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Suggestions & Reviews for Martin POLANCO MD
ADNV (Patient) 08-06-2014
“This was the best experience ever! Everybody is so nice, they are angels from heaven! God bless you all. I love you Sandra! Will always have a special place in my heart”

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JSWA (Patient) 07-31-2014
“This was by far the best experience of treatment I’ve had, from the minute I walked in the door the staff made me feel so comfortable and at home. I’ve never been catered to and treated like such royalty. Sandra, Luis, Gilberto, Heidi, Claudia I give a special thanks to but also the rest of the staff was great. I cant even explain how awesome everything was so ill leave it at that. Thank you everyone. “

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MD NH (Patient) 07-24-2014
“When I came to Crossroads I was terrified of what I was getting into. The second Marco picked me up and then I met the staff, my anxieties were relieved.

Physically, I was dead. That’s the only way to describe my entire mindset, physically and mentally. Today, I am alive in a way I have never been. Life is beautiful again, and I have the staff at Crossroads and iboga to hanks for that.”


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Michael OR (Patient) 07-10-2014
"All i can say is, ibogaine and the 5-MeO-DMT gave me everything i mentally needed to kick my drug dependencies. The caretaking staff was wonderful, especially Gaby, Luis, Gilberto. The therapy staff (Anny) was the most helpful out of all. Being able to open up and talk about my emotional trauma was the most healing aspect of all my experience, you are wonderful and beautiful in every way Anny, thank you so much, and thank you Dr. Gomez, Dr. Polamco, and thank you Sandra for talking with me, and watching over me though the ibogaine trip. I truly feel you and i are kindred spirits, i hope one day to see all of you again, but not for treatment purposes though.
Thank you for saving me Crossroads team!"

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Gene (Patient) 07-04-2014
What I learned here at crossroads ibogaine treatment center is something I will never forget. As I return to my normal life I will use the coping skills I've learned hear and I have really really learn to respect people in a different way . Looking at life in a linear way does us no good especially the society we live in in the culture we tried to reach for. As for the personal experience for the treatment it was definitely 1 of the most unreal and improbable emotions of my lifetime. I only have the staff to thank for the support they gave and for the things they taught me. Everyone at the house is always so nice and giving doctor Gomez actually could read my mind knowing if I felt better if I felt worse . Annie was the absolute root to my existence while I was here. Heidi was always there to make sure that I was fed well, any other staff was always so comforting and passionate I felt like I was in a home away from home. As far as the actual Ibogaine experience it was like I said a trip into the existential, the next day was extremely tough and I thought perhaps I've made a mistake doctor Gomez calmed me down Sandra was there always to take care of me and as the hours ticked by I realized that this was the exact right treatments for myself and for my addiction. For 8 years I've reached for a needle just to get through the day. Now this wonderful team is giving me already a week sober that is something that I never even dream possible a month ago .In closing I would like to speak about Dr. Martin Polanco. The work he doing with the Ibogaine experience could change the world and the addiction that we have. He is on the forefront of the breaking revolution away from addiction and inserting his patients into a realm of a beautiful universe. Thank you to everyone here and I will be sure to keep in touch .

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Love, D (Patient) 06-20-2014
“I have to admit, when I just got into the car with a stranger and headed into Tijuana for testing, I had second thoughts. Then I met the cardiologist and I was given some medication to relax. Then off to the Crossroads center and when we arrived I completely felt at ease. Everyone was wonderful and the facilitator, Anny, made the pre-ibogaine schedule and post-ibogaine routine the best I believe it could be. I would recommend this treatment to any one. They saved my life.

Love, Diane

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Maksim (Patient) 05-30-2014
“I am so glad that I chose this facility for treatment. The doctors were amazing, food was good, the experience on ibogaine was scary, but the next day I thought about it and realized that was exactly what I needed to make sure I never come back. I will miss every one. You are the best!


