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Crystal F (Patient) 11-28-2013
Dr. Haessler performed a laparoscopically assisted hysterectomy as well as vaginal posterior repair by hand and anterior repair with a mid urethral sling. I was in stage two uterine, cystocele and rectocele prolapse.

She came highly recommended by several doctors and has proven to be a phenomenal choice. She specializes in urogynecology only and has a very busy practice, she is very experienced and certainly knows what she is doing!

She has a great bedside manner, very personable, caring, has a wonderful smile and went out of her way on many occasions to ensure that I was making the right decision and her post-op follow up care was beyond my expectations. Now that I'm okay, I will miss seeing her.

If I had to be super critical and find something about her to improve... It might be something along the lines of looking at the patients chart before entering the room and remembering the details of each patient. There were a couple of times that she came in the room a bit unprepared and had to look at what she had previously recommended because she either forgot or was too busy that day to remember everything. It didn't concern me too much because she obviously had my info and had taken good notes. So, very minor in comparison to all of the wonderful things about her.

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