of the foremost training programs for fellowship. His partner, Dr. Hale is also highly rated. They are both on teaching staff at Indiana University Health, and they fix many mistakes by other doctors. My neighbor told me about them, and I am so glad they did my surgery. I have no problems now.

Dr. Woodman took so much time to answer all my questions and teach me about my options. My only complaint with the program is that they do have the fellows see you a lot, so you have to request time with the doctors if you want to see them for follow ups.

They also referred my neighbor to a great PT, Nari Clemons, after 3 other pelvic PT's had failed to help her with her problem. Nari also helped me after my surgery. I highly recommend this team/combo to anyone in the Indianapolis area.

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