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Jen (Patient) 09-21-2012
Dr. Ridgeway could not be more caring and has provided excellent care despite having to work around various complications. She was very willing to discuss and plan my surgery with other specialists. She is the only doctor who has been able to do even one pelvic exam without triggering PTSD symptoms, much less numerous exams and the removal of a Mirena. When it seemed that the Mirena might be causing a very unlikely side effect she agreed to removing it to be sure and it was.

Both times she has operated on me she has held my hand until I was under. She knows that I like concrete answers and provides them, even if the answer simply is that there isn't an answer and that is ok.

Another very impressive and caring effort on her part was that following complications on my first surgery (anesthesia related we think) she made sure than I had excellent, focused care with staff who were looking for anything that might indicate a problem. This resulted in staff being very involved in my care while I recovered and recovery in the hospital took as long as needed and that unusual medical needs were met.

The kindest thing is that she is a urogyn. and while I first saw her for a reason related to that specialty she agreed to do gyn. care for me when I was aware that she could do the exams that I'd rarely had in my prior life without PTSD and multiple attempts before an exam was done. Since then she has made me feel safe through a process that meant I really needed understanding and kindness. She was willing to extend that a bit to adding in some information about limited abilities and the complications of a year ago to help my mom understand.

For me she's been the perfect doctor.

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