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New Hampshire

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Lynn (Patient) 02-14-2007
Dr. Whiteside has been my Dr. for a little over a year now. I was referred to him by another Dr. who thought I would be a great candidate for the Interstim implant. Dr. Whiteside is a Urogynecologist & pelvic reconstructive surgeon. At the time we thought I had an overactive bladder we thought the interstim implant would be a easy answer. After experiencing many difficulties and realizing this was not the answer to the overactive bladder he never let me give up. He is so easy to talk with. He said he would help me find out what was wrong with my bladder and we have. He did diagnose me with Interstitial ciystitis (IC). I was devastated to know it was some illness that doesn't have a cure. He continues to give me hope, he answers all the questions I have,(even the hard ones) and refuses to give up by trying new procedures and always doing research. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him to anyone who has female issues. Thank you Dr. Whiteside for being you.

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