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Nadeem (Patient) 05-17-2014
Wow, just wow,

“Today is day 4 and feel amazing. No experience can compare to my last week. I was a heroin addict with a $1000 a day habit. And just as promised I woke up the nex day after treatment with no withdrawals. The ibogaine spirit is a powerful force and I feel reborn. Thank you thank you. If you are reading this before treatment, just relax and trust the process. The staff here are amazing and have treated me like family. Dr. Martin, Anny, Luis, Heidi, Dr. Gomez, Gilberto and my lovely, beautiful Sandra. I will remember and be grateful to you all forever. Much love and respect to you all. Thank you ibogaine spirit. I am reborn. “


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Greg (Patient) 05-02-2014
“Much respect to the staff and Dr. Martin. This was the second time I have come down for the ibogaine experience, and I got the answer I have been looking for the past 12 years of heroin/opiate dependency after multiple treatment centers and multiple attempts to get clean. I can say that ibogaine is the way to come alive again and actually be available to others. I really believe that it takes a serious hardcore addict to come and do ibogaine – and in the process of the ibogaine treatment, I am alive again. That’s the best way I can describe it. I came here with my bro from high school
that started using with me, and we were able to get our lives back.

Again, much love and respect Dr. Martin and staff.


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TylorVT (Patient) 04-18-2014
Trust that happens. These people know what they are doing. They really make you feel at home. The experience is unlike any other trip you will ever have in your life. The hospital is nice, the facility is nice. Enjoy your time here and just be. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Eat and drink and you will heal faster.

Thank you all so much, I have a real start on life.
-Tylor, VT

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WilliamAK (Patient) 04-10-2014
Ibogaine!!! What an experience this has been. I have quit opiates on my own many times and never was I healed. Time after time I relapsed because there was no foundation and I was all alone with all this anxiety that I never even knew I had until now. These people are all on your side. They will do anything to make you as comfortable as you can possibly be. Just be honest with them and they will do anything in their power to help.

The food is amazing, the view is amazing and every single one of the people here are such wonderful amazing spirits from the doctors down to the helpers. It really makes the experience so wonderful. Don’t be scared or afraid, just trust in this process.

Thank you all so much. So much love.
-William, AK

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Nicole, AK (Patient) 04-04-2014
My time at crossroads started with me feeling very anxious, worried about what was to come, if these people knew what they were doing, if they could truly accommodate my needs and deliver on what was promised. I was reluctant to surrender to the staff and let them take over, but once I did, I knew I was going to be okay.

The staff never let me feel alone or that my concerns weren't important. They always had smiles on their faces, and offered sincere & genuine care at any sign of my discomfort. Once the Ibogaine was administered, I went into a restless state, but the doctors and nurses stayed up all night long to be a help to us and made the experience more at ease. The days after were a little rough, but that is expected for everyone. It takes a little while to get back to 100%. I felt a small amount of residual withdrawals afterward, but those soon went away with the boosters we were given. Now I feel completely normal. Completely free from the ball and chain that addiction and drug abuse had been in my life for seven years. All of the lost opportunities, time and money I'll never get back is behind me, and now endless possibilities for a positive future lie before me.

I can't express enough how grateful I am for this experience. The facility is beautiful. The food is amazing. The care is so thorough and attentive, so understanding and kind. Heidi makes the best smoothies, and has such a generously kind and caring aura that puts you at ease. Luis never let me lift a finger, provided for my every need, and listened to my concerns about medications and whatnot. Anny was a solid, constant rock that we could look to for advice, guidance, insight, and understanding of the Ibogaine treatment process and for the tough days that came after. Sandra... Sandra was the amazingly calm & serene spirit during the Ibogaine treatment that soothed our souls, and her presence throughout it all made a world of a difference. She is meant to be doing what she's doing. Her massages were outstanding... & very relaxing. She was vital in providing a tranquil environment to best facilitate the treatment, and she knew what to expect & exactly what to say and how to care for us. Gilberto was awesomely understanding and always on top of our care. And Doctor Gomez, such a kind and comforting presence as well, was always looking out for our best interest and making sure we were comfortable and we felt okay. All of the staff went above & beyond any and all of my expectations. I am so grateful and extremely blessed to have gotten this second chance at life.

