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Robin (Patient) 07-13-2012

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Leah and Beth S (Patient) 10-21-2011
Dr. Keller takes the time to listen and help women with their needs. She knows her field. She treats both me and my mother. She is ahead of most Dr.s in the area of hormone replacement(bioid.) which as helped BOTH of us. She is more than competent with routine obgyn or in our case gyn care. She is super easy to talk to...and will help you understand treatments, she really takes her time to give personal attention to her patients. Women need a womans Dr. to assist with special needs beyond having babies! She can boost your energy and psych by helping with your hormones and nutritional advise. She's upbeat, positive and she keeps it REAL!

She is advanced in modern care and yet knows some of the "old fashion" treatments that some Dr.s won't even tell you about. Because there is no money in some "old fashion" "secrets" to womens health care. Some "old fashion" treatments do not require surgery. My mother is elderly and uses a pessary. I have found that this ancient(Greek times) is a word most women don't know and many Drs refuse to speak of...the only answer today for prolapse is surgery. My mother went to 1/2 doz. Drs in S.D. Ca. for that answer! I did the research. Now with a pessary and excellent Hormone replacements from Dr. Keller my mother is a New 82 year old woman!! Hormone-bio/id-can help a women at ANY age! Seeing is BELIEVING!!

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Tammy (Patient) 09-16-2011
Maria changed my life! I have more energy--and for the first time in my life--I have an active, intimate relationship with my husband.

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Sara (Patient) 09-14-2011
I am thrilled with Dr. Keller. I've been struggling with hormone problems for about 5 years. My previous doctor was never able to stabilize my hormones. After only 3 visits, Dr. Keller has everything under control. I am now sleeping through the night and have energy during the day. Dr. Keller is serious about helping her patients and that makes all the difference!

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Mary (Patient) 07-08-2011
Dr. Keller is professional and very knowledgeable about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She understands that just because you become older, you don't have to be tired and lack drive. I have been feeling better since I have been on the hormone levels she has recommended based upon lab results. The wait time is minimal for appointments. She is very up beat and engaging.

I have recommended her to my friends and highly recommend her here.

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Wendy (Patient) 01-03-2010
Dr. Keller is such a GREAT doctor! I have referred ALL of my friends, my family and they have all done so in kind.

She is thorough, personable, fun, smart, progressive and straight-forward. I love her and so does everyone that now goes to her.

Dr. Keller stays up to date constantly on the latest in bio-identicals, and other women's health topics and always tries to treat with a natural approach first. She has assisted me in going from feeling completely horrible (every perimenopausal symptom there is) to feeling whole and younger again. I went from doctor to doctor - with all of them telling me I was too young to have the symptoms I had. Until I saw Dr. Keller. After conversation and some simple tests to check my levels, she prescribed natural Progesterone and eventually I got a testosterone pellet, which made a WORLD of difference.

Dr. Keller is AMAZING!

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Teri (Patient) 09-24-2009
I was 29 and in alot of pain. No one seemed to want help me till I met Maria. Dr. Keller listened to me, believed me and together we made choices that I felt so comfortable and safe with. It has been 10 years since my hysterectomy for Endometriosis. Maria gave me my life back!!!!!!! I was so sad to see her leave and move to Nevada, but for the women there they have been handed a true blessing in her. If you are looking for someone who will actually listen to you, believe in you then please go see Dr. Keller. Honestly if I ever have any issues I would seriously think about flying to Nevada to be treated by her.

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Regina (Patient) 03-30-2009
She is one of the best ob's she put up with a lot from me when i was pregnant and did very well delivering my daughter and i praise her for that.

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wb (Patient) 01-07-2009
I am a patient of Doctor Keller's. I moved to Las Vegas from New York. I had a very complicated history and was very scared about what needed to be done. She took the time to call a cancer specialist to get a second opinion about me needing a hysterectomy. She then encouraged me to get a second opinion, which I did. I had such a terrible experience with the second doctor that I went back her. It took close to a year, but she never rushed me into the surgery that I needed. I have since had my hysterectomy and I have been nothing but pleased. I am so glad to have had her. She also made a special effort to involve my husband. We both love her and she made certain to check on me and for that I felt confident during my recovery process because I was so scared. I am glad I found her.

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wendy (Patient) 12-24-2008
Dr. Keller is a very caring physician. She spends time with me at each visit and is willing to listen and answer my questions. I have referred several women in my office to her and we all feel the same about her. She is wonderful.

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Tonie (Patient) 07-29-2007
Dr Keller has been wonderful. She has a perfect bedside manor making me feel extremely comfortable to talk to her about any problems that I have. During a recent surgery, Dr Keller came to see me before the surgery and gave me a hug and she stopped by the next two days to make sure I was ok. I have had surgery in the past and never seen the DR accept at the visit in his office. I recommend any woman in the Las Vegas/Henderson area to see Dr. Keller...you wont regret it!

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Amanda B (Patient) 04-03-2007
Dr Keller is the only Dr that has been able to help me figure out what was wrong with me. After years of being told that i have nothing wrong, i have finally found an answer. She is the most caring and determined ob/gyn you could find in the valley. I have and will continue to recomend her to everyone i know.

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Wendy (Patient) 03-12-2007
I recommend Dr. Keller because I have been cared for by her since my arrival to Henderson, Nevada. She is a very comforting caring doctor with an unique ability to sense my underlying issues.

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