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Lily A (Patient) 01-11-2016
Great helped out with everything.

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N C (Patient) 01-09-2016
Very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent bed side manner.

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Bbrice (Patient) 01-07-2016
Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Steward. Always positive and very involved in treatments.

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Skyler C (Patient) 12-10-2015
Dr. Steward is very easy to talk to and professional. He is very patient in answering all questions that I have and his nurses are awesome too! He gives you honest feedback and does not pressure you towards any particular type of treatment. I love that I get all my results the same day so I never feel like I am left wondering what the next step of my treatment is.

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Amanda G (Patient) 11-17-2015
He is very helpful and kind. He has helped me make my family's dreams come true.

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Terry D (Patient) 10-26-2015
Absolutely amazing and caring doctors! They take the time to talk to you and explain what you need to know.

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Jacqueline F (Patient) 09-01-2015
Dr. Stewart is very warm and compassionate toward your situation. Even though he may have seen it a billion times before he treats you as though you are unique and not just another case. When I finally did get pregnant Dr. Stewart was as excited about each mile stone as I was! I would recommend everyone to come to Dr. Stewart and I would come back to Dr. Stewart if I had trouble conceiving again.

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M S (Patient) 08-22-2015
Care has been great. Very good bedside manor and helpful each visit.

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Lori K (Patient) 08-16-2015
Dr. Steward has taken very good care of us. He answered all of our questions. The staff has been great. The nurses have responded to all of our calls the same day even for the silly questions.

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Connie H (Patient) 07-31-2015
Dr. Steward is the best! And his entire staff is excellent. Love them. Took wonderful care of us and made us feel like family throughout the entire process. We are so grateful. We recommend Dr. Steward to anyone needing a top-notch fertility doctor.

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Brittany (Patient) 07-11-2015
Dr steward is excellent. He made us feel really comfortable with the process and every decision he made throughout seemed to be just the right one. He is very easy to talk to and is casual to chat with, which I love. We got pregnant the first time and I think it's in large part due to the choices he helped us make, particularly PGS testing!

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T H (Patient) 06-17-2015
I came to Dr Steward unsure of what my chances of having a child were and what the outcome would be. I was reassured by Dr Steward and his exceptional staff of the procedures and direction to go. Due to my age (36), I was surprised to find that the 2nd IUI worked. They made a stressful process seem easier and smoother than I was thinking it would be. I am glad I made the switch to Houston Fertility institute. He is professional, welcoming and definitely has the knowledge and expertise.

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L D (Patient) 05-26-2015
We had an amazing experience, where they have smile waiting for you, and answer all your questions with so much patience, and help you through your worries and fear. :).

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K M (Patient) 05-01-2015
I am considered high risk for recurrent pregnancy loss, so my experiences leading up to my time with HFI were fairly heartbreaking. Unfortunately I had come to expect very cool and clinical assessment of my treatment. Not the case at all at HFI, and it was so refreshing. The front desk, the nurses, the finance rep, and Dr Steward were amazing every step of the way. We had never actually heard warm and kind words about our growing baby, and it meant more than anything to my husband and I. They were encouraging, empathetic, and kind beyond measure. With their help, we have been successful in sustaining this pregnancy, but already intend to return for the next one. It's significant peace of mind to know the progress each week (especially after multiple losses) and I would recommend Dr. Steward and the HFI staff to others in a heartbeat.

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L M (Patient) 02-19-2015

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Jesse B (Patient) 02-12-2015
Because I was not going to the office that my doctor was located at communication was difficult. More communication/phone calls would have been nice.

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