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Howard MUNTZ
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(City : Seattle)
(ZIP : 98133)
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Howard MUNTZ MD's CV :
1980: BA: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
1984: MD: Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
1984-88: Resident, Ob/Gyn, Brigham & Women's and Massachusetts General Hospitals, Boston, MA
1988-1991: Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
1991-1993: Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Attending Surgeon, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA
1993-2007: Gynecologic Oncologist, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
2008-current: Women's Cancer Care of Seattle, on the campus of Nortwest Hospital & Medical Center, Seattle, WA

For additional details, see Dr. Muntz's full CV at www.wccos.com

Howard MUNTZ MD's Books & Publications :
Dr. Muntz has contributed over 50 articles and several textbook chapters to the medical literature. His research interests include novel approaches to the treatment of ovarian cancer, including trials of new chemotherapy drugs; intraperitoneal chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, and primary peritoneal cancer; fertility preservation for cervical adenocarcinoma-in-situ and early cases of cervical cancer; application of robotic technology to improve outcomes with gynecologic cancer surgery; and studies to improve the ability of physicians to diagnose ovarian cancer at the earliest possible stage -- when the chance of cure is best.

Additional information, including a list of Dr. Muntz's publications, can be found on the Women's Cancer Care of Seattle website: www.wccos.com.

Howard MUNTZ MD's Special Expertises :
Dr. Muntz is "double-boarded" in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology -- which is the specialty that treats cancers of the female reproductive tract, such as ovarian, tu...

Suggestions & Reviews for Howard MUNTZ MD
Katy (Friend) 09-20-2011
My dear Mum wasdiafnosed six years ago with Endometrium cancer.
I wish I had known about Dr Munzt back then but unfortunately didn't.
My mum had Good care from Dr Peters at Swedish but the follow up care wa sless than good. She always saw a Physician assistant and never Peters after her chemo and radiation was over. It was very impersonal and rushed but we didn't suspect any lack of attention to details.
She recently has been diagnosed with Carcinomatosis in the peritoneum and stage 4 very Sad as I am sure if she was being cared for by Dr Muntz he would have been more conservative and investigative.
She complained of abdominal bloating digestive poblems and extreme fatigue all of which fell upon deaf ear with her her GP for over a year or more and Peters her(Oncologist.)
I have brought he to Dr Munt now and I know it's too late but I hope at least there is someone who will doball he can to help in any way.
I agree that he is caring and "Humane" and hasn't forgotten his oath to "Care" for patients not treat them and move on!

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Colleen K (Patient) 09-29-2010
Dr. Muntz IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE. Beyond his knowledge and skill of female cancers, which is well documented, he is always compassionate, hopeful, thorough and humble. He always includes patient in decisions and you are a partner in your care. He does not hesitate to tell you he is going to confer or go to tumor board. He does not have the arrogance of many skillful doctors. My cancer was diagnosed in 1993 and I did not find him until 1997; since then he has been my lifeline through several recurrences. He has done surgery and overseen my care in my local area. Currently small tumors in my lungs are managed with meds and annual CT scans. I look forward to my now yearly visits to Dr. Muntz--it's a boost to see him. My life has been full and fun. Treatments are hard but all the time in between has been nothing but quality. Thank you Dr. Muntz!

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Melanie P (Patient) 11-04-2008
Dr. Muntz was my shinning star in a very dark time. I was suspected of having ovarian cancer. I found Dr. Muntz on the net and booked a consultation. I was so impressed with his caring and gentle nature. It makes all the difference when your in that state of mind. He is very knowledgeable and doesn't mind taking a little extra time to explain things. My surgery was flawless and thank God I didn't have cancer. He was careful to biopsy any surrounding areas to be certain.

I would highly recommend Dr. Muntz to anyone with a questionable cancer diagnosis.

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Marlene (Patient) 01-19-2008
Dr. Muntz is a gynecological oncologist in Seattle. He performed my hysterectomy in 2004. I got sick suddenly with bloating and abdominal pain for several days. My primary MD sent me for tests (abdominal CT scan with contrast after drinking a horrid tasting substance) and found large masses on each ovary. I was petrified because of family history of pancreatic, colon and ovarian cancers.

My primary MD referred me to Dr. Muntz who reviewed the tests. He said he did not think I had cancer based on the tests, but felt I should have a hysterectomy because of the pain and bloating and family history. Dr. Muntz was very calm, very reassuring, and very positive about the results he expected to see. He explained that an abdominal hysterectomy would be better than a vaginal one - less blood loss, less chance of cancer cells (if any) spilling inito the abdominal cavity, easier recovery, because he would take out the uterus, tubes and ovaries as a complete package.

And he was right! I did not have cancer; he found large dermoid cysts on each ovary, and one ovary - on the side that gave the most pain - was twisted on its pedicle (the stem that attached it to my abdomen) and that was most likely what caused the severe pain.

During the surgery, as soon as he had the pathology report back, he left the OR and went to the waiting room and told my husband and son the good news, that I did not have cancer. That was wonderful, because we were all so afraid.

We were all impressed with Dr. Muntz - he was very caring, friendly, reassuring, and very competent. Follow up care from his staff and the staff at Virginia Mason was also wonderful.

I highly recommend him to anyone.

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Gentle Soul (Patient) 10-15-2007
Dr. Howard Muntz is not only a Gynecologist, but is also an Oncologist.

He has received many awards for Outstanding Doctor and he iss very well trained in surgery of the female reproductive system.

I saw him for a total hysterectomy, with major pelvic repairs for multiple prolapses.

I have a family history of Ovarian Cancer and I wanted a doctor that would know how to deal with that if cancer was found during the procedure.

No cancer was found, and the surgery went smoothly, the pelvic repairs are perfect and are holding up.

Dr. Howard Muntz has a good bedside manner, everyone in my family liked him and he was thorough in explaining to my family how the operation went.

I feel he is highly competent and I recommend him, without hesitation to other patients.

His profile can be found on the Virginia Mason website.

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Lyn Schnug (Patient) 02-22-2007
Dr. Muntz is a very knowledgable and experienced gynecological oncologist. He was able to explain my condition so that I understood what the possibilities were before surgery. He took the time to answer all my questions. When I asked about a report I had seen on the internet, he was explained why he wanted to wait until after staging before discussing that treatment option. His bed side manner is friendly, relaxed and caring. When I became deep anxious after surgery, he made a special trip into the hospital to give me the pathology report as soon as it was available. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing a gynecological cancer.

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