Thank you, Crossroads, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me through this and giving me the opportunity, motivation and tools necessary to start on this new chapter of my life. To start fresh, begin anew. This treatment is something priceless, something so wonderful and rare that few addicts will have the opportunity to find out about let alone experience. But I was so lucky to have had such a positive an... [<a href='read.php?taid=15681'>more..</a>]

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Carlie (Patient) 03-15-2014
"I am a 29 year old single mother of two. I live in Dayton, Ohio where the only help offered to opiate addicts is methadone. I've been an opiate addict since my 21 st birthday. I have attempted sobriety more times than I can count. My family has thrown thousands of dollars to give me the best treatment they could find. For me I had hit desperation to the point I thought methadone was my only chance. After almost 2 years later I was still using heroin and methadone adding other narcotics chasing a release I could no longer find without drugs.

I overheard about ibogaine waiting in line at the clinic. I couldn't believe what they were saying, and from that day on any and all information I could find I read. Both my mother and I had wanted me to do it for a long time. Along with having a drug problem, I felt spiritually bankrupt. The day had come where my disease had affected everyone around me and I felt my days were numbered.

Dr. Polanco and Crossroads went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. The staff prepared me completely about the journey I was getting ready to embark on.

My ibogaine experience was intense but beautiful. I did receive visions of myself as Eve from Adam and Eve, and later read in the Ibogaine book that it was a common vision. How can so many people have that same vision without this medicine being spiritual and from some great source? I also saw myself as a 5 year old little girl. I began to remember who I truly was. I started to love myself again.

I am sober today. Had it not been for Dr.Polanco, Crossroads, the Ibo Gods, and my complete desperation. I have a chance now to laugh, play, go to school, take care of my children, be a aughter, get a job, and find my purpose. I believe ibogaine is the answer to the epidemic our country is facing.

Thank you again Dr.Polanco."


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Jeanne (Patient) 05-30-2013
If you (or anybody you know) suffer with addiction--whether to heroin, alcohol, shopping, or a bad relationship--please consider Dr. Martin Polanco and Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center. I came here after battling for 15 years with an eating disorder and a variety of drug abuse, ranging from crystal meth to caffeine and alcohol. There were only 3 other patients with me, all of whom were addicted to heroin. I watched myself and the others experience a total transformation! After this experience, I understand so much more about what created my destructive patterns, and the choice I have in maintaining my recovery. Ibogaine is a powerful plant medicine and it's too bad that most people have never heard of it. I believe it would help just about any person find more clarity in his or her life, regardless of addiction. Dr. Martin was gentle, caring, and compassionate and he made me feel right at home even though I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. He has been working with Ibogaine to treat acute addiction for many years and I really felt like I could trust him. He treated me with total respect and consideration. I am eternally grateful!

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Amanda (Patient) 04-03-2013
I am honored to have been a patient here. There are many reasons people choose to experience ibogaine. Mine was to change my ways. I have dabbled in partying since high school. I am 31 years old and found myself smoking, drinking daily and taking prescription drugs. I found out about ibogaine online after trying to stop on my own and with conventional American help. I was so skeptical-Ibogaine being illegal in the US and never hearing about it before. I talked to my best friend about it and she knew someone who did it and it changed his life. At that moment, I was in. I called every place I could find. I only had a good feeling with Crossroads after speaking in length to Dr. Martin Polanco about what to expect. He speaks perfect English (Spanish and German). He answered all of my questions and texted me back quickly if I thought of more questions or felt uneasy.
So, the day came when I arrived in San Diego. Despite my fear of not being picked up, they did. After an hour or so, we were there. It was so beautiful and everyone there was beyond friendly. They made me feel right at home. I got settled in and all of the doctors came to my room one at a time to talk about the journey I was about to embark on. As much as they told me, there are no words to explain the effects of ibogaine. It is a VERY powerful hallucinogenic that put me on a couple of different planets to say the least! When it started to kick in, I felt it zip my whole body up from head to toe in a tight suit. That was about a ten minute wave. Than my heart started pounding so hard. Dr. Martin came in to calm me down as all of their medical team sits outside of your door. It was a pleasant trip over all I must say. It can be difficult, depending on the individual, they do warn you- things can come up from your childhood, issues and reasons you used in the first place. It gave me great insight on so many things. So many things. It gave me topic options and I could pick what I wanted to delve into. It was so beautiful, I was unconscious for a while, (hooked up to an EKG and IV in case you need fluids). When I came to, I was no longer human. I was planting with fairies and stoking my bed which was now a sacred fire. There were ancestors of mine all sitting around my room and my bed sending me healing energy, like an ancient ceremony. Everything was so sparkly and I kept trying to grab these beautiful stones that weren't there. Motor skills and talking were seemingly impossible. After many hours, I was just having patterned visuals so I laid down and continued to trip lightly for about 3 days. They kept someone in my room the first night to make sure i was ok.
The next day was hard. I had to learn how to walk again. Everything smelled so pungent and colors were far more intense. (These are still true and this was exactly 2weeks ago.) Every day I would feel about 10% better. The problem for me and this is certainly not everyone- I had a very hard time eating after. I was throwing up... [<a href='read.php?taid=14327'>more..</a>]

