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Suggestions & Reviews for Kambiz BEHZADI MD
Robert L (Patient) 08-03-2014
Dr. Behzadi was great and helped me fight for the needed surgery with the insurance company. Tina was also fantastic with helping me in every way. The staff at the surgery center was also great!

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Richard S (Patient) 06-06-2014
I have used Dr. Behzadi for many years. I have complete trust in his abilities. Beside being a very very good doctor, I like him as a person.

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Brian K (Patient) 05-08-2014
Overall an incredible experience. The only good thing about my very expensive ER visit was that they referred me to Dr. Behzadi.

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Jerome J (Patient) 05-03-2014
Promt, accurate diagnosis. Excellent, professional care. Rapid recovery from surgery.

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Therais M (Patient) 04-17-2014
Very comfortable and satisfied.

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Gaylan (Patient) 04-15-2014
I was very comfortable and felt well informed.

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Ken G (Patient) 03-25-2014
Dr. Behzadi is a wonderful doctor, above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend to all! .

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R.M.S. (Patient) 03-11-2014
Another successful repair! Thanks Doc.

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K.R.S. (Patient) 03-08-2014
It was cool Dr. Behzadi understood my snowboarding trip and allowed me to take it easy on the slopes.

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L.R.S. (Patient) 03-02-2014
Great Staff!

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Brian B (Patient) 02-28-2014
Dr. Behzadi has been very helpful!

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Roger B (Patient) 02-15-2014
Dr. Behzadi was great and made me a new man. His advise and expertise has helped me greatly. I would recommend him to my family and friends. His staff was great.

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Harriet O (Patient) 02-13-2014
Dr. Behzadi is the 'best' orthopedic surgeon I have ever known. He is so professional and caring at the same time. I do not know what I would have done without him. Harriet Ostrander

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R.B.P. (Patient) 11-23-2013
I feel much better about having to have a major operation. I feel very safe and secure in my doctor's care (Dr. Behzadi). Best doctor in the world! I cannot thank him enough.

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David M (Patient) 11-16-2013
Dr. Behzadi has been excellent! Always thorough, caring ant patient.

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Alan (Patient) 10-12-2013
One of my concerns is about the integrated treatment using medications and therapy. Dr Behzadi ac always weighted the benefits of various drugs relative to the current condition of the knee and therapy results. In other words, he does not throw a pill at you with no expectation in mind. He always considers what he wants to achieve in terms of improvement.

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Sheldon K (Patient) 10-02-2013
Accuracy of diagnostic is still to be seen. Finished rehab and still a work in progress. Not yet 100 percent. Headed for shoulder surgery. -Sheldon

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Felix (Patient) 04-17-2013
Dr. Behzadi is one of the best. He is efficient and to the point with answers. Felix Molina-Solis

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Hal J. (Patient) 04-09-2013
Dr. Behzadi was a true professional and he and his staff did a great job on the surgery and treatment. I appreciate all of his kind and professional service. I would recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding professional treatment.

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Mrs. Adams (Patient) 04-08-2013
I am a law enforcement office and have worked a variety of positions, including the jails, street patrol, narcotics and investigations, over the last 11 years. I am 32 years old and began experiencing excruciating pain in my right hip (weapon side) more than several years ago. The decision to finally undergo a hip replacement was very difficult for me, especially due to the impact it could have on my career. I began receiving treatment from Dr. Behzadi in late 2012, and the in-depth care and information I received from him regarding my condition greatly assisted me with feeling at ease about making the decision to have hip replacement surgery. On the day of surgery there was no surprises and everything went very smooth. My recovery is going very well and I attribute such a positive experience to Dr. Behzadi's professionalism and care for his patients.

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Kerrie C (Patient) 04-06-2013
In past he has personally apologized when running late (which happended often) but still an excellent doctor, perhaps the problem was with scheduling back then.

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M.M. (Patient) 04-05-2013
Dr. Behzadi and his staff (also included Meghan and Darcy in the physical therapy area) and (Chris in the casting area) are excellent! Nice to have a doctor that is not quick to cut into my muscles and etc.! Excellent Service!

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M.K. (Patient) 04-05-2013
Everyone is very professional and caring - Only complaint, if you want to call it a complaint, is the wait.

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K.J.S. (Patient) 04-04-2013
Dr. Behzadi is a 10! Top Doctor : ).

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