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Suggestions & Reviews for Daniel B. WILLIAMS MD
Terry C (Patient) 02-10-2016
Only saw my doctor one time through Iui and pregnancy, would have been nice to see more frequently.

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Gale S (Patient) 01-14-2016
Awesome staff and very attenative.

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Diana F (Patient) 12-13-2015
Dr Williams is professional, caring and contentious doctor. Very friendly and easy to talk to.

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Melissa G (Patient) 11-26-2015
very professional and informative.

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T G (Patient) 11-14-2015
I have had a wonderful experience with the staff of Houston Fertility Institute! Dr Williams and Dr Steward are amazing! We are so greatful for being referred to HFI and have been blessed with twins!

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Shyam (Patient) 10-28-2015
Dr Williams was just great. We tried to conceive for our second child for almost three years. We moved from California and we did go to a fertility clinic there for three years... In California all they cared about was money and nothing else. Luckily we moved to Houston and started seeing Dr Williams and here we are with twins in 6 months and we were able to do it with our insurance. The staff was always very friendly with us and so was all the doctors in the clinic. Dr Williams exactly pointed out the problem and were able to help not just with one but twins:) .

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Leanne B (Patient) 10-17-2015
Very happy with the care received. Both dr Williams and the staff were very responsive to questions.

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A W (Patient) 09-24-2015
Very experienced, kind, and sensitive toward the situation.

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H W (Patient) 09-09-2015
Dr. Williams and his staff are great! Very helpful, competent and sensitive to our needs. .

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G A (Patient) 09-02-2015
He is a very caring doctor and will always give you time to ask questions and he explains everything well. His staff is awesome. A+ for him.

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K L (Patient) 07-17-2015
He is been wonderful through everything. Has shown great care through the process from beginning to end.

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Maria T (Patient) 06-17-2015
he was really nice and took care of us when we need it him at all times.

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A M (Patient) 05-14-2015
dr williams is fantastic and the staff is very helpful and engaged

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Barbara K (Patient) 05-08-2015
Our overall experience was really great. From our initial visit with Dr. Williams to our last ultrasound at 12 weeks, I always felt my individual needs were being met. We came in wanting to see what was going on with us health wise and found endometriosis was the cause of our infertility. The staff was caring and my surgery went without a hitch. We were not entirely sure about doing invitro but Dr. Williams and his staff were excellent in educating us so we would make the right decision for us. I never felt pressured to do anything that I did not want to do. Once we got to the point that we wanted to try then, again, we were left with decisions but ultimately through the caring honesty of the doctor we tried invitro and it was successful! Once we are ready again, we will be coming back!

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T G (Patient) 04-14-2015
Dr was very patient and answered all our questions. Excellent staff!!

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P M (Patient) 04-05-2015
High successful rate.

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M Q (Patient) 03-27-2015
Dr Williams was very professional, caring, attentive and accommodating of our situation. We enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him. The nurses and the staff were very helpful and friendly.

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R R (Patient) 03-22-2015
I really enjoyed my time with Dr. Williams and his staff. We felt very comfortable with HFI.

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C O (Patient) 02-27-2015
Doctor williams and the staff at the sugarland location were exceptionally wonderful. They were very helpful with all the informations and care i needed for my procedure. I surely recommend them to anyone.

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Charlie M (Patient) 02-21-2015
great, friendly, caring.

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M U (Patient) 01-28-2015
Dr. Williams is great at making you feel at ease by answering all of your questions honestly.

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K V (Patient) 01-26-2015
experience was great across the board, financial services department needs to be more responsive, and return calls, Thank you!!!

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