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Naima (Patient) 03-31-2013
I recently visited Dr Martin Polanco at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center to take ibogaine and he ask me to review and share my experience as a testimonial for others thinking about this treatment.

I came to ibogaine therapy with the intent of transformation, and bless it, thats what i got..i am too gloriously happy and relieved that it has occurred without the need to analyze how it was possible. my personal experience had me reviewing every terrible, shameful, suppressed memory..all the things i wish i did differently..and i experienced them..felt them..without need to judge, change, or anything else..it seems emotions need to be expressed.. suppressing them sickens you and you cannot progress, stagnating you in that moment.

A few days after my journey I have never felt so excited to be alive, being HERE in my body my feet on the earth my heart expanding with every breath i have no words for this deliciousness, i feel in love, exquisite...on fire.

i dont know how or why this therapy seems to have repaired me..realigned me..i dont care..it seems maybe too easy..but all the most beautiful powerful life changing experiences in my life were instantaneous, flowed like water, without any effort on my part whatsoever..but i do know this, long winded suffering is bullsh*t and one should not complain

Thank you Iboga, Thank you Martin, Thank you Universe

Basically, I highly recommend that you take iboga and there is no center with more happy patients than Crossroads.

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Shawn (Patient) 03-31-2013
Dr. Martin Polanco and his staff successfully detoxed me from opiates in a caring, professional and comfortable environment using Ibogaine. I had previously endured conventional detox, inpatient treatment and many other methods of treatment that were mostly ineffective. This actually worked and my withdrawals were gone almost instantly after they gave me Ibogaine. It was intense and I had constant supervision. I've been clean for several months now with the added help of the aftercare therapy his clinic offers. I have since sent a few a my friends to him who are also doing surprisingly well post treatment. I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to be free of chemical dependency.

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Patrick (Patient) 03-17-2013
I am 29, I came to Crossroads Ibogaine Treament Center interested in having a spiritual experience that would provide me with insight about my life. What I experienced there was more than I could have anticipated. The treatment itself has made a tremendoulsy positive impact on my perception of reality; I feel like much darkness has been cleared from my subconscious mind though this experience. I realize I am fortunate to be alive and should have no complaints about small stuff. The process was very professional; I felt safe and fully supported at all times. If I were writing reviews of the center I would give them a perfect 10. The staff was incredible, they went above and beyond in all areas to provide a most comfortable environment. The community there was like a family and they made sure that I was part of the family too. I feel like I made a new group of friends and look forward to the day that I can return to crossroads to visit. The facility is located on the beach with a beautiful view; there were home cooked meals everyday, massages, yoga classes, and counseling sessions. I had my own private room separate from the main house with a fireplace and bathroom I even had laundry maid service. It actually felt more like a resort than a treatment center, or at least it encompassed the best aspects of both. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, drug addict or not. I was there with a man that was coming off of heroin and I saw him transform in 2 days right in front of my eyes, its amazing to witness a miracle like that. Ibogaine is a gift from the the earth and Crossroads has developed the perfect way of administering it. Thank you Dr. Martin Polanco and everybody that works there!

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catherine (Patient) 02-25-2013
There are simply no words that justify my gratitude; you saved my life. Upon my arrival at Crossroads, I was very sick, both mentally, and physically. Your kind and understanding medical staff took wonderful care of me and addressed all of my needs. The demon that I was fighting; my terrible heroin addiction, is gone forever. I could not have asked for a more positive experience.

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Greg (Patient) 02-21-2013
Choosing to use ibogaine was a tough decision. There was a lot to think about and I felt a sense of desperation. I tried to trust the advice of other treatment providers and even that was a challenge for me. When I met Dr. Martin Polanco, I had a sense of comfort.
Martin is very calm and let me soak up the beauty of Mexico. Everyone at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center was very nice and the house helped me relax, but I knew I had come to do some challenging work on myself. The ibogaine session was not what I expected at all, but Dr. Martin helped me through the physical and emotional reactions I had. I realize I had a sense of fighting against myself and everything that was good for me. Five months later and I am still integrating the lessons Ibogaine taught me.
My gratitude for the concern Martin showed me, even when I was giving complaints and being a whiney pain in the neck, is infinite. I give my highest review and recommendation for Dr. Martin Polanco to anyone looking to transcend our culturally imposed habits and illusions. His staff at Crossroads Treatment Center fully understands the physical and emotional challenges Ibogaine presents, as well as the trauma and confusion bringing us to such a radical treatment. Thank you Dr. Martin. You are an angel!

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Evan mom (Patient) 02-08-2013
I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Martin Polanco and his staff of dedicated professionals at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center who recently treated my son for methadone addiction. With genuine compassion, caring, unparalleled knowledge and expertise, Dr. Martin guided Evan safely through the specialized treatment process before, during and for five days following the treatment to ensure his safety, his well being and most of all, his thorough understanding of the road ahead for a full recovery and freedom from nearly 10 years of opiate addiction. Evan had tried traditional therapeutic and medical treatments for detox, all without success and leaving him depressed and even more desperate with each failed attempt. After learning about Dr. Martin's program, we felt it was our very last hope to save his life...thank God we found him in time. After witnessing the recovery in my son, which I can only term, 'miraculous', after just one dose, I am planning on writing to Dr. Mash at the University of Miami and to others in Congress on the Health and Human Services Committees on this travesty of injustice in keeping this treatment protocal illegal in the U.S. I am not wealthy, by any means, in fact, I cashed in retirement savings to save my son's life, but there are those who so desperately need to be able to break the cycle of addiction who could become contributing members of the work force and get off general relief if they had access to this program. Profit margins or not, we should be caring for all of our people. For now, thank heavens we have Doctors such as Dr. Martin Polanco who do.

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Bobby L (Patient) 02-07-2013
I wanted to take the time to thank Dr Martin Polanco and all his staff at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center for saving my life. I have not used heroin or any mood or mind altering substances including cigarettes. I am very clear I have a lot of work to do to maintain my mental, spiritual, and physical health in order to maintain my sobriety. This opportunity may have not been possible if it weren't for the ibogaine. I have an added inspiration to stay sober and that is to be a living example that ibogaine works and that all the work you all do at Crossroads Treatment Center helped saved my life. The best way I can show my gratitude to you and all the staff is to stay sober so you all can use me as a reference for success and a tool to help instill hope to another suffering addict. Thank you and I love you all. You all will remain in my heart as long as it beats.

Your friend,
Bobby L.
(301) 467-5958

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Capicauman (Patient) 02-07-2013
Dr. Martin Polanco and his staf do a wonderful job at the crossroads Ibogaine treatment center are very helpful and professional, Highly recomended!

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Capicuaman (Friend) 01-15-2013
Dr. polanco is knowleageable and takes personal interest in his patients